How to find a song by humming it? let’s discover the app

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Have you had a song in your head for some time, but can’t remember the title? Technology has evolved to the max in every sector and you will not have to worry about “desperate” searches! It will be possible, in fact, to hum the tune or simply whistle on the basis of the song to be searched and the game will be done. How? Through a Google licensed app called “Hum to Search”. The literal meaning of the name of this app is, in fact, “hum to search”.

The app will recognize the desired tune and you won’t even need to remember the exact words. Even hinting at the song with the whistle, the app will find everything leaving you speechless. “Hum to Search” is available for both the iOS and Android apps and the Google Assistant. But in practice what will you have to do to find out the title of the song? You simply have to open the app, press the microphone icon and select the “Search for a song” option. Google will be able to recognize the song simply by whistling or singing the melody. In addition, Google Assistant will be able to ask “what is this song?”, Simply by saying first “Hey Google” and then starting to hum and whistle the tune for a few seconds.

A very important thing to say, moreover, is that it will not be necessary to be in tune or perfect singers for the recognition of the motif. The app is based on a numerical system that will allow the recognition of the song. This system will allow you to transform the audio into a sequence based on numbers. This sequence will represent the melody of the song. Artificial intelligence and a specific Google algorithm will allow you to obtain a series of results with the songs most similar to the desired song. The aptitude percentages of the piece will also be expressed. Google’s “machine learning” will therefore guarantee excellent search results.

Google, as stated, has decided to prepare these models on a “variety of sources, including humans singing, whistling or humming, as well as studio recordings”. Therefore, the instruments and the quality of the voice have been eliminated, focusing only on the numerical sequence for the recognition of the piece.

With this app you will no longer have any frustration in not remembering the title of an artist’s song. You will have to sing or whistle the tune for at least 10-15 seconds and your research desire will be satisfied. Seeing is believing! One small negative. This feature is currently only available in English on iOS and in more than 20 languages on Android. It should also be extended to other languages in the future.

Once the app has found the tune, you will also be able to read information about it and the artist, view accompanying music videos, read the lyrics and much more. Ultimately, the “Hum to Search” app succeeds in overcoming “Shazam” as a practicality of use.

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