Best Panoramic Drum Microphone, here are 6 models at great prices

Best Panoramic Drum Microphone, here are 6 models at great prices

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We have decided to compile this list to remind you that, in addition to worrying about the quality of the musical instruments themselves, the importance of registration tools should not be overlooked , such as microphones. In our top 6 of the best panoramic drum microphones however, you will find some rather versatile models, which are also well suited to use with other instruments, and which therefore become a valuable resource for any recording studio.

  1. Rode M5 Cardioid Condenser Pair – See price or buy

Rode, founded in 1967 by Henry and Astrid Freeman as Freeman Electronics, has gradually grown into one leading manufacturer in the Australian audio industry . After a financial recession, he started investing in the production of its own line of microphones , determining the popularity of the brand. The M5 is a great example of why Rode continues to be so successful.

The best thing about these mics is Rode’s care in pair matching process , so that the difference in sensitivity between the two microphones is always less than 1 dB , making them the ideal tool for stereo recordings . Thanks to the full frequency response, these mics fit any instrument, from violin to drums, and have one amazing sound quality in relation to the price.


Consumer feedback describes it, among other things, as sensational and great. Many are satisfied with how it captures sound cymbals, guitar and other acoustic instruments. Even drummers who could afford more expensive panoramic microphones find the Rode more than satisfying. Reliability of the brand it also plays in its favor.


There are some consumers who would like it quieter , others want additional functionality.

  1. Rode NT5 Cardioid Condenser Pair – See price or buy

The notable feature of the NT5 is that it is one of the least expensive gold-coated microphones . Gold, in fact, is an excellent conductor of electricity and is highly resistant to corrosion, so as to guarantee conductivity over the long term, which is why microphones like these fall within luxury range of audio equipment .

The coating is composed of a thin layer of gold which preserves conductivity while keeping the manufacturing cost relatively low. In the case of the Rode NT5 the gold coating is applied to the capsules , a particularly advantageous system because it allows the stresses inside the capsule without affecting the conductive properties. This significantly improves the performance of the microphone , and for this reason the NT5 is highly regarded.


It is an extremely versatile device, as confirmed by several people, who use it with cymbals, guitars and even wind instruments. Many consumers report that the sound is very detailed , others were impressed by how much it is the response is fluid and harmonious . While not exactly cheap, most consumers think they paid less than it is actually worth.


Some believe the microphone is slightly too “lively” , when used with other audio sources, others would like it to come with a more durable carrying case.

  1. Shure KSM137 Stereo Condenser Pair – See price or buy

The Shure KSM137 is a famous one high SPL microphone (sound pressure level), which is equipped with a condenser capsule with cardioid polar characteristic and with adjustable attenuator on three different positions (-0 dB, -15dB, -25dB). This feature allows you to manage different volume levels, from vocals to acoustic guitars, to drums.

The microphone also comes with an insertable and three-position adjustable high-pass filter for reduce background noises and counteract the proximity effect . This makes it particularly ideal for close miking of instruments that emit low frequencies, such as the bass drum.


Its versatility is a recurring theme among consumers. It is considered an excellent product both by those who use string instruments, such as harp, violin, viola and acoustic guitars, and by those who play percussion instruments, such as xylophone, marimba, conga and others. As expected of any Shure product, it is also recommended for its robustness and reliability .


Some consumers feel that the microphone loses quality in the low range, but this is due to the reduced mass of the diaphragm .

  1. AKG C214 Large Diaphragm Condenser Stereo Pair – See price or buy

The AKG C214 makes it into this list because, while a popular vocal microphone, it is versatile enough to be used as a panoramic microphone with some success.

While the 20 dB pre-attenuation pad might seem barely enough, the C214 is able to capture all the nuances vocals and acoustic instruments, combining the C414’s dual capsule system and the Back-Plate technology to achieve excellent performance. Another noteworthy feature is the bass-cut filter which allows close recordings with almost no proximity effect.


Sound quality is the most mentioned positive in consumer reviews, followed by appreciation of the versatility of this product. Even experts agree that, in addition to having a excellent performance with stringed instruments , this microphone is capable of producing a great drum recording .


Some consumers have complained about what they describe as a “brittle” sound, while others recommend it be cautious with checking the SPL , given the size of the diaphragm.

  1. Beyerdynamic MC 930 Small Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Stereo Set – See price or buy

Like many other microphones on this list, the Beyerdynamic MC 930 has been designed to be very versatile, following the well-proven formula of combination of a small diaphragm condenser and high SPL seal .

Beyerdynamic has chosen to equip this microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, which makes it easy to use, as well as an integrated 15dB attenuation pad, and roll-off to keep the bass in check. Some dealers ship the MC930 with two anti-vibration clamps, two windshields, and a carrying case, all accessories that increase its value and durability.


Most consumers are happy with their purchase, and they praise it clear and crisp sound quality . While it doesn’t particularly shine as a panoramic microphone, some consumers find it works well with different instruments and vocals, not to mention that there is no complain about the quality of components and structure in itself.


There are not many negative notes to mention, other than the desire of some that it is sold at a lower price.

  1. LyxPro SDPC-2 Stereo “pencil” condenser pair – See price or buy

The LyxPro SDPC-2 is a pretty inexpensive pair of condenser microphones with interchangeable capsules , which allows you to choose which polar diagram to activate between omnidirectional, cardioid and supercardioid.

This feature makes it very versatile and suitable for almost any use, and the affordable price makes it even more appealing. Furthermore, it is equipped with two windproofs made to measure foam, two clip holders and an elegant one aluminum case .


Value for money is the SDPC-2’s strong point, some touting it as the best low budget stereo microphone for home studio. In addition to the price, consumers appreciate it sound quality , describing it as uniform and clear, and the versatility which makes it suitable for working with cymbals, choirs, acoustic guitars and much more.


Some consumers have pointed out that the sound tends to be a little too loud, but that’s what to expect when the aperture is small. There are also reports that aesthetics and quality of construction are neglected in this product.