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THE music management software they become particularly useful when you need to open different audio file formats. Efficient software, called upon to perform this important task, should support a wide variety of files and have a number of editing tools.

In this way, the software can really help users not only organize files, but also add metadata information , until track titles and artist names are automatically filled in if they have not been specified.

In addition to being synchronized with iOS and Android, these programs allow you to create playlists and libraries. Using a special editing tool, a user can decide whether to add tags and other relevant information to make the files even easier to find.

In addition to numerous options for macOS , around you can find several cross-platform programs that also work on Windows. Most of these solutions makes available an easy to navigate interface and tools that can be used to manage and convert audio tracks.

Some of these are ideal for those taking their first steps in this “world”, others are more advanced and therefore they prove to be perfect for those who already have a certain familiarity.

In this article we go to describe the main downloaders of basic and professional-grade music that allow you to manage your library from different devices.

TuneUp Media

TuneUp Media is a plug-in very easy to install and extremely useful when you need to make your music library more organized.

Thanks to the option Tuniverse , the user can receive timely updates on local events, the latest releases and concert dates.

Using this music management software you can also do one quick elimination of duplicate audio files , thanks to the implementation of fingerprint technology. With the help of the automatic search options you can also find damaged music tracks and make a quick change.

Since this plug-in cannot be used as standalone product you need to use it with iTunes or Windows Media Player.


Clementine is a freeware product that helps not only to better organize playlists, but also to export and import them in M3U or XSPF formats. Using this app, user can listen to CD music, add lyrics and album art, convert audio tracks , edit tags, and more.

With this software you can organize your music library and find any trace on your device or on cloud services such as OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox.

In addition, through Clementine you can also have fun at listen to your favorite online radios , such as SoundCloud, Spotify and Magnatune.

Clementine works with Windows, macOS and Linux. Users can also access this software remotely, using its Android version.

Foobar 2000

Foobar2000 has the peculiarity of updating itself regularly: always having the latest version without any bugs it is certainly positive.

This program guarantees performance seamless and is perfect for managing audio tracks in easy-to-navigate libraries.

Foobar2000, which can also be used as a music player, comes with a basic interface which can be customized according to your preferences. Searching for an audio track with this solution is really simple, as it is possible use special tags and other metadata information. The search happens very quickly even if the library is full of files.

This free music player is capable of opening most audio file formats and is well known and particularly popular as a high performance program able to handle large and small music collections without problems.

iTubeGo TidyTag Music Tag Editor

iTubeGo TidyTag Music Tag Editor proves to be an excellent ally when you need it add and edit ID3 tags in audio libraries and delete duplicate files in music libraries.

The program contains basic functions for managing music collections, including renaming files based on tag data, transfer files to other folders based on album, artist, genre, and much more.

Moreover, with this program you can too take advantage of additional functions , such as a built-in music player with state-of-the-art playback options and playlist creation tools.

As the software is compatible with iTunes, you can easily add or tag iTunes music in TidyTag to extend your audio collection.

Aimersoft iMusic

Aimersoft iMusic is a perfect program when you need to create backups to restore your library in case the files have been damaged or lost. In addition, this program also allows you to copy songs to other devices.

Users who want to download audio files to listen to them offline have the opportunity to access 3,000 websites via this music manager. Although it lacks the advanced editing tools that can be found in the best free audio editing software , there are several useful functions that allow you to record tracks and create playlists by adding the songs we have listened to on the radio.


Using Strawberry Music Player means having available a 10-band equalizer and very easy to customize tools for spectrum analysis. In addition, this program allows easy conversion of files into different formats, such as MP3, FLAC, WavPack, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, AAC and ASF.

The software, which can be used for free on Mac, allows you to add tags and use a tool that automatically fills in missing metadata by taking them from the MusicBrainz platform.

Those interested in lyrics can easily find them in the AudD databases or by accessing websites such as lyrics.ovh is lololyrics.com . Just like Amazon Music HD, Strawberry also comes with excellent options that refer to streaming.

With this solution the user can create collections by adding files of different formats, such as MP4, WAV, MPC, TrueAudio , also enjoying unprecedented sound quality. Finally, with Strawberry you can too copy files to a USB reader and share them with friends.

MusicBrainz Piccard

MusicBrainz Piccard is a cross-platform program which is generally defined as very reliable. Specifically designed for Mac OS X users , its main selling point is the toolset that allows you to add tags to albums.

The acoustic fingerprint feature allows you to add missing metadata information to files. Furthermore, the user interface is very intuitive , therefore MusicBrainz Piccard is a software that is also recommended to those who are now entering the world of music management programs.

In addition to opening audio files in various formats, the software comes with very useful search tools , which make the tracing of any track quite simple and fast.


While older versions of iTunes are perfect for managing audio files, newer ones also allow the purchase of various apps and watching TV programs via iOS devices (and more).

Users have the ability to access the service created by Apple through Windows as well, even if it is better choose another option in case you do not have to make app purchases.

With this free music organization software in Windows version you can then access various playlists in a few simple clicks, since the app allows you to enjoy collections, including boundless ones, without problems.

Finding any track is really a breeze, as all that needs to be done is indicate the name of an artist or the title of an album: alternatively, you can also sort the list by year or rating.

Plus, iTunes comes with a quick search option that saves time. For those who prefer listen to digital tracks you can import songs from any CD to iTunes. The app also includes a feature for creating custom playlists.


MediaMonkey has a free standard version that includes many options for managing audio files. In addition to add tags and album covers , this important solution helps us to organize collections composed of 100,000 audio tracks , open videos and listen to podcasts.

The free version is very suitable when it is needed restore missing file information , edit tags, create and organize playlists, or maybe sync any library with iOS and Android devices.

The Gold version, on the other hand, can be used as a CD ripper. Packed with professional-grade features , allows you to create complex playlists and browse different collections.

This music management software is compatible with add-ons exclusive created by third party developers. In addition, MediaMonkey supports all media file formats.


With MusicBee, organizing your music files is much more effective. The app comes with a player that allows you to scrobble , i.e. listening to the songs on the PC by sending the playback data to Last.fm. This aspect means that MusicBee can legitimately be considered as one of the best downloaders of free music among those available.

Thanks to Auto-DJ function playlists can be created automatically by adding songs that the user may like.

MusicBee has an uninterrupted play function and is provided with some add-ons very useful, which can be used to change skins, install plug-ins , add visual effects, select a design in theater mode, and more.

The main strength of this music organization software is its own user interface seamless. If we want to look at a downside instead, MusicBee delivers organization tools and tags rather poor.


Helium is a multipurpose music organizer which supports different file formats, and is undoubtedly a great solution for managing your audio files.

Support is guaranteed for MP3, WMA, MP4, FLAC, OGG files. Furthermore, with Helium we can easily convert any file with these formats, copy our favorite songs , add tags and synchronize music files.

This app can be used on iOS and Android devices as well as on Windows Phone. The main feature of Helium is to be found in its built-in MP3 analyzer , which allows you to scan your music collections and repair damaged MP3 files. Thanks to the album view mode we can quickly find any track.

A paid version of Helium, which goes by the name of Helium Streamer Premium, allows users to stream audio files using a mobile application.


MusicZen is a music organizer that helps create collections , add album titles and other metadata information.

This software has a simple and intuitive interface and is capable of creating folders on our device, so that we can quickly find the audio tracks.

All we have to do is point which folder we want to organize and where we want to keep the music files: MusicZen will do everything automatically.

This solution is available in both free and paid versions: the second option includes professional-grade functionality and regular updates.

MusicZen provides a wide range of tools for managing music files and can also be used for restore folders and rename files. The downside is that it only supports MP3 file format.

Song Director

Song Director is an instrument characterized by a very wide choice of sorting tools. Very easy to use, this music management software allows you to quickly organize all audio files, create playlists and edit their titles.

Song Director can automatically detect files in formats like MP3, M4a / AAC, iTunes, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC and to create a database for your music collection.

With this application we can copy, transfer or rename our audio tracks. The app also includes professional-grade search options, such as the ability to track files by bitrate.


Winyl is a smart solution for those looking for a music organizer that works through Windows. The performance offered by Wynil is very satisfactory, even with large music collections.

Although this program don’t show bitrate of the file format, it still allows you to organize your library by folders and genre.

This music organization software can be used as a music player and allows users to categorize songs, create playlists, read lyrics and add tags.

Wynil’s user interface is very simple to use , as well as the library. Finally – and this is not a secondary detail – Winyl is free.

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