How to find a song via apps and websites?

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Did you come across a nice song on the radio, but you don’t know its title or artist name? No problem. In fact, there are several apps and websites that allow you to identify the title of the song and a lot of other information in just a few seconds. Some apps allow you to “find” the song simply by opening it and pressing a search button. Others, however, in addition to this possibility, offer the user to search for the title even just humming or whistling the reason. It will be possible to recognize the songs both with the computer and with an iPhone, a Samsung, a Huawei or any other Android smartphone.

Let’s now analyze the 7 best ways to find a song via apps and websites.

The 7 best ways to find a song via apps and websites:


shazam app home page image

Shazam is the best known app for finding and identifying a song or song. The app manages to identify the melody after a few seconds, informing you about the title of the song and the artist, through a background depicting the reference album of the song. Among the many advantages of this app, there is certainly the fact that it allows you to play the video of the music song on YouTube.

This app allows you to “capture” the musical piece, based on an acoustic imprint in a database with millions of songs. You will not have to hum or whistle the tune, but simply “order” the search app. Shazam will then start searching the database. If there is no match for the motif in the database, an error will be returned. However, Shazam has a flaw. If you delete the app, in fact, you will lose all the cookies and memories you have created through it.


photo of the home page of the soundhound app

SoundHound allows you to identify a piece of music not only by listening to it and playing it as Shazam, but also through the user’s whistle. The music player, in addition to finding the title of the song and the name of the artist, will show the complete videos with the lyrics in real time. The app has also been integrated with a voice assistant, called Houndify. In practice, by saying “OK, Hound”, it will be possible to play a song on Spotify, Apple Music or other similar services. It will also be possible to play music videos on YouTube.


One of the main peculiarities of this app is that it is compatible on any smartphone, Android or iPhone. Plus, it’s a completely free app. After recognizing the song title and artist name, Musixmatch will also provide the lyrics in real time. Another peculiarity of this app is to be able to remove the artist’s voice, so that you can sing the song in karaoke style! Over 14 million lyrics are available in the Musixmatch database.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant web page

Google presents a virtual assistance service, which allows you to carry out conversations with the user, but not only. In fact, the Google Assistant will also allow you to track down the desired song, being supported by Google technology and programming. This feature will allow the Google Assistant to identify the song quickly, through a vast catalog of Internet search topics. The Google Assistant will also allow you to recognize the songs hummed by the user. This app isn’t the only available feature available. Hence, there is no specific database like for the other apps mentioned above. The Google Assistant may, however, prove to be a valuable aid in finding the song.


home page music ID image

MusicID will allow you to find a song in about 5 seconds. The app has a very large database, within which millions of texts will be available for you to find. MusicID, in addition to searching for the motif, will also show the user various information about the artist, the year of the song and much more. In this way, the user’s curiosity will be able to increase, so that he is encouraged to search for more about that song or about a particular artist in the future. A sore point of this app is the large presence of advertising, which will make it a bit annoying to use.


screenshot of the genius app web page

Another specific app created for finding songs is Genius. It is available on all major smartphone platforms and has the advantage of never playing ads. The app’s “reaction” time is very fast and it allows you to find a huge number of songs, also showing the lyrics of them. Genius is compatible with many streaming services, such as SoundCloud and Pandora. The flaws of the app? Genius does not allow the playback of music videos.


screenshot of the home page of the midomi app

Midomi is an app that allows you to search for a song and is available on various platforms. The app allows you to find the song just by humming or whistling it. It also lets you extract accompanying music videos for the song by searching YouTube. There is also the option to purchase the song from iTunes. However, some users report that the app cannot quickly find the reason several times. Midomi is very easy to use and has the advantage of being completely free.

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