88-key weighted digital piano, which one to choose?

88-key weighted digital piano, which one to choose?

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In this article you can find a list of reviews of 88-key digital pianos, in another article we had already listed a list with the digital pianos with the best quality / price ratio regardless of the number of keys, however in order not to repeat the same reviews we have reported other 88-key models that we should have included in this list, so we recommend that you also read the other article by clicking here .

Reviews 88-key weighted pianos

Below you will find the 88-key pianos that we recommend, to avoid confusion we have posted two types of reviews, those of amazon customers that you can find directly in amazon once you click the image of the chosen piano. Scroll down to find other digital piano models reviewed by us.

Roland RD-300NX digital piano

The RD-300NX is a new digital piano from Roland – it was conceived as the ideal choice for those who have always had a keen eye on the flagship RD-700NX model, but need the weight and price reduction. Thus, you can benefit from the sound of a fantastic and supernatural piano with an expression system – highly acclaimed as it allows players the freedom to access velocity response, note decay and dynamic behavior options – as well as the sounds of a electric piano that were created with the methods based on the technology of the system itself. This tool allows you to create custom sounds, with touch buttons on the control panel that allow very quick access to presets and favorites. The portability with a high sound quality of this piano make it a strong point, you can optionally get a pedal if needed.

Roland FP-7

Roland FP-7 feels very solid and well built. You will definitely need a solid stand for this keyboard. The FP-7 is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is packed in a very slim package. Although the number of controls are scattered from the appearance it looks like a simple keyboard, but don’t be fooled, it is a fairly complex and complete system of controls. The FP-7 comes with Sonar LE, a well-known software known above all by those who compose music and record audio and midi. This version of the Sonar is quite powerful. The roland FP-7 digital piano is equipped with stereo speakers that sound pretty decent. It also has two headphone jacks. A sustain pedal increases playability to simulate the style of a piano. There are seven sound banks dedicated to the piano, which by the way sound very good and the usual assortment of instruments complete with organ sounds. The sounds can be enhanced with 2 rotating speakers very similar to a vintage Leslies from the 60’s and 70’s. At a cost of around € 1100 this digital piano is not exactly cheap. If this plan is beyond your budget you can look at the lower FP-4 model, which retails for around € 900.

Roland FP-4F

The FP-4F carries the concept of an entry-level instrument with the expressive sound of the SuperNATURAL Piano engine, Ivory Feel-G keyboard, and many other fun and useful features. SuperNATURAL Piano offers the experience of playing the piano, with the possibility of having a sound that goes from pianissimo to fortissimo, notes that fade naturally without loops, and three-dimensional sound. This keyboard offers a superb playing grand piano feel with a natural response. It also boasts a special material that provides excellent moisture wicking capacity. The Session partner board is a lot of fun, and offers automatic accompaniments in a variety of styles. Users can play along with full accompaniment that includes chords, bass and drums, and they can even create their own chord progressions with an integral regime. In addition, a USB port provides the musician with the ability to play along with their favorite music files stored on USB flash media. You can play tracks from CDs with the optional CD-01A CD drive. The FP-4 also allows you to decrease the volume of voices and melodic instruments heard in the center of the sound field while playing an audio file. FP-4F navigation and functionality are really simple to use with the intuitive display and buttons on the front panel. Options also include the KSC-44 stand pairing as well as the E-3 RPU triple pedal which allows you to best reproduce a real piano with three pedals.

Korg SP-170S digital piano

The SP-170 on the rear has a power switch and volume knob on the front panel. Two new buttons – Sound and Piano Play – have been added. By pressing the Sound key you can select one of the ten sounds of the keyboard, the Play Piano key selects the sound of Piano 1. The SP-170S features a duo of concert piano sounds, which best captures the nuances of dynamics allowing the instrument to expressly respond to every delicate touch. The Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) feature offers a weighted keyboard like a traditional piano, with a heavier touch in the lower keys and progressively lighter in the upper keys. Three levels of Key Touch Control allow keyboard response to match almost any playing style, while retaining all the subtle expressions of the original performance. The SP-170S features an advanced speaker system, with two oval speakers (10cm x 5cm) that generate spacious sound for the size of the system. Along with improving speaker quality, the structure of the piano itself has been redesigned to improve resonance and tone, providing even more powerful sound. Reverb and Chorus: Reverb and Chorus effects can be individually selected adding an extra dimension to the sound of the SP-170S. The reverb offers a lush spaciousness. The Chorus effect adds warmth to the sound. Dual Headphone Output: The rear panel features two headphone jacks, allowing two people to listen to the sound simultaneously. These outputs can be used to connect the SP-170S to a digital recorder or external amplifier.

Casio PX-3 digital piano

The casio PX-3 is a fairly portable stage electric piano weighing just 10.8kg. It offers tone editing, insert effects, MIDI controller capabilities and an 88-key keyboard. The PX-3’s grand piano offer an unprecedented level of realism and expression. Four levels of stereo piano sample dynamics are integrated with Casio’s proprietary Morphing Linear System technology, for a grand piano sound with smooth transitions and superior dynamic range. To add realism, the PX-3 simulates the sound of hollow strings. The electric piano section includes all the popular variations including the Rhodes, Wurlitzer and DX plus a selection of other sounds on offer. Featuring a new ivory Touch and 88-key Tri-Sensor, Casio has brought an authentic piano touch that captures every detail and nuance of your performance. This percussion action mechanic predicts weight without sacrificing instrument portability. The PX-3 was designed to be the heart of any live performance. Its control features allow you to control two upper and two lower zones. The PX-3 has internal tones that can be customized to suit your needs with 64 insert effects, adjustable filters, and more. All changes can also be saved and recalled immediately from the PX-3. To complete the piano experience, the PX-3 features 128 polyphonic notes, the ability to sound levels and use of the pedal. On top of this, the PX-3 is able to seamlessly connect to your computer via a USB port without the need to install additional drivers.

Alesis Cadenza digital piano

The Alesis Cadenza is an 88-key digital piano with percussion action, eight stereo instrument voices, Split function, included sustain pedal, onboard effects and more. The Cadenza piano with its 88s provides a full range of musical expression, while the eight stereo instrument voices let you choose the right sounds to suit the piece at hand. The instruments included are a Grand piano, Upright piano, electric piano, strings, organ and more. The Split function divides the keyboard into two different sounds of the player’s choice. Also included are chorus and reverb effects, it is also possible to fine-tune the bass and treble controls and the touch sensitivity. With this digital piano you can play your favorite songs by connecting a CD or MP3 player through the Cadenza’s auxiliary stereo input. A MIDI input jack allows you to play Cadenza sounds using an external keyboard, while a MIDI output jack allows you to use the Cadenza digital piano keyboard with any compatible MIDI module. Furthermore, the Cadenza via the USB MIDI jack connections can be connected directly to a Mac or PC, so you can edit and mix performances with any music software. The Cadenza can also be connected to an iPad or iPad 2 with an Apple USB adapter. For completely silent practice at any time, you can plug in headphones by mute the speakers. Other features include a Metronome, a blue backlit LCD display, and eight demo songs.

Roland HPi-50

The Roland HPi-50 digital piano is designed for those who want to learn to play, as well as more experienced players. It combines a SuperNATURAL motor with a powerful speaker set and authentic feel thanks to the ivory keyboard that replicates the sound and feel of a classy concert piano. The HPi-50 also includes a digital screen called DigiScore. The DigiScore system displays a digital score with a choice of over 400 built-in songs. You can also add more songs via SMF data (also known as Standard MIDI files). A wide range of exercises and games make learning fun for everyone from children to adults. Younger children will love to earn ‘medals’ for their progress, while older children will appreciate being able to perfect their playing technique and notation reading. Features: Beautiful piano sound with a digital screen, songs, games and exercises, SuperNATURAL engine for expressive sound, Hammer Action III Ivory keyboard, High resolution color display (1280 x 800), DigiScore program with funnier digital scores games, 50 accompaniments and nearly 400 internal songs, Speaker system for natural projection and rich sound, Progressive Damper pedal action.

Korg SP-250

The Korg SP250 also available in the Korg SP-250 variant in black is a digital piano that offers an extended range of expression and performance with realistic stereo sound. It is possible to set 3 dynamic touches to adapt the response of the piano in various musical styles. According to the manufacturer, this piano is ideal for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds with the convenience of a lightweight, portable device. For this digital stage piano, Korg sampled the sound of a sturdy concert grand piano. Dynamic differences and positions in the stereo field have been faithfully captured to deliver natural and expressive sounds that recreate every detail. The SP-250BK contains a total of 30 built-in sounds including 12 types of acoustic and electric pianos, as well as jazz and church organs, harpsichords / clavinets, choirs, strings and guitars. Reverb and chorus can be programmed for each sound. A pedal-like shock absorber characterizes the half pedal stroke. The instrument control panel has bright LED indicators that provide immediate visual feedback to the pianist. The black steel body is quite solid and sturdy. In addition there is an integrated system with an optimized speaker with a bass reflex that offers a full and resonant sound. The built-in metronome allows control over the rhythm with an accent on each beat. The dual headphone jack output allows listening to or connecting to an external amplifier. MIDI In and Out allows connection to any MIDI device. The Korg SP-250BK piano will be released in November 2011 for $ 1,199 (MSRP).

Digital piano Yamaha Arius YDP-C71PE

Yamaha Arius YDP-C71PE is a digital piano that offers Graded Hammer (GH) action and a black finish. The C71PE has a classic look and is suitable for intermediate to professional players. Its keyboard provides a realistic touch but the credit is also due to Yamaha’s AWM sampling which allows for a very expressive sound. There is also a pedal that offers different levels of sustain. A recorder is included which will allow you to record your own musical rehearsals. A double headphone jack output allows two people to listen if they want to play or listen to the piano in perfect privacy. Arius YDP-C71PE features: Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard, 3-Levels Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling, Black gloss ebony finish, New acoustic system capable of offering a clearer and more present sound, 128 Polyphony note – expressive power, free from lost or dropped notes, even when the sustain pedal is used, 2-Track for recording performances.

Roland HP507, HP505 and HP503

Roland’s HP500 series consists of 3 88-key digital pianos that are equipped with Supernatural technology. Among the piano models we find the HP507, HP505 and HP503. Piano Supernatural technology achieves the realistic sound of a grand piano with a three-dimensional response. The multi-channel technology of these pianos derives from the sound engine found in the V-Grand Piano which offers a rich acoustic projection. The HP500 series offers a damper action pedal, LCD screen and intuitive layout, plus you can record / play audio via USB flash memory. The HP507 is equipped with a six-channel projection system and features a PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard that provides a realistic touch. The HP505 is equipped with a four-channel projection sound system. The cheapest piano in the series is the HP503 model which offers a Supernatural motor with an Ivory Feel-S keyboard and progressive Damper pedal action. Features: Natural, organic and multi-dimensional sound typical of an acoustic piano. Supernatural technology faithfully reproduces the sound of the piano. PHA III (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory Feel keyboard with sHP505 / 507 and progressive action of the Damper Pedal. Elegant and bold design. There is an LCD display on board. Powerful and dynamic sound with low power consumption

Yamaha P140

The P140 is one of the many components of the P Series produced by Yamaha in the piano industry. With its built-in speakers it guarantees incredible sound and the voices available are among the best on the market. Thanks to the acclaimed Graded Hammer effect, keyboard and instrument voices are extremely realistic, an authentic mix between the sound of an acoustic piano and the advanced features of today’s digital instruments. Whether you are a skilled player or an aspiring one, this instrument offers everything you need for your music through simple operation but excellent style. You will have at your disposal a range of high quality digital reverbs that simulate different performance environments, from the smallest halls to large concert halls. The P140 contains an amazing variety of sounds, including organs and harpsichords, electric pianos. All voices were recorded using AWM, Yamaha’s own sampling technology, to faithfully reproduce the instrument’s subtlest harmonic nuances with stunning realism. To deliver authentic audio and to achieve such realistic sound, many of the voices on this piano use Dynamic Stereo Sampling technology, consisting of three separate layers of stereo samples set at different speeds. This means not just the volume. but also the harmonic structure of the notes varies according to the touch on the keyboard, just like with a real acoustic piano. For greater precision the P140 also offers a fourth level of samples dedicated exclusively to the damper pedal that allows you to recreate the unique resonance of the soundboard of a piano or strings, when the pedal is pressed, and Key-Off samples that reproduce the sound. which is generated when the keys are released. The special integrated speaker also gives an overall unparalleled sound. All P Series models have wide 64-note polyphony. This ensures that all notes are played, even in complex classical passages or long jazz passages. A second digital effect such as chorus or tremolo can be added to give the sound more warmth and atmosphere. Just like a traditional acoustic piano, the low note keys have a heavier touch, while the high note keys have a lighter touch. The sensitivity of the keyboard can be adjusted to suit your style. The P140, with its rounded corners, its built-in speakers, bright 7-segment LED display and its wooden catcher also gives a great aesthetic impression. The compact chassis gives compactness and stability to the instrument. Inside it has been integrated a sequencer, with which it is possible the recorder function on two tracks, so as to be able to record one’s compositions; this memory can hold up to 11,000 notes in up to three songs. enough space for your musical development. It is also possible to store a second part on the recording already made using a different voice. The tempo can be set slower or faster during recording or playback. In this way the sequencer becomes a very useful tool for practicing.