7 Subwoofer Speakers: Which Active Subwoofer to Buy?

7 Subwoofer Speakers: Which Active Subwoofer to Buy?

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If you like the powerful sound effects of movies or if you want to enjoy the full range of music in one song, a subwoofer is a must-have for your home sound system. But before you go and buy it, it is important to consider some important things like price, size, design, power supply and connectivity. To help you, we’ve put together a list of the best home subwoofers, so read on to see which of the reviewed models are right for your home theater / music system.

Klipsch SUB-12 Active subwoofer 300W – See price or buy

The Klipsch Synergy Sub-12 is a full-size subwoofer with a 300W BASH digital amplifier and 12-inch cone, as well as numerous connectivity options. It has a frequency range of 24 to 120 Hz and features a variable low pass filter, phase control and level adjustment, making it a perfect complement to any home theater system. You’ll find a large ventilation port, stereo RCA line inputs, and stereo speaker inputs and outputs. The crossover adjusts continuously from 40 to 120 Hz to provide a wide range of frequencies. The bass output from this subwoofer is deep, detailed and precise. In addition, it has a noticeable oomph, making it pleasant to the ears. When paired with a good set of speakers, the Klipsch Sub 12 Active subwoofer offers two of the lowest 10 octaves that can be detected by the human ear. You can get increased bass response, low distortion, and warm, rich bass.

Yamaha YST-SW216BL Subwoofer – See price or buy

Yamaha’s YST-SW216BL front-loading subwoofer features a sophisticated design, with a 10-inch cone driver and magnetic shielding for safety and placement versatility. Yamaha’s advanced technology eliminates impedance, ensuring precise linear motion, superior performance and sound pressure. Input and output are 3-way. It has a frequency range of 25 – 180Hz. You will find many high-end features in this subwoofer, such as a built-in high cut filter and noise reduction. It works very well in a home theater system, but it may not be the best choice for music as it requires fast bass response. However, that’s not to say the sound doesn’t have significant power, as this little wonder can rock an entire room. The “boom” factor during movies is a definite plus.

ELAC Debut s12EQ – See price or buy

The ELAC S12EQ is a beast measuring 43 x 43 x 43cm and weighing 22kg, so make sure your home setup can fit a subwoofer of this magnitude. We are talking of course about a high-end model, which has an advanced digital control system that allows you to change it via an iOS or Android smartphone app, so you can equalize the sound in the room using the phone’s microphone. Additionally, the S12EQ is a 1,000-watt subwoofer with a 12-inch driver that can make your house shake like you’re in the middle of a space battle. In short, we are talking about something truly “abnormal”.

BIC Formula F-12 Active subwoofer 150W Black – See price or buy

Continuous mid-range and high frequency have always been the best choice made by cinema sound engineers, preferring the ability to allow listeners to hear everything from the sweetest whispers to the most explosive sound down to the most extreme details. And the drivers of this BIC Formula F-12 are unrivaled in terms of clarity and range. With a BASH amplifier, known for excellent fidelity, this subwoofer has an output capacity of up to 116 dB, which is equivalent to listening to a live rock performance. It has a frequency range of 25 – 200Hz. This subwoofer is described as “powerful and punchy”. It is an adjustable crossover and the BIC’s patented “Venturi” fan cancels the noise at higher volumes.

Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer – See price or buy

The Klipsch Reference R-112SW is a powerful subwoofer, capable of delivering up to 600 watts of incredibly clean bass. This model has a simple yet refined design with spun copper in the center of the unit which can deliver exceptionally low frequencies. In addition to the powerful bass response, another strong point of this model is the fact that it is wireless, so you can place the subwoofer anywhere in the room. Although its measures are 46.22 x 39.37 x 44.19 cm and the weight is almost 23 kg, it has a very useful positioning flexibility. Amazon reviewers are very happy with this model and say it works great for both music and movies, with great sound that never gets muddy. They also note that this model is easily scratched, so you have to be careful moving it from one part of the house to the other.

Sonos SUB – See price or buy

When it comes to wireless audio systems, Sonos has earned its place in the industry. The company’s SUB system is very similar to a subwoofer in a standard wired system, delivering really deep bass. Sonos has used the same logic of simplicity typical of their own production speakers, giving you a super-simple one-button setup that doesn’t require oversizing to make it work. The slim and elegant cabinet can be placed on the floor or placed inside a wardrobe. There are force canceling drivers located inside the cabinet, which allow for a full and unimpeded bass response, so you don’t have to worry about hum, rattle or other sound artifacts. And just like the rest of the Sonos family, it can be connected to the rest of the system and controlled wirelessly with a dedicated app.

Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer – See price or buy

This subwoofer from Klipsch has an impressive frequency range, ranging from 27 to 150 Hz. Compact and stylish, this front speaker subwoofer delivers very tight bass music reproduction for greater depth of not only your music but also your favorite movies with minimal distortion. The integrated fully digital amplifier delivers powerful bass. The front slot ports allow for an energy frequency even at short distances, while the acoustic decoupling technique of the MDF plinth creates a powerful effect that minimizes ambient noise. This subwoofer features a wireless adapter kit for those who want to go wireless or easily change the placement in any room. With 200 watts of continuous power and the ability to handle bursts of sound up to 450 watts, it’s powerful enough to let you hear even the tiniest of effects.