Home stereos: The best stereo systems

Home stereos: The best stereo systems

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Thanks to a good stereo sound system it is possible to turn a room into a music room or cinema, the problem is knowing how to choose the best stereo system for your home. In this article we want to help you make the right choice even at your budget stage where you can choose between a high-end full immersion HD model or a budget model that livens up the atmosphere. Meanwhile, we remind you that you can transform an old smartphone into a portable media player. Budget tip: Turn your old smartphone into a portable media player.

01 Best choice: Yamaha RX-V681 ( See price or buy )

The Yamaha RX-V681 stereo receiver is an audio system equipped with MusicCAST speakers and keeps pace with the latest home theater technologies. New audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS: X are becoming more and more prevalent in Bluray making surround sound more realistic and immersive by supporting 4K files and audio. Party mode allows you to output different audio in different volumes in different rooms. Via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Airplay you can place wireless speakers anywhere and easily. Also you can control the audio via app. YPAO Reflected Sound Control allows you to fine tune the audio in any room for optimal speaker placement without the frustrating 5.1.2 system setup.

02 Best for Music: Bose SoundTouch 30  ( See price or buy )

The Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III is capable of  capturing the details of musical instruments such as guitar or bass and effectively fills a large room providing a full-bodied sound, especially thanks to the possibility of inserting additional wireless speakers via Bluetooth technology. Bose works with your home WiFi network and Bluetooth devices so you can stream audio from  pc or smartphone via the SoundTouch app. With just one touch, you can use Pandora, Spotify and SiriusXM to access your Internet radio playlist and music library. According to Bose with the  SoundTouch 30 Series III you can get the best results in a wireless sound system ”which certainly isn’t cheap but is worth the money.

03 Best  Price: Logitech Surround Z506 Speakers ( See price or buy )

The Logitech Surround Z506 with its two 5.1-sourced channels and the most affordable stereo 3D surround sound system equipped with  six speakers and a down-firing subwoofer port that provides bass  clean. Bluetooth connectivity is not present but with its own 75 watts of power can fill a room with good power. Via a jack cable 3.5mm or RCA audio you can connect video consoles, iPods, etc., but in this case the audio is reproduced in 2.1 without surround sound.

04 Best value for money: Sonos Play: 1 ( See price or buy )

The Sonos play: 1 is so good it’s hard to beat it at its price, aesthetically it looks clunky and not very portable but its setup is simple. Just download the free Sonos app for Android or iOS, run the app, follow the instructions and start using it. Remember that the audio must be started from the Sonos app as it does not use Airplay or Bluetooth. The possibility of using streaming (Spotify, Google Play Music) does not pose any problem. Apple Music is not compatible with Sonos, but you can use the full iTunes library through the app. Sonos play 1 is equipped with a 3.5-inch woofer and two amplifiers powered by a wall outlet and has enough power to fill a room.

05 Best for small rooms: Sony CMTSBT100 ( See price or buy )

The sony CMTSBT100 is a Micro stereo system with Bluetooth that offers  50 watts of power, a CD player, AM / FM radio, a USB port to add a music playlist and the NFC touch that allows you to stream music with smartphones, tablets and laptops. Although there is no iPod dock, the USB port allows you to power your smartphone and play music from it at the same time. The USB port can read up to 250 songs and, thanks to its energy saving feature, the shutdown is automatic.

06   iLive iHB603B ( See price or buy )

iLive iHB603 is a high quality wifi stereo system that allows you to charge and listen to your favorite music remotely. Its FM radio and built-in CD player diversify entertainment. Although made of plastic, its durability is desirable and its speakers are of high quality and integrate via an advanced Bluetooth adapter (2.1 technology). There is a USB port on board for playing music and charging a smartphone while the LED lights create a wonderful show when playing audio. This makes the iLive iHB603B one of the best stereo systems for indoor parties with friends and family.