5 best apps to identify similar songs by tune

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At least once in their life it has happened to everyone to meet inside a bar , or in a shopping center, supermarket or in the waiting room of your doctor and listen to a song that we really like.

At the same time, it doesn’t always happen that you succeed remember the title of the song , let alone the artist or the band. Precisely for this reason there are applications that allow us to find out which song we have just listened to.

However, not all music recognition apps they have the same level of effectiveness. To recognize the song we will need one of the best applications out there, otherwise we will run the risk of not being able to identify it , thus remaining in doubt for who knows how long.

On the contrary, the best music recognition apps will be able to tell us the exact song with a few seconds of listening, also addressing us on where to find the single or the record , how to buy it and much more. Let’s see together what these applications are.


SoundHound allows users to easily find the song they are listening to by simply pressing the large orange button which is located right in the center of the app.

This app is very popular because it can locate the song even if it is ending: just say “OK, Hound” to tag the song within the app.

One feature that really sets SoundHound apart from the competition is its ability to identify music even humming the song in question. If we can’t identify the song in time, we can try this way, trying to be quite faithful to the melody of the song.

Furthermore, among the possibilities of SoundHound there is also that of being able to mark songs so that you can buy it later , view lyrics and more. SoundHound also has its own voice assistant, although it is not compatible with Google Assistant or Siri.

SoundHound is free and ad-supported, but you can get rid of the ads by purchasing the premium version , which takes the name of SoundHound Infinite: the cost is € 3.99.


Shazam is one of the most popular music recognition apps around. It is one feature rich tool , which help the user to identify the song but also to discover the music of artists that we would hardly be able to listen to in any other way.

Country and city rankings make it easier to find music from around the world. Shazam can also create a playlist based on the music identified above.

There are two ways to identify the song we are listening to. The first is the simplest and most well-known one , or the “touch” that allows you to locate the song. The other mode is much more interesting: it is Auto-Shazam, which is activated by long pressing the button.

Auto-Shazam will automatically listen and identify the music , even when the app is not running. A great option if we are in a place with music we don’t know but which we like.

Shazam is free, but ad-supported. The ad-free version costs 7.99 euros.


MusicID is a lesser known app than SoundHound and Shazam, probably because equipped with less functionality .

However, to recognize the song we are listening to it is practically perfect. MusicID is ideal for those who just need know the basic information about the song , without too many frills.

Just tap to identify the song. As soon as it locates it, MusicID also highlights the ability to purchase it on iTunes (although now it’s going to Apple Music). MusicID also allows you to enter comments on the tracks identified , so that we can remember where and why we looked for that piece.

MusicID also provides metadata on the songs, which allow us to know more about the musicians you like.


MusixMatch, just like MusicID, is also an app that cares more to the point than Shazam. This application focuses exclusively about identifying songs and on the supply of texts (very often it allows you to find them in multiple languages, ed). While the song is playing, words are highlighted in order to allow the user to follow the song even better.

It is possible to connect MusixMatch to your Apple Music library and follow the lyrics. If we don’t know the name of a song but we remember a word or a phrase , we can perform the search using this information. Most of the time we will be able to find a match.

There are also a number of premium options that come guaranteed with the MusixMatch Premium membership. Priced at 2.99 euros per month or 35.99 euros per year it will be possible to unlock the Party mode, eliminate the commercials and also get the option to clean up the music library with a single click.


Genius is an app specially designed for music lovers. This application has important musical recognition skills and also allows users to follow the lyrics of the song.

But that’s not all, because Genius also has many other features. For example, it is possible watch videos and interviews of our favorite artists, or search for new music and more.

However, one aspect must be taken into account, namely that Genius does not save all songs that we have identified over time. The app will limit itself to showing the recently identified songs: this is why the advice given to those who intend to use the instrument a lot is precisely to proceed with manual saving.

Finally, with Genius, after you have identified a song you can scroll under the text for find the next song on the album where it comes from, as well as similar types of music that may find user appreciation.

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