Best shure wireless microphone, which one to buy?

Best shure wireless microphone, which one to buy?

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Shure is a world leader in the electroacoustic sector and is extremely well known in the music industry for its high-tech wireless microphone systems , which are used very often on the stages of musical events and concerts, but also in conferences and seminars.

The main feature of these high-tech wireless microphones is that they do not give any connection problems : an aspect that is anything but secondary to guarantee an excellent performance of an event.

However, before purchasing a new set of wireless microphone systems is fine take into account some details quite important. First of all you need to know the specifications necessary for your purposes. For example, you need to know how many channels you need, what the receiver frequency is, and so on.

By number of channels we mean the amount of wireless microphones that can be used at the same time. If you plan to use 15 wireless microphones simultaneously on stage, you will need a wireless system capable of supporting at least 15 microphones at the same time.

Also, the wireless connection will encounter interference with other wireless microphone systems nearby that use the same frequency as the receiver. The receiver frequency of each nearby system must be unique to avoid signal and frequency conflicts between systems.

The frequency range of the receiver is configurable. Most new wireless systems have the “Scan & Sync” feature which allows users to quickly set up a free channel with a simple push of the bottom.

Digital systems deliver clearer quality and sound compared to analog systems, but the presence of fewer channels on the air is certainly a limit. However, the high-end digital systems that can be found on the market today combine the best of both systems. It will therefore be possible to use a certain number of microphones at the same time even in crowded environments , ensuring near-perfect audio quality.

Let’s see now the best Shure wireless microphone systems available on the market.

Shure BLX24R / SM58 – See price or buy

shure BLX24R

This system features the SM58 microphone capsule with the BLX24R system. Package includes one BLX4R 1/2 Rack, one rack mount kit, a BLX2 / SM58 portable transmitter along with an SM58 microphone, a single channel wireless receiver, 1/4 wave antennas, a transmitter case with microphone clip and a PS23US power supply.

The system can simultaneously support up to 12 systems per frequency band. The “winning” feature is the high-end “Scan & Sync” frequency selection function , essential to identify the best frequency available in the area. Its frequency range covers up to a distance of almost 100 meters. For exits, use balanced XLR output and the unbalanced 1/4 ″ output. Its frequency response is between 50Hz and 15kHz.

This system is more suitable for small bands and for all those situations where less than 12 microphones are needed at the same time.

The only downside is that it only has an “On / Off” control switch, without the mute button like other Shure microphone systems.

Shure PGXD24 / SM58-X8 See price or buy

shure PGXD24

The Shure PGXD24 / SM58-X8 is considered an entry-level wireless microphone system of the highest quality, equipped with high-end features such as automatic frequency selection and automatic transmitter setup.

This system uses 24-bit digital audio which can provide a clearer and stronger RF signal. Its range is around 60 meters, shorter than the previously reviewed Shure BLX24R / SM58.

The Shure PGXD24 / SM58-X8 model looks quite suitable for presenters, vocalists, singers, guitarists and musicians who don’t need to walk in crowds when they perform.

Shure SLX24 / SM58 See price or buy

shure SLX24

This system has managed to raise the bar thanks to the use of very advanced technology, the “Audio Reference Companding” , absent on the other models.

This is Shure’s patented technology to guarantee the highest quality and clarity of sound, thus overcoming the limitations of most existing wireless microphones.

Like the other Shure wireless systems mentioned above, here too we find automatic frequency scanning and selection and automatic transmitter configuration functions. The range is up to 90 meters with a frequency response of the microphone 50Hz to 15kHz. In addition, it can support up to 20 channels.

Shure BLX288 / PG58 See price or buy

shure BLX288

Shure BLX288 / PG58 is a wireless microphone system that features two integrated PG58 dynamic microphone capsules with a dual channel receiver and a pair of transmitters.

In addition, this system comes with automatic frequency scanning as well the “QuickScan” selection , in addition to the automatic configuration functions of the transmitter.

Its operating range goes up to 90 meters, with the frequency response of the microphone 60Hz to 15kHz . Additionally, the system uses balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4 “for its output.

The sound quality is not on the same level as the SM58. However, Shure BLX288 / PG58 is the cheapest system for two Shure wireless microphones in the package without causing an excessive drop in sound quality.

Shure BLX14 / P31 Wireless Headworn System See price or buy

shure blx14

BLX14 / P31, which belongs to the BLX series of wireless systems, combines an intuitive interface and simple configuration with professional quality sound. The system delivers fantastic audio performance, is precisely engineered and available in a wide variety of configurations. Long story short, it’s about one of the best choices for those who have to perform on stage.

The BLX14 / P31 is perfect as an entry-level microphone system, above all for performances in small clubs. Here, too, the range of action reaches up to a few hundred meters. The system is equipped with a cardioid condenser headphone microphone that can deliver reliable sound quality for vocal performances and also for live speeches.

The system is also designed for prolonged and comfortable use. Unidirectional, BLX14 / P31 provides excellent off-axis rejection which ensures better performance when using a stage monitor.

BLX14 / P31 kit comes with BLX4 wireless receiver, PGA31 headset microphone, belt transmitter BLX1 , power supply, clothes clip, user guide and windshield. It also has a battery and an LED that provides information on the status of the power supply.