Best multicore stagebox audio strips and snake cables

Best multicore stagebox audio strips and snake cables

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In recording studios it is often necessary to collect cables in an orderly way, which is why there are stagebox multicore audio strips also called “cable snake”, a group of different audio cables contained within a single common external casing. When many channels are wired, this solution becomes indispensable and allows you to manage up to 48 channels. For home studios, 8- and 16-channel models usually suffice.

There are 3 types of Snake connectors:

– The Fanout / Breakout – which splits the snake into individual XLR / m, XLR / f, TRS or TS connectors.

– The wiring box – which is a box with multiple inputs for individual connections.

– The Dsub connector – which joins each channel to a single connector.

Here is the image with the 3 types of connectors:

1. Breakout: While breakout cables can be used in the home, studio and anywhere to connect the inputs and outputs of mic preamps / mixers with hardware such as audio interface.

2. Wiring box (audio strip): The xlr connectors on the power strip allow you to transfer the preamplifier inputs to a more convenient point. Audio strips are mainly used in recording studios that need to connect instruments and microphones from the shooting room to the control room, therefore the wiring boxes are often used as a socket built into the wall.

3. Dsubs: With Pro Tools HD and various other high-end hardware with multiple channels, Dsub connectors are used which replace XLR / TRS connectors, as they allow you to connect multiple inputs with a single device, there are many versions of Dsub among them the digital connection TDIF (T ASCAM D igitale I nterconnect F ormat).

Alternatives to snake connectors

There are two commonly used digital cables that allow you to funnel different channels in a single path, they are: ADAT and Ethernet (Cat5e). ADAT cables send 8 channels in digital format at 48 kHz (or 4 channels at 96 kHz). They are typically used to send digital audio from a preamp to the audio interface input. Cat5e cables (with RJ45 connectors) can connect even more channels over longer distances and are useful with advanced headphone distribution systems for sending multiple audio channels to each musician’s personal mixers.

Which stagebox power strips / audio snake / multicore cables to buy?

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