Best portable powered speaker, which one to buy?

Best portable powered speaker, which one to buy?

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When you’re often out and about performing, having an ultra-portable powered speaker is a crazy convenience! But the portability is of course added a high-quality music reproduction with a vocal amplification that is very clear to the listening audience. These portable systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are designed to be extremely noisy in the absence of significant distortion; in addition, they are also equipped with a battery that avoids using an electrical outlet. A very common feature in these amplified speakers is that they can wirelessly connect multiple microphones, as well as other devices via Bluetooth, making them suitable for seminars, conferences, singing performances and karaoke. In this review article, we have selected 5 based on a fundamental parameter: quality-price. Read it very carefully to get a precise idea of what you need to buy.

ION Audio Tailgator Portable PA System

The ION Audio Tailgater, in addition to being an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker, has a microphone, radio and a USB port for charging. The supplied battery lasts for 50 hours. The 2-way speakers and 50-watt amplifier ensure dynamic, high-quality audio. It also has a display for controlling speaker functions. As they said before, the sound quality is incredible and it has a lot more clarity than you might expect. This speaker is intended for those who need to pump a lot of music outdoors with good sound quality; It also features a fully integrated microphone function, ideal for outdoor events and parties. It also offers fully wireless connectivity for streaming your favorite music from any type of Bluetooth or NFC enabled mobile device and up to 30 meters away. You can also connect the CD player to the 1/8 auxiliary input to play your favorite music or use the AM / FM radio functions. In size, it is comparable to a small guitar amp and weight in much the same way. Surely the ratio / weight makes it one of the best portable speakers around.

Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I – See price or buy

Yamaha is a very famous and well known company, its products are among the best on the market. This Stagepas 400i consists of 2 speakers and a mixer. The high quality bi-directional bass-reflex speakers are designed with a 1 “voice coil compression driver and an 8” woofer that provide a fairly wide frequency range between 55Hz and 20kHz in total. The specifications provided make it suitable for use not only in small rooms, but also for outdoor events. As for the maximum sound pressure level, a microphone can take up to 125 dB without distorting the sound. The power of 400 watts is able to reinforce the sound to the right extent and all the people around the speaker can hear it clearly. The 8-channel mixer will help you to control not only the speakers, but all other devices. The cabinet features 4 mic / lines, 2 XLRs, 2 universal XLR inputs and a Hi-Z switch for connecting acoustic guitars and other instruments. It also has an output for connecting a subwoofer in case you need to add more sound to the system. Each of the 8 channels has its own volume level, while the equalizer itself only has high and low controls. We recommend this box to all artists who often participate in outdoor events and to those who need a box not only to broadcast music, but also to record live performances.

Pyle PWMA170

The Pyle PWMA170 offers decent sound quality without having a high price tag. It looks like a classic powered speaker and offers a lot of features. It has a microphone input, a guitar input and lots of audio controls for the main channel. The speaker has 400 watts of peak power which isn’t much, but it includes a small remote and even a wireless microphone. Furthermore, in addition to the amplifier there are integrated mixers; in addition, it can be used as a guitar amplifier. It is certainly not very powerful, as 400 watts as maximum power are not enough. It is the typical powered speaker that can only be used for small rooms with no more than 50 people. The advantage comes from the fact that it is cheap and the sound quality is quite decent, especially since it has controls for echo, treble and bass.

LyxPro SPA-8 – See price or buy

For such a small size, the LyxPro8 is very loud and the sound quality is decent for the price it has. The Bluetooth, USB and SD player seems to be working correctly. The mixer on the back is great and is one of the best things about this speaker. It has 2 channels plus every possible connector type, XLR, RCA, 1/8 “and 1/4”. The design and functionality are well thought out, more than one would expect from anything in this price range. The treble and bass equalizer works well and you can mount it on speaker stands. The USB connection is perfect for a playlist. It obviously doesn’t have powerful bass, but it sounds really good. There are also THRU outputs on this powered cabinet, which is wonderful. You can put it in a backpack and it is very easy to use.

ION Audio Tailgater iPA77 – See price or buy

When it comes to powered speakers, sometimes you need something small to put on a nightstand or something big and impressive to fill a living room. The Ion Tailgater IPA77 provides a robust and universal solution to amplify an iPod or whatever else you want to connect. The Tailgater is more suited as a guitar amp rather than for use with the iPod. It consists of a single 18 cm woofer and a 5 cm tweeter, powered by a 16 watt amplifier. Before turning up your nose, we assure you that its sound is deep, powerful and punchy considering its low price. You’ll find an abundance of audio inputs, including an iPod dock, stereo RCA jacks, XLR microphone input, and jack for plugging in a guitar. The iPod dock on the top is definitely not the safest way to get around with your iPod inserted, but the design is fairly typical for portable speakers in this price range. All other audio inputs are located on the front, along with large plastic knobs for adjusting the input gain and volume output. For such an inexpensive price, this powered speaker does its job discreetly.

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