Built-in speakers, the 5 best built-in speakers

Built-in speakers, the 5 best built-in speakers

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To enjoy the best of great music or listen to clear audio while watching a movie without cluttering the space too much with “intrusive” speakers, the wall-mounted ones may be the most suitable. They can be hidden discreetly, without attracting too much attention. But there’s more: no more cables sliding on the floor or dangling from a wall, jeopardizing the good looks of a living room for example. In addition, most built-in speakers can be painted, easily matching a home’s décor. Their sound quality? Excellent, with fairly low costs. What are the most trusted brands? How to choose the suitable one? This article was written specifically for those who are looking for one and have no idea how to get around. By continuing to read, all doubts will be resolved.

Polk Audio RC85i – See price or buy

Polk Audio has launched itself into the loudspeaker market, especially with the RC85i bidirectional recessed one. It has a one-inch soft dome dynamically balanced tweeter and an eight-inch woofer; the 15-inch swivel mount on the tweeter can be directed or pointed in different directions to cover a particular listening area within a room. This is designed to achieve the best possible sound. The design is good as is the audio, making it easy to punch a hole in the wall even for those who don’t install speakers for a living. The RC85i’s moisture resistant construction makes it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, including bathrooms or saunas where moisture can easily make its way through the speaker grille. Fortunately, almost everything about the RC85i makes it a top-notch choice, including audio clarity that’s second to none in the built-in speaker range. Available for both 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems, we are confident that once installed, anyone will never want to leave the house again.

Bose Virtually Invisible 891  – See price or buy

If the price tag doesn’t scare anyone, Bose’s Virtually Invisible 891 in-wall speakers will deliver incredible, high-quality audio. Thanks to a seven-inch subwoofer and two strategically placed one-inch tweeters, this speaker offers a full range of performance hardly comparable to other speakers of the same type. The addition of unique audio enhancements, such as Bose’s own Stereo Everywhere mode, allows stereo sound to be transmitted over a wider area than many other built-in speaker models. The result is a sound that can fill every inch of a medium sized room. Beyond the sound, the design is very impressive, able to blend into a wall almost invisibly. Although the Virtually Invisible 891 has a white box, you can easily paint the grids to match any decor or color. Fortunately, the impressive sound and excellent design are complemented by an easy installation process with standard dogleg clamps that help the 891 fit snugly on the wall.

Pyle PDIC60 125W  – See price or buy

With sound that far exceeds its price, the Pyle PDIC60 circular speakers offer incredible value. It has a 6.5-inch driver and one-inch tweeter, which is made of titanium, has a dome shape and can be angled or rotated to point in any direction to direct the sound exactly where you want it to go. This allows listeners to enjoy the full effect of the mid and high frequencies which are quite good. The peak power of 250 watts offers very high volume and in a nutshell exceeds the line that separates budget speakers from more expensive ones. Installation is handled easily by cutting out a wooden wall to the right size based on the specifications of each individual PDIC speaker. Being adaptable to any type of wall or ceiling, the Pyle model remains incredibly versatile whether you are watching a movie, listening to music or simply watching TV shows on Netflix.

Polk Audio 255c-RT 150W  – See price or buy

If one of the main goals is to like design over everything else when it comes to in-wall speakers, there’s no need to look beyond the Polk Audio 255C-RT. The design almost disappears when installed in any type of wall and, with the paintable grids, you can easily match the diffuser to the room. The internal components are all well spaced from the edges of the speaker, so they can fit between the wall tie rods much, much easier. The Polk Audio 255c-RT 150W can be safely used with both a 5.1 and 7.1 stereo system; the two 5.25-inch woofer-mid drivers match the one-inch tweeter creating a more powerful bass response than you can imagine. While not as loud as a dedicated subwoofer, the 255C-RT easily pairs great design with sound that is just as loud, protruding just 7mm from the wall. Both the bass ports and angled woofer help reduce frequencies, while the highs and mids create dynamic sound that makes detail great, whether it’s music or movies.

Yamaha NSIC800WH  – See price or buy

Featuring a sealed back cover that protects it from dust and moisture, Yamaha’s NSIC800WH speaker was built to deliver lasting sound. This two-channel model offers an eight-inch polypropylene cone woofer and a one-inch liquid spiral soft dome tweeter that spins in the appropriate direction, so the sound is best directed towards the listener. The audio is undoubtedly great, but it is the Yamaha design that is really noteworthy as the grain-finished acoustic diaphragm helps spread the sound throughout the room. Once inserted into a wall after a very simple installation process, the fringe grid is almost invisible to the eye and appears almost flush with the wall. Capable of 140 watts of power, the design conceals the raw power of the Yamaha speaker with excellent mid to low frequency response and equally powerful highs. Whether it’s film or television dialogue, the sound is crystal clear and the musical audio is spectacular.

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