Best iPhone 8 headphones, prices and reviews

Best iPhone 8 headphones, prices and reviews

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In this article we will talk about the best iphone 8 headphones and more. You bought a new iPhone  and would you like a better quality pair of headphones than the ones that come with it? Don’t worry because we have the perfect solution for your case. They exist on the market  many headphones for iPhone, and choosing the ones that are right for you, unfortunately it turns out to be a rather difficult choice because there are several factors to take into consideration so that they are of quality and above all of great comfort if kept for a long time.

In order to be able to choose the best headphones, here are some tips that you can consider so that you can have a clear idea. Are you ready? Let’s start immediately

Best headphones for iPhone  8: how to choose them?

Before buying a pair of headphones for your iPhone, you need to pay attention to two aspects, namely: the format and the type of connection. Let’s start with the format: it is good to distinguish  earbuds earphones  or in-ear. What is the difference between the two formats? The first type rests only on the ear canal, while as regards the second model it enters directly into the ear canal.

As you can guess from this first feature, it is clear that in-ear headphones isolate more and are much more stable, however not everyone likes to wear them.

As for the headphones, a distinction is made between the on-ear format and that  around-ear. The on-ear headphones rest on the ocular pavilions, while the second type completely envelops the ear in their pavilions. Another difference between them is that the first model  it turns out to be very light but compact, the second one guarantees a high degree of insulation and in addition they are more comfortable to wear especially for long periods.

Now let’s talk about the connection: on the market there are both wireless headphones and earphones, that is wireless. But are they really affordable? From a certain point of view yes, because they have the advantage of not having wires so you feel freer in your movements, the problem could lie on the interference of the Bluetooth network and beyond. It is good to remind all readers who follow us, that both models need to be recharged from time to time,  because they are battery powered.

So, if your intent is to buy wireless headphones, the first thing you need to consider is the grade  autonomy as well as charging times. Both the earphones and the Apple headphones are characterized by the W1 chip, which is a small component that allows, through the same Apple ID, to pair the headphones to your iPhone and to all iPhone devices.

If you have an iPhone and want to opt for wired headphones or earphones, then it should be noted that you need to use a Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter.

At this point I would say to move on to which are the best iPhone headphones . Buying Guide…

Best iPhone headphones

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 –  See price or buy

These are headphones that are part of the high end. they are of great quality and the materials used are all proven. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, these headphones offer absolute silence and excellent quality sound. They are the result of extensive research and offer complete listening freedom.

They are very easy to use and above all comfortable to wear, even for many hours a day. the sound is crisp, loud and clear. You have 20 hours to listen to all the music you want.

Why buy Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones?

The advantages can be many:

  • great noise reduction
  • 20 hours of autonomy
  • wireless technology without the use of wires
  • integrated two  anti-noise microphones

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Bluetooth Closed Headphone –  See price or buy

Here too it is a product with a high end, but the sound quality is really excellent as well as presenting a highly performing design. An interesting feature of these headphones is that they have a sophisticated variant of Bluetooth technology, called Bluetooth Aptx. Thanks to this innovative feature, the product offers superior audio quality compared to standard Bluetooth headphones.

The structure is foldable and the headband is adjustable. The earphones are double-cavity sealed for optimal isolation from ambient noise. Autonomy is 17 hours.

Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earphones –  See price or buy

For those who love to listen to music, these earphones are a great solution. Thanks to the ear hooks you can do any type of activity, as they will remain well positioned in the ears. They are comfortable to wear and ensure excellent comfort. Compared to other earphones on the market for sports purposes, this model offers far superior audio quality.

What distinguishes the product in question from others is the fast charging. After a charge of only 5 minutes, through a microUSB cable it is possible to listen to your music again in complete tranquility for up to a maximum of one hour. Finally, thanks to the materials used, the earphones are resistant to water and sweat.


Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Bluetooth Headphones –  See price or buy

It is a device that allows you to train in total freedom, without the hassle of cables and wires. It has a great quality sound, the only flaw is the battery life. In fact it doesn’t last for more than 5 hours. For short workouts, these headphones are for you.

All the materials used are resistant to wear and atmospheric agents. They are very easy to put on and are quite comfortable. Furthermore, the product is resistant to sweat and water. To facilitate exercise, a training app is integrated.

The device is supplied with the reflective cord in order to make the user more visible during the evening hours.

SkullCandy Grind S5GBW- J543 –  See price or buy

Really good wireless headphones in relation to the price-quality ratio. The design is very simple, but the performance is really good. The audio quality is excellent, the only disadvantage of this product is the lack of Siri control, however you can control both music and calls via buttons integrated in the earphones.

Moreover, they are comfortable, light and extremely dynamic. They are bluetooth headphones but you can also integrate the wire when you deem it more appropriate.

Apple Air Pod –  See price or buy

With the air pod earphones you can control music and videos, adjust volumes and manage calls. All wirelessly. Its operation is pretty easy: when you take them out of the charging case they turn on immediately by connecting to the iPhone.

The peculiarity of this product is that the audio starts when you wear them, while it pauses when you take them off. They do it all automatically.

Siri can be activated using a small button integrated into the product. Just press it and you can listen to music, adjust volumes, call or ask for directions. Excellent price / quality ratio.

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