How to cancel spotify premium subscription?

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Among the most famous applications for listening to music, passing through any genre, there is certainly Spotify , one of the most used and appreciated platforms by users.

As known, Spotify can be used for free or in Premium mode by paying a monthly subscription. With Premium you can have access to high-quality streaming of over 40 million songs , as well as the ability to play songs without any commercial interruption.


However, there are also those who are perhaps no longer satisfied with the service offered by Spotify Premium and are looking for alternatives. But when it comes time to have to to delete their Spotify Premium account, everyone is asking: “And now how do I do it?”.

It is actually not difficult at all, as we will see in this article where we will explain step by step how to quickly delete Spotify Premium.

We will also try to give some suitable advice to those who are looking for alternatives to Spotify , so you can use other platforms to listen to music.

Cancel the Spotify Premium account

Usually Spotify allows you to do this in a rather simple way. Since the service is prepaid , you don’t find yourself stuck in contracts or anything like that: however, it’s good and right to remember cancel your subscription before the payment date, so you don’t have to pay extra months without using the service.

The first thing to do is to log into the Spotify account page. In case we forget the password, we can follow the instructions provided by the platform to retrieve it.

Once logged in, scroll down a bit to see the “Your plan” section, which will show you in detail which plan you are following, whether it is a normal streaming plan , a family plan or anything else that might be offered.

At this point it is necessary to click on the box that says “CHANGE PLAN”. Scrolling down to “Spotify Free” you will find a box that says “CANCEL PREMIUM”.

This is the decisive step to cancel Spotify Premium. A simple click on that option and then on the confirmation prompts to “close the circle”.

The user can thus keep his Premium plan until the expiration of his subscription, and then return to the free mode , clearly giving up the advantages we have already mentioned above.

Spotify Premium, a solution with many features

Those who use the free version of Spotify already know how the service works, that is the possibility of listen to music only in shuffle mode and accepting the presence of advertising bans.

By subscribing to Premium, on the other hand, you get additional functions, namely the possibility of choosing the music to listen to, the elimination of advertising, the possibility of “skipping” a song as many times as you want and the download of the pieces even in offline mode.

How much does Spotify cost?

Spotify has several pricing options and you can choose the best one according to your needs.

The free mode does not involve any expense, of course, while a normal account Spotify Premium costs 9.99 euros per month . The “Family” subscription instead costs € 14.99 and covers up to six accounts: many prefer it because it allows you to save.

Finally, Spotify offers a student plan with an attractive discount. Paying only 4.99 euros you can take advantage of all the advantages of Spotify Premium, as well as a Hulu account supported by advertising and SHOWTIME.

What if Spotify doesn’t unsubscribe?

Have you carefully followed all the steps to delete Spotify Premium but failed? The first hypothesis is that you already have the free mode. If not, you may be able to pay for Spotify through another account , such as iTunes, PlayStation or your mobile operator.

In that case, you will have to pass through the other account to stop the payment.

Spotify alternatives

Once you have deleted your Spotify Premium account, you can continue listening to the music with other music streaming services . There are some viable alternatives worth mentioning.

YouTube Music

Replacing Spotify with YouTube Music isn’t a bad idea at all, not least because integration with YouTube is undoubtedly an advantage for anyone who is already listening to music on Google’s video streaming site, who can take advantage of the option to get ad-free YouTube and even some of the exclusive YouTube Originals.

It’s probably not great service, but it does deliver a few things to it a qualitative level that Spotify cannot match.

Apple Music

Also Apple Music is characterized by some aspects which make many prefer it to Spotify.

Although Spotify is excellent in making available playlists and music recommendations , cannot be viewed in the same way when creating and curating one’s personal music library. On the contrary, this feature is what makes Apple’s music streaming service great.

The user can then add music to their library, edit information about the music itself and upload it to the platform: in short, we can consider it the ideal solution for those who tend more to collect music than to listen to it.

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