Headphones for smartphones: the best budget earphones under 100 euros

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Very often when you think to the earphones we refer to those large headphones that completely cover the ears. But now apparently, the market offers different types of earphones for each individual user and everyone can prefer the one that suits them best.

But the question that many ask themselves is: how do you choose the right earphones capable of satisfying your needs, given that there are all types of them on the market? Which are the ones that best meet your needs?

So let’s try to clarify it in such a way as to make a right purchase without falling into error.

If you want to know which types of earphones are right for you , then my dear reader, it is time to read this guide. We will offer you the best devices to buy at an unbeatable price, preferring quality first.

Are you ready? If your answer is yes, let’s get started right away

Selection guide

Before listing the best smartphone headsets at really competitive prices, it’s important to understand which headset to choose to make sure it meets your needs. For those who want a complete audio experience, the headphones that many manufacturers supply to smartphones, tablets or other devices are not enough, but many prefer to pay attention to the aesthetic, practical and functional aspect of the device. question.

Before choosing the right appliance for you, it is essential take two aspects into consideration, or:

  • Frequency response: this is a very important feature as far as in-ear headphones are concerned, because it serves to better understand which frequency range it can cover. To give an idea of what has been said, the wider the range, the better the audio experience. More specifically, the lower frequency corresponds to the bass, the higher to the highs.
  • Sensitivity: it is expressed in decibels and indicates the maximum volume at which the headset can produce a clean sound. Therefore, to make a good purchase, a good earphone must be characterized by a value around 85 dB (decibels), while an excellent pair of earphones must be positioned above 100 dB.

Having said that, let’s now see what are the best smartphone headphones under € 100

Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones – See price or buy

These earphones have the peculiarity of having excellent audio quality and also offer excellent passive sound insulation. They are very practical and comfortable to wear. In addition they are very light and thanks to this feature, they can be safely worn even for hours without weighing down the ear.

Comfort and ergonomics are guaranteed by the foam pads and the soft case supplied. The strong point of these devices is the sound insulation, capable of reducing up to 90% of the noises coming from the outside. They are ideal for musicians who perform during their live performances or for all those who listen to music in places that are too crowded or noisy.

Bose SoundSport – See price or buy

The real peculiarity of these earphones lies in the original rubber pads as they rest inside the ear cup but without inserting them all the way, allowing excellent stability.

The rubber pads are soft, so they are easy to introduce and in addition they are very comfortable. Once worn it will be like not having them at all, as thanks to the excellent materials used for the realization of the same they prove to be quite light and comfortable.

Although the entire construction is made of plastic, it must be said that it is well assembled in all the individual parts. But in addition to comfort, another distinctive sign that distinguishes the aforementioned earphones from the others on the market is the quality of the audio. Yes, the sound is bright and clean. The high frequencies are crystal clear and well balanced, the low ones full and satisfying.

SoundPEATS QY7 – See price or buy

The headphones are mainly made of plastic but are very comfortable once worn. The product is of good quality and the presence of the thin cable and the combination of colors make the aforementioned device very special.

During use, the headphones are light and do not cause any discomfort. As for the audio, it is of good quality, as is the microphone. In fact, the interlocutor will be able to understand every single word spoken well.

These headphones are especially ideal for all those who play sports. They remain firmly in the ears even when making particular movements. The bluetooth connection is also stable. All this can be obtained therefore, at a very low price.

Sony MDRXB50AP – See price or buy

For lovers of low frequencies, this device is really ideal. Nevertheless, even the average user can be attracted to this type of model especially if they are interested in spending a little more compared to other low cost devices.

This device turns out to be really solid and balanced in all the various aspects, starting from the sound up to the aesthetics.

The sound is good, balanced and well cleaned, the product is light and versatile . Once worn it is quite comfortable and above all stable even when making movements. In fact, using headphones during physical activities does not cause sudden falls but remain perfectly fixed inside the ear cups. Noises coming from outside are isolated with extreme precision.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 – See price or buy

The materials are quite strong and of good quality. The design is simple and no-nonsense. An important feature that this device possesses is that external noises are reduced by up to 90%. The sounds are clear and well balanced, the distortions almost absent.

The headphones are ideal for those who prefer a functional product and an aesthetic result only in the external part. When the battery is low, the earphones work anyway but it must be said that the acoustic performance is slightly lower.

The quality and price ratio is really optimal, as is the audio performance . The only drawback is the cable, i.e. the lengths of the portions of cable that connect the earphones to the control box and in turn the control box to the jack are disproportionate. As for the battery life, it is not very easy, it only lasts 60 hours.

And now after this list of the best smartphone headphones, you just have to choose the one that is closest to your tastes and needs.

Good purchase!