Best studio monitor controllers

Best studio monitor controllers

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In this article we will talk about current studio monitor controllers. Most users control their monitors directly from their audio interfaces, however, some of us use dedicated units, especially when you have a large studio where it becomes necessary to have multiple pairs of monitors to listen to mixes and mastering on multiple monitoring systems.

The best studio monitor control systems

JBL Nano patch – See price or buy

JBL Professional nano patch is a control system designed to improve the workflow of music recording, post-production and broadcast control rooms. It provides level controls and allows you to select the essential source needed in today’s computer-based production systems. This controller is ideal for use with 3 JBL Studio Series monitors and can be used with any studio speaker system. Peter Chaikin said: At JBL we are committed to improving monitoring in all types of workspaces and control rooms. Our new JBL controllers provide essential functionality and a high quality monitoring path at affordable prices. The Nano Patch also serves as a volume control between the output of the production system and a pair of studio monitors. The unit features XLR / TRS combo balanced inputs and stereo TRS mini input connectors, balanced TRS and stereo mini TRS outputs with all passive circuitry to provide a high quality signal path. The top panel features a large volume controller that allows you to make precise level adjustments where there is no lack of a mute switch.

TC Electronic Level Pilot – See price or buy

The tl electronic level pilot simply allows you to control the volume, with a single set of monitors, nothing else is needed. Usually you can do this with a sound card but if this is not possible the TC Electronic Level Pilot.  Also, the fact that you check  the volume in analog resolution will be more faithful without the need for external power supplies. So you only need this controller if you have a simple setup, in case you need to manage  a variety of monitor connections, you can take a look at the other solutions in this article.

Behringer CONTROL1 USB – See price or buy

The CONTROL1 USB allows you to control  Master Volume, Talkback, monitor and select the source with the possibility of  choose up to three sets of active studio monitors and 4  stereo input sources. There is also a  built-in Talkback microphone that allows you to communicate with singers and musicians. In addition to the 4 stereo inputs with independent level controls there is a Monitor Mix input for the DAW, 3 adjustable monitor outputs, a USB audio interface, a phono preamp for connection to turntable, a nice knob Volume for level control and 2 headphone amplifiers where you can manage volumes separately.

Radial Engineering MC3 – See price or buy

Radial Engineering MC3 is a controller for monitors from  studio and headphone amplifier. While there are all kinds of monitor controllers on the market, in our opinion many are too complex or introduce gods  active circuits artifacts between the recording system and the playback of the monitors. Radial offers a cost-effective solution to the market that would allow the technician to quickly switch between monitors, listen through headphones, and be able to turn a sub-woofer on or off. The Radial  MC3 was  designed for  nearfield active monitors, equipped with two stereo outputs and a separate send to power a sub-woofer. An adjustable dim switch can be activated to temporarily reduce the monitoring level. A single control acts as a master for quickly setting the desired level. MC3 is a passive system, so the signal from the recorder to the monitor is not altered in any way. Additionally, the MC3 is equipped with a high-output headphone amplifier that is capable of driving two headphones at the same time. MC3 is a rugged product contained in a steel enclosure with a protective zone that holds switches and controls securely. To learn more about the MC3 studio monitor controller you can visit the website .

Mackie Big Knob – See price or buy

The Mackie Big Knob  it is not new but remains on the market for its validity,  despite everything if you use alternatives such as the Behringer Mon800 or the Samson C Control you won’t find many differences except the  its best LAYOUT just by using it you will understand that it is really comfortable compared to competing models.

PreSonus Monitor Station V2 – See price or buy

Although many competing companies have tried unsuccessfully to replicate the  Mackie Big Knob, the only one who has succeeded is Presonus with the model Monitor Station  with a clever feature that only the  Big Knob  has. There are 4 headphone amplifiers on board that allow you to control the volume and select the input source independently.

Presonus Central Station Plus – See price or buy

The Presonus Central Station Plus  has more routing  advanced  compared to the other models seen so far e  with the addition of a remote control it eliminates the inconvenience of a classic rack controller that cannot be placed anywhere due to its size.

Dangerous Music DM11 – See price or buy

If you want the absolute best and most expensive controller on the list you have to look at the Dangerous Music which has many features but is also easy to use. This is the best solution whether it is a home studio or professional recording studio.