Best budget microphones for home studio

Best budget microphones for home studio

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Best Budget Microphones for Home Studio

In this article we will talk about cheap microphones for the home studio, that is, those for home.

Which inexpensive microphone can be right for me?

There are two types of microphone you can choose for home studio:

  • Condenser microphone
  • Dynamic microphone

Condenser microphone

This type of microphone contains a condenser inside, of which there are two plates and one of these is the diaphragm of the microphone, which vibrates in accordance with the acoustic wave from which it is invested.

The microphone diaphragm then sends electrical signals to the computer via a magnet mounted on a coil.

However, both large and small diaphragms in condenser microphones are larger than dynamic ones. This allows condenser microphones to be more detailed.

Compared to dynamic microphones they have a relatively low sound pressure level, but you have to be careful if you put it in front of the amplifier for the electric guitar, you could damage all the condenser inside the microphone. This type of microphone are good for instruments such as:

  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Most string or wind instruments

Dynamic microphone

The dynamic microphone inside has a diaphragm inserted into a magnetic field, which transforms the movement of the diaphragm into an electrical signal. This type of microphone is recommended for those who use the distortion in electric guitars and for those who maybe make heavy metal music, this feature makes it indestructible. These microphones handle large volumes without problems, and if you distance yourself from the sound source there is a noticeable reduction in volume.

Dynamic microphones are used in most cases in live performances by singers and musicians, not to mention the Shure SM58, one of the most popular dynamic microphones in the world, and a favorite of many people. This microphone goes well with these tools:

  • Electric guitar
  • Bass
  • Percussion instruments
  • Battery
  • Brass wind instruments

Small recommendation

Many users wonder which microphone is best suited for recording vocals while singing. If you have a soft vocal style, or if you are rocking “lighter”, the condenser mic is the most appropriate choice. If you play heavier rock like hard rock or metal, choose a dynamic microphone, especially if you have a screaming voice.

If you want to record obviously you don’t have to miss these “accessories”:

  • Microphone
  • Preamplifier
  • Analog to digital converter
  • Digital-audio workstation software

First of all you need a registration interface. Then this has to go through a preamp to boost the signal, but if you just turn up the input volume, you will have a completely noisy and annoying recording, because doing this will increase the background noise of the main signal. As a microphone stand, we recommend an XLR connector.

Below are the best cheap microphone models in our opinion.

1. MXL 990 – See price or buy

This is a condenser microphone. Considering the price compared to its competitors it is really great, and in addition it is a sturdy microphone. For sure as a quality-price this the MXL 990 is one of the microphones that we prefer, especially when you have a paltry budget.

And well balanced in both high and low tones, this microphone does its job well for the home studio.

2. RODE NT1A – See price or buy

Without doubt among the best around. Extremely quiet, in fact it only has 5 dB as background noise, so it’s like you hear nothing.

With this spectacular microphone we recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as a sound card, seeing is believing. The resulting result may surprise even the most skeptical of purchasing this microphone.

The abbreviation “A” stands for Anniversary and the anniversary package includes a shockmount, a pop filter and finally a DVD with tips for mixing and recording the microphone.

3. SHURE SM57 – See price or buy

The Shure SM57 is a beautifully crafted cardioid polar dynamic microphone used by many artists and bands. Extremely versatile, it can be used safely both in a live performance and in a home studio.

Really great for miking an acoustic instrument or better to amplify some instrument such as bass or guitar, but also the saxophone and the trumpet are fine with this microphone.

4. AUDIO-TECHNICA AT2035 – See price or buy

The Audio-Technica AT2035 is a great microphone, both for the price and for the very clear and defined sound.

The polar characteristic of this cardioid microphone greatly reduces the sounds, doing this improves the isolation of the sound source we are producing. It is not loud, in fact it is quite quiet even compared to its higher-end competitors. In a recording studio it really looks great, we highly recommend it because for the quality-price we are really at extremely competitive levels.

5. BLUE MICROPHONES SPARK – See price or buy

The Blue Spark is a condenser microphone that features a built-in phantom-power amplifier to power it and a high-pass filter button. The Blue Spark also has 2 types of modes: normal mode and focus mode.

The normal mode provides greater sensitivity in the low frequencies, the focus mode instead for greater clarity of sound and details.

To top it off, whether we are beginners or proper musicians, these listed mics are among the best at a really great price. If a user has little to spend, these are the best choice possible. Personally, I had a great time with both the Shure SM57 and the Rode NT1A.