Best Xiaomi Earphones (Wireless & Wired Bluetooth)

Best Xiaomi Earphones (Wireless & Wired Bluetooth)

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The wireless earphones they are one of the most interesting technological innovations of recent times, so much so that they are characterized by continuous improvements.

At the moment, on the market, there are numerous headsets from very famous companies all over the world, but also from newborn brands and in any case capable of presenting respectable products.

Just why the choice is so wide , it can be really difficult to understand which TWS earphones can do for us.

However, to make the search easier, we can focus on the best earphones of Xiaomi. The Beijing-based company is among the leading brands in this sector, which is why a look at the best TWS headphones of 2020 can really help you find your way around.

In this list we go from best Xiaomi earphones to the ideal products for quality-price.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 (Air 2) – See price or buy

The Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 are the best Xiaomi earphones that you can find on the market. Although they may seem like a re-adaptation of the Apple AirPods for Android users – since they follow the stem design, ed – their audio quality turns out to be better than the Airpods 2, showing us why they are considered the best TWS earphones of the Chinese company. Fast charging allows the earbuds to charge in as little as an hour , allowing the user to enjoy music without interruption.

The most important reason people choose Apple Airpods is for the comfort which are able to ensure, even after prolonged use, and for great practicality. Fortunately, Xiaomi has also taken this aspect into consideration, automatically syncing the earbuds with any device once removed from the case. That’s not all: the user can in fact check the charge status of the earphones and also of the case.

Although battery life of 4 hours may not be considered as a “top” feature, you can extend it with the case up to a decent amount of time.

Plus, you no longer have to rely on controls to pause music when someone starts a conversation: just remove one of the EarBuds. The control of the other functions is also very easy thanks to tactile gestures: however, those who do not like this option can safely use the voice assistant. Finally, two other details of great importance cannot be ignored, namely lightness earphones and sound insulation.

On sale on Gearbest at 40.17 euros.

Xiaomi Air 2S (Airdots Pro 2S) – See price or buy

The Air 2S earphones follow the same design as their predecessors. The appearance is very simple, with an in-ear design that feels comfortable. The real “gem” of this product is battery life of charging cases, which lasted up to 24 hours (just like the Airpods). The audio quality is also excellent, especially when you take into account the far from excessive price. In addition, support for the LHDC codec is confirmed.

A downside is certainly the absence of the active noise cancellation . However, thanks largely to the dual microphones, the call quality is good even in noisy places.

With the dual-core chipset there are fewer connectivity problems and the latency has been reduced. It is also possible customize controls using the app, to make it easier to remember the controls than the default ones.

The product is on offer on Gearbest at 50.22 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE – See price or buy

You want to enjoy the same experience that Airpods provide for less than half the price Apple’s earphones? Then you can not do is buy the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE earphones.

Their price isn’t the only astounding factor; the audio quality is really excellent, and the battery life too, with 20 hours of playtime with the case, can only surprise. With Environmental Noise Reduction (ENC) you shouldn’t have any problems making good quality calls even in a particularly noisy place.

These Xiaomi earphones manage to maintain a certain degree of comfort even when wearing them for a long time. The fact that the pop-up animation is limited to certain smartphones it can be a disadvantage, but not for those who own a Redmi smartphone.

On Gearbest they are offered at 24.27 euros.

Haylou GT1 XR – See price or buy

Haylou dominates the market fully wireless inexpensive earphones for some time now. The Haylou GT1 XR earphones are most likely the best model of this series.

They really sound very satisfying , especially if you take into account that they are offered at a very affordable price.

Coming to custody, it is based on the normal magnetic holder for earphones and overall it also feels pretty light. The headset is well designed, fits snugly in the earlobe and can be used for a long time without discomfort. These earphones also have the IPX5 waterproof certification , therefore they resist very well with rain and water splashes.

The price is 22.60 euros on Gearbest.

Haylou GT1 PRO – See price or buy

Another great Xiaomi product in the TWS earphone sector is certainly Haylou GT1 Pro.

Haylou GT1 Pro is thought above all for sportsmen and for training . The great water resistance means that the earphones do not suffer any damage or deterioration when you sweat , or if it rains just as we are running or cycling.

IPX5 certification guarantees high water protection. The design appears particularly ergonomic, with two pairs of earphones to ensure the fit is perfect and comfortable even when worn for hours. With touch controls , it is easier to control the music playback without any discomfort.

The 3.5 hour battery life with the earbuds is certainly not the most exciting aspect of this product. However, just use the case for incredible autonomy, which reaches almost 26 hours . The case may actually feel a bit bulky when you keep it in your pocket, but given the autonomy it can guarantee it is a small annoyance that we can easily endure.

The black pill-shaped case comes with four LED lights in the front, which serve to indicate the charge level.

There are downsides too, starting with the fact that these TWS they do not support fast charging . Also, the call quality is very bad.

On Gearbest available at a price of 20.08 euros.

Haylou GT2 (2021) – See price or buy

The Haylou GT2 are the best Xiaomi earphones for those who are inclined to travel a lot. Simple design for this model , also characterized by a silicone tip inside that guarantees a better fit.

Furthermore, with button control, accidental touches are effectively eliminated. The multifunction button allows you to control most functions, except for the volume which can still be managed through the voice assistant.

The Haylou GT2 earphones are on the same level as the GT1 PROs (and are cheaper …), enhanced by a portable case and an overall lightness (each earphone weighs just 3.7 grams) which makes them perfect for traveling.

Finally, the IPX5 classification guarantees that these earphones are not damaged in case some water gets inside. This aspect will certainly also be highly appreciated by frequent travelers.

The cost on Gearbest is 25.42 euros.

Redmi Airdots – See price or buy

There is no doubt that the Redmi Airdots are the best Xiaomi earphones when you have them available a rather limited budget . However, just because these headphones are low priced doesn’t necessarily mean making (many) compromises. The audio quality is truly extraordinary , also thanks to noise reduction technology.

These earphones are noticeable as soon as you put them on, as they are minimal and light. They fit very well, thanks to the silicone tip. The multifunction button on the outside panel allows you to control some functions: for all the others you can “take refuge” in the voice assistant.

Xiaomi’s earphones are protected from splashes of water, as the IPX4 classification ensures. Battery life is decent , as approximately 15 hours of talk time with the case are guaranteed.

The absence of a type C port and the poor wear resistance they are among the (very few) out of tune notes. Available on Amazon for € 17.90.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots – See price or buy

Xiaomi Airdots are the best earphones of the Beijing giant in terms of durability. Although they are made of plastic, the earbuds have a rubber-like material on the outside which prevents the product from any type of damage in case of accidental falls.

These earphones turn out very pleasant to the eye, and the case is also aesthetically appreciable.

The housing cover is available in a translucent opaque material which protects it adequately.

Compared to the Haylou GT1 PRO earphones, with the Mi Airdots we are dealing with a better build quality.

With tactile gestures, controlling functions is really very simple. In mono mode you can get there up to 5 hours of music playback . The small size and lightness do nothing but raise the degree of overall experience. On Amazon the cost of these earphones is 19.98 euros.