Best sennheiser wireless microphone, the 7 recommended models

Best sennheiser wireless microphone, the 7 recommended models

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In this guide we will analyze the 7 best wireless Sennheiser wireless microphones on the market, but first let’s try to clarify what a wireless microphone is, what it is used for and what main features it has.

One of the advantages of wireless radio microphones is that they are completely free of the encumbrance and limitations given by the connection cable: a wireless handheld radio microphone, therefore, allows greater freedom of movement than a wired microphone. One of the most important aspects to take into account when deciding to buy a wireless radio microphone is the range, i.e. up to what distance from the receiver the microphone can work best without suffering distortion or interference. Professional wireless microphones can have a range of up to 100 meters, but obviously this distance is to be considered in the absence of particular obstacles that could considerably weaken the signal.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the wireless microphones are specifically designed to be interfaced with most dedicated audio and video devices with standard Jack and 3.5 mm inputs.

As far as transmission is concerned, there are two different types of transmission on the market, one analog and one digital. Analog broadcasting works on VHF and UHF frequencies, while digital broadcasting is less prone to interference or signal interruptions, as it uses a signal network as a sort of internet router. Precisely for this reason, a digital broadcast is better than an analog one in terms of sound quality.

There are various types of wireless microphones on the market. They, in addition to the price, differ according to the different needs of the user. The classic portable wireless microphone works thanks to a receiver capable of transmitting audio output through an amplifier or speaker. The lack of threads ensures great flexibility and does not limit who uses it in terms of freedom of movement. The wireless lavalier microphone, on the other hand, is a particular radio microphone that is very different from the previous type. It is a very small device used especially on TV during interviews. It is also referred to as a pin microphone and is generally attached to a shirt or dress and placed near the speaker’s mouth, so as to intercept the voice without any problem in terms of clarity. These devices work with a small wire and rubber clip to hold the receiver in place. The person also wears a transmitter attached to their shoulders; the microphone connects to another recording device such as a computer or laptop. Another type of microphone is that for wireless headphones, a particular device that bends in front of the user’s mouth, very convenient to use during interviews or other scenic situations.

But now we come in particular to Sennheiser wireless microphones, a brand specialized in quality audio products for more than 70 years: they are devices that all offer excellent value for money, since they are specially designed for those with particular business needs, and therefore he is willing to spend a fair amount to satisfy them. The models that we will analyze are included in a price range ranging from 100 to 500 euros: each has particular technical characteristics, and it will be your concern to find out which model is best suited to your needs.

The 7 best Sennheiser wireless microphones

Sennheiser Evolution EW 135 G3 – See price or buy

This professional wireless microphone model is of excellent quality and power. It is an ideal system for speaking and singing. It consists of a microphone and a fixed rack-mountable receiver. The transmitter and receiver are equipped with 21 frequency banks each with 12 preset frequencies. Analogue transmission works on 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception. This model has the automatic frequency scan function to search for available frequencies. The sound produced by this unit is crystal clear and without any distortion. This microphone also has a special feature, which is the automatic lock to avoid any kind of problem. An antenna is included in the package and you will not have to buy an extra replacement antenna to get the most out of this product. It has an illuminated graphic display and a battery indicator: it has a very long life. A flaw is that of being able to use only one microphone at a time.

Sennheiser E935 Wireless – See price or buy

This microphone ensures natural sound without any unexpected distortion. The device is built with a robust and reliable metal, which will allow the microphone to be used even outdoors in difficult weather conditions. The price is truly extraordinary, considering the remarkable quality of this product. A defect highlighted is that of the lack of an on and off switch of the device, which could give some problems during use. It is a device equipped with a capsule with anti-vibration support, which is able to guarantee high impact resistance. An important function is the presence of a cardioid for isolation from other signals on stage. There are also some special accessories, such as a protective case, to protect the device when not in use, and an MZQ 800 microphone clip.

Sennheiser E835 – See price or buy

The Sennheiser E835 is one of the best handheld wireless microphones and it is amazing to highlight its price, less than 100 euros total. At an incredibly advantageous price, you will buy a product that reproduces sound in a clear and natural way, while minimizing distortions. It is also an aesthetically very appreciated product and is built with a strong and durable metal. It has a very long guarantee of 10 years. A defect of this model is the lack of an on and off switch. An advantage, however, is to be able to perfectly preserve the quality of the signal when it moves in and out of axis during use. For these highlighted reasons, it is a perfect model for live performances, home recording and semi-pro studios.

Sennheiser E945 – See price or buy

The Sennheiser E945 microphone is a dynamic microphone and does not suffer any electrical interference from other technologies during live performances. It is a professional supercardioid model that manages to ensure clear and natural sound. The performance of this device remains unchanged even in the presence of unstable climatic conditions. This dynamic microphone does not require 48 volt phantom power. The price is slightly above expectations, but the features and performance are absolutely valid for professional users. It has a particular design that dampens vibrations and is made of sturdy metal material to ensure durability to the device. It has some special accessories such as a bag and a microphone clamp.

Sennheiser E865 – See price or buy

The Sennheiser E865 is another great supercardioid microphone. It requires 12-48V phantom power to operate. This microphone has the advantage of being very light: its total weight is just over half a kilo. Included is a protective case to prevent it from getting damaged or scratched. The microphone body is made of durable metal. This model is quite expensive, but guarantees excellent sound performance especially in live performances and has high off-axis attenuation. It has a nominal output impedance of 200 Ohms.

Sennheiser ME 4-N – See price or buy

The Sennheiser ME 4-N is a practical wireless lavalier microphone. It is very easy to apply on clothes and is particularly suitable for use in noisy environments as it does not suffer particular interference. This microphone has been specially designed for stage speeches and requires a mini jack connection and a SK wireless evolution body pack transmitter. It is a very affordable lavalier microphone model and also suitable for recording an instrument. ME 4-N ensures maximum freedom of movement without any stress. In addition, it can also be used with portable recording devices. The audio quality of the voice is really clear and clear. It is ultimately a product of fine workmanship.

Sennheiser XSW 2-ME2-A – See price or buy

Sennheiser XSW 2-ME2-A is a wireless kit with lavalier microphone that is very comfortable and practical to use. It guarantees maximum reliability during interviews or presentations on stage and is therefore an ideal device for speakers and presenters. It has the distinction of being a multifunctional microphone for vocal, music and studio recording. This means there is no need to purchase a separate microphone for each of these performance contexts – the XSW ME2 system works perfectly with both handheld and clip-on microphones. This device is very light and allows automatic frequency management and is designed to facilitate setup operations. The kit includes a clip-on microphone, a compact and lightweight transmitter and an XSW-2 receiver. It has 12 compatible channels in a stable UHF band and an LCD display. This wireless system sells for a fairly high price, but you will be impressed by the features and overall performance. The purchase is also and above all recommended for professional users. The battery ensures 10 hours of service. The only flaw highlighted is the lack of a protective case.

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