Best earphones for samsung devices

Best earphones for samsung devices

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Having good earphones has become essential for listening to music with optimal sound quality, during normal daily activities or physical activity.
The first thing to consider when deciding to buy earphones is definitely the format. Most of the earphones currently on the market, including Samsung branded ones, are in-ear type with rubber pads that fit directly into the ear. However, there are also earphones in earbuds or hybrid in-ear / earbuds format that rest on the ear without completely entering it. The in-ear headphones ensure greater noise isolation than earbuds.
Another substantial difference between all the earphones on the market concerns the presence of the cable or not. Samsung earphones also have this structural difference. The wired earphones connect to smartphones, tablets and other devices via the classic 3.5 mm jack, while wireless wireless headphones can be used thanks to Bluetooth technology.
Samsung branded earphones are equipped with controls for volume control and music tracks: they work on all Samsung devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), while they may not work on other devices. All the best Samsung earphones are also equipped with a microphone inside them, thanks to which you can answer calls and interact vocally with your smartphone.
Let’s now analyze the 5 best earphone models for Samsung devices currently on the market, which you can buy on Amazon and other online stores at the most affordable prices.

The best 5 headsets for Samsung devices on the market:

Samsung Galaxy Buds – See price or buy

Samsung Galaxy Buds earphones guarantee professional sound, so you can enjoy more balanced, detailed and natural sound. These Samsung branded earphones have an excellent battery that guarantees 6 hours of autonomy in music playback and 5 hours of calls before discharging. The carrying case allows you to charge the earphones with an extra charge and quickly, guaranteeing 15 minutes of charge for 100 minutes of music playback.
The earbuds allow automatic syncing and environmental recognition mode on Android, while iOS users can use Siri. The Galaxy Buds earphones are also equipped with a double adaptive microphone inside and outside, which allow you to speak without problems and not change the effect of your voice; in addition, the combination of the two microphones perfectly blocks outside noise. Conversely, in “Audio Ambient” mode, you can listen to external noises without having to remove the earphones. From an aesthetic point of view, they are premium earphones with a very nice design and will absolutely not bother during use. They are available in white, black and yellow and weigh only 5.6 grams each.

Samsung Active InEar – See price or buy

Samsung Active InEar headphones are one of the essential accessories for your Samsung smartphone. They perfectly manage to block all external noises and you will be perfectly immersed in the desired music reproduction. These headphones are also perfect for talking on the phone, are comfortable for prolonged use and are also quite stable and comfortable during physical activity. The overall sound quality is superior with the Samsung Active InEar earphones compared to other earphones in the same price range.
These earphones are also equipped with a convenient 3-button remote control for volume control, sending and receiving calls and the microphone (compatible with Samsung smartphones). In addition, the cable of these earphones is flat so that you do not have annoying tangles during use. On the market they are available in various different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

Vava Moov 25’s

These Vava Moov 25’s wireless earphones are waterproof and guarantee a total of 9 hours of battery life. They also recharge in just 2 hours. They have a very small cable, so as to avoid any tangles. These earphones have been specially designed for those who practice sports, but they are also great for use in normal daily activities. Designed with super flexible silicone earbuds and ear hooks, these Bluetooth earbuds therefore offer a comfortable and safe wearing experience in any situation. They are built with a particular material, which guarantees maximum protection against water and humidity. The overall sound quality is very good.

Phaiser BHS-750

Among the Samsung-branded Bluetooth headsets, the Phaiser BHS-750 are among the cheapest and most durable. They are equipped with a great battery that lasts 8 hours on a single charge. A special feature of the model is the “sweatproof” guarantee, available for life, which guarantees a replacement of the devices in case they are damaged by sweat. The speakers are 8mm and create an accurate and powerful HD sound, thanks to the bass effect. They are very comfortable earphones to be used and perfectly designed for those who practice physical activity.
Phaiser BHS-750 provide total isolation from outside noise, have a great overall design and are comfortable to use; also, they can be worn around the neck when not in use.

Otium Best Wireless Sports – See price or buy

The Otium Best Wireless Sports Bluetooth earphones are excellent for use during physical activity: in fact, they are IPX7 certified and have a water and sweat resistant structure. They can be safely attached to the neck, in order to avoid any risk of loss during physical activity; in addition, they have a comfortable ear hook. Obviously they are also suitable for use during normal daily activities. These earphones can be used for both music playback and making calls: they have a built-in microphone with voice notification in case of an incoming call. Another advantage of these Samsung-branded devices is that they can work for 8 hours straight with a full charge of just 15 minutes.
They are equipped with the recent Bluetooth 4.1, which guarantees faster and more stable signal transmission, clearer sound quality and lower power consumption: they, therefore, guarantee exceptional audio quality and are very reliable and durable. On Amazon the Otium Best Wireless Sports earphones have obtained more than 11,000 reviews and many of these are positive, testifying to the incredible comfort of these earphones.