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Bluetooth is an advanced technology that has been out for several years, eliminates the presence of what a wire involves, such as earphones or headphones, giving everyone greater comfort as well as better efficiency.

However, there are many bluetooth headsets on the market, but you need to choose the one that best comes close to your tastes and needs and above all the most important aspect to evaluate is the quality of the same. Before listing which are the best 2017 wired and wireless bluetooth, here are some small tips and tricks to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Buy tips for wired and wireless Bluetooth headset

The first thing that needs to be evaluated is the format. Yes, some are of the in-ear type, so they are introduced into the ear canal via interchangeable rubber tips, or there are real headphones in bluetooth format that prove to be comfortable from different points of view. As for the first type of earphones, there are generally three types of formats: small, medium, large so that they can be adapted to any ear.

Another factor to be evaluated concerns autonomy and charging time . Perhaps not everyone knows, but bluetooth earphones run on battery, so before buying them it is advisable to carefully evaluate the autonomy and how long it takes to recharge the battery.

Another small feature that must be kept in mind concerns the sound quality, the degree of insulation varies from product to product, but here too the same rule illustrated above applies.

What are the advantages of buying a wired or wireless bluetooth headset?

There are many advantages that can be obtained preferring such products. First of all, convenience: talking without having the phone in hand can be a great convenience.

It also allows you to answer every call without having to interrupt what you were doing before. In addition, it is comfortable to use and its use is child’s play. Otherwise, inside the product package there are instructions, by following every single step the headset can be synchronized with your smartphone, tablet and so on quickly and easily.

Difference between wired and wireless bluetooth headsets

It is better to choose wired or wireless bluetooth headsets ? This is the dilemma of some people who are faced with a thousand doubts before deciding to buy one or the other product. However, there is a small consideration to be made: we only have two ears and therefore they cannot be used simultaneously, therefore, it is essential to choose the product that best reflects your needs.

Depending on the type and place of use, different solutions can be chosen. For example, to give an idea of what has been said, it is advisable to use the bluetooth headset with wire when you are away from home to call, or when you are on the subway, or even for outdoor sports as they are light and not bulky, while it is useful to opt for wireless earphones when you are at home to watch a movie on TV, or to listen to music.

Best wireless bluetooth earphones 2017

But now let’s see which are the best bluetooth headsets this year. Of course there are many on the market, ranging in shape, size and quality, we will list those most requested and which have a good price-quality ratio. Are you ready dear readers? If your answer is yes, let’s start right away:

Sony MDR-1000 X


The Sony MDR 1000 X headset guarantees great efficiency as regards noise control. Thanks to advanced technology it ensures a drastic reduction of noise. It also reduces the distortion of the audio and at the same time allows you to listen to music in all its nuances.

Using high quality materials, they give the device a particular elegance and guarantee greater comfort when wearing it.

Why buy it? The reasons can be the most disparate. It is certainly a device with multiple features. It has tons of features and is very comfortable to wear and easy to use.

The functions allow you to change the tracks of the music tracks, change the volume as well as control playback by touching the panel on the earpads of the headphones with a single gesture.


Skullcandy Grind Wireless


Skullcandy wireless headphones have been launched on the market recently and its success seems unstoppable thanks to the high quality of the components. The device in question is characterized by a sturdy structure, a soft cloth and a battery with good autonomy.

Skullcandy Grind headphones have an interesting value for money: they are comfortable and light. It is also possible to use them with the wire when it is held appropriate.


For great sound quality: Jabra Move Wireless


This device has a very high quality in terms of audio compared to other devices on the market. They are very comfortable to wear and its use is simple. Built with high quality materials, these headphones are durable over time.

It has 8 hours of autonomy to talk, while it can remain in stand-by for 288 hours.

Beats solo3 Wireless headphones


Ideal for wearing them every day. It has 40 hours of autonomy. This useful device has good acoustics. The ear cups are padded in such a way as to completely isolate noises. In fact it is possible to listen to music in complete tranquility at the highest levels.

Moreover, thanks to the fast recharge times, it is possible in just 5 minutes to recharge the device and have another three hours of autonomy. The headphones are very sturdy and resistant, and can be easily folded to take them anywhere.

Best 2017 wired bluetooth earphones: NUForce Bluetooth Headphones


This device is capable of producing quality sound for Apple, Android and Windows. It is made of an ultra-light metal which is resistant and durable over time. It has an autonomy of up to 8 hours. The only small disadvantage is that during movement they may not remain stable in the ear canal, but otherwise they turn out to be truly exceptional.

Many people have tested them and all are satisfied with the quality-price ratio.

Bose 761448-0010 QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones


Thanks to the innovative and advanced technology, it allows anyone to listen to music perfectly, speak without interference of sounds and even if it is windy, listening is always clean and clear. The design is particularly refined. The wired bluetooth headset is practical, functional and extremely comfortable.

Any type of movement can be carried out, but the device will remain well positioned in the auricle. Thanks to the lithium-ion batteries it offers up to 10 hours of wireless listening. Using them is very simple, but for those who encounter difficulties, inside the package there is the instruction leaflet just read it and put into practice every single step and that’s it!

At this point we just have to wish you a good purchase, take advantage of what has been said.

See you next time!