How to download album covers? here are the recommended websites

How to download album covers? here are the recommended websites

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When we wait the release of a new album of our most beloved band, in addition to the hope of being able to listen to good music we also hope that the album cover can be attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

THE music streaming services they automatically display album art, which is undoubtedly a very welcome feature. However, very often our cd collections they do not have the original album covers made by our favorite authors.

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This lack is not pleasant, either for one purely aesthetic question (a CD with an album cover is undoubtedly nicer) but also for added convenience, as the album cover makes it easier identify the traces present on the disc.

Fortunately, there is a remedy for everything. On the web you can find some sites that allow you to download the covers of the various albums to a very high quality, in order to perfect our collection. But what are they the best portals who provide this functionality? Let’s see the most efficient ones together.

Album Art Exchange

Album Art Exchange is a site entirely dedicated to high quality images of album covers, which is why it is considered one great resource from all music lovers.

On the About page, the founder confesses that he wanted to make this site because he found most of the online CD covers to be of poor quality. These images are often affected by JPEG compression , poor contrast, scratches and even scans where no one bothered to take the CD insert out of the case.

Album Art Exchange focuses precisely on quality. On this site the user will have available excellent cover images of over 500,000 albums . Searching for a specific album (or artist) is really very simple. Each result will show the image size and ratings of individual users, so you can choose the best one for your needs.

With a simple click on the button Advanced on the search page, you can change the sorting options. The user can also use the option Change layout at the top to view more albums per page. A simple registration is enough to create a free account.


Discogs is one of the go-to sites for online music data. This is a huge database that collects information on artists, albums, record companies and much more. It’s no surprise, then, that Discogs also features album cover images.

Using the box at the top you can search for the album or artist. After selecting an album, the chosen image will appear at the top left of the page. By selecting More Images , the user will have other images related to that album available, such as the back cover, inserts, special editions and the “variants” of the CD (sometimes there may be small changes on the covers depending on where the album is sold).

Overall, the images on Discogs aren’t as high quality as we’ve seen with Album Art Exchange. However, the site has pictures for single songs, compilations and even some rarities . It can therefore be said that Discogs is the favorite site for enthusiasts who are looking above all for “goodies”.


Discogs contains a lot of information, but MusicBrainz may have even more. It’s like an IMDb for music , as it allows you to see every place where a song has appeared, track music by tags and categories, find a band’s internet presence and much more.

That said, finding album art with MusicBrainz is pretty straightforward. Just search for an artist or album name using the bar at the top right to see many results appear. By selecting the album you are looking for you will be able to appreciate different versions based on the areas of the world where the disc was sold (just like Discogs).

To access a high quality version of the cover just go to the right side of the main album page.


So far we have talked about the main sites among those dedicated to finding album covers. However, just in case we can’t find what you’re looking for in Discogs, MusicBrainz, and Album Art Exchange and were looking for something more accessible , here is a site like Amazon can really do for us.

On the portal of the colossus of Jeff Bezos we can find many articles and products that refer to the music, including the albums and covers of the same. Just simply search for the album to get access to all the artwork of the disc. By clicking with the right mouse button and choosing Open image in a new tab, it will be possible to have the chosen image available, in order to save it on your device.

However, there is also a little trick which will allow you to get the highest quality image possible.

First of all it is desirable to select Streaming or MP3 formats from the list, as they provide images with a very high quality. When opening the album cover in a new tab you get a URL like this:

The SS500 part of the link means that the album artwork is displayed at 500×500 pixels – not bad, but we’re not at an exceptional level. If you change the value after SS, it is possible adjust the resolution of the image, in pixels. For example, replacing SS500 with SS1400 will display a 1400 x 1400 image:

The maximum that can be reached is about 1425, although the threshold may vary according to the album.

Google Images

Still can’t find the CD cover you are looking for? Try reaching out to the most popular image search platform in the world. Google Images searches the entire web (including the sites described above, ed), therefore the probability of finding what we are looking for is undoubtedly very high.

However, if you choose to use Google Images you have to take into account that very often you can come across them poor quality images . Better set the Size option in Tools to “Large” to avoid tiny versions of the files.

Desktop musical instruments

If our goal is to get just a few album covers, the methods above work pretty well. But if we need to download a long series of CD covers , here these sites can prove to be a little too slow. In this case you need to use a desktop tool dedicated to the task.

One of the best tools for this is MP3tag , which makes it easy to edit music metadata, including album covers.

However, there are many other choices for downloading CD covers as well. If MP3tag doesn’t convince, it can certainly be worth a look MusicBrainz Picard , as well as Album Art Downloader.

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