How to find a song without knowing the title?

How to find a song without knowing the title?

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There are times when we hear a song that we instantly fall in love with on the radio or at a party and we would love to hear it again but unfortunately we don’t know the title.

Thankfully, there are some tools that can help you identify songs, even when you don’t know the title.

So without further ado, here are the different ways to identify songs without knowing the lyrics:

1. Use music identification apps like Shazam

Chances are you are already aware of Shazam. The popular music identification app allows you to identify songs with a tap. That’s enough press the button “ Touch to Shazam “and the app will start listening to the music to identify the song. Once identified, the app will give you options to share, stream music in a third-party music app available in your country, show you videos and lyrics when available. The app also allows you to follow artists and discover new music, which makes it arguably the best music identification app.

2. Try Google Now or Siri

Did you know that Android (Google Now), iOS (Siri) voice assistants have built-in music identification features. Yes, that’s right, they do! Here’s how to use them:

  • Google Now

It’s easy to identify songs in Google Now. Just say that the “Ok Google” to activate voice search and ask “What song is this?” or you can simply tap the music icon available at the bottom right when you start a voice search.

Then, Google will start listening to the song and when the song is identified, it will bring various details about the song along with an option to buy the track from Google Play Music. All your song searches are saved and you can check them on the Google Play Audio Search page.

The “What song is this?” The command brings the Play Music purchase link only to countries where Google Play Music is available such as United States, Australia, Italy, Japan etc. If Play Music is not available in your country, Google Now will still identify a song when you tap the music button but there will be no purchase link.

  • Siri

Apple’s Siri allows you to identify songs with ease, thanks to the Siri-Shazam integration introduced with iOS 8, a couple of years ago. To get started, ask Siri “What song is this?” or “Name that melody” and Siri will present you the details of the song, along with a link to purchase it from the iTunes music store.

3. Sing or hum to identify a song

The web tool Midomi allows you to identify a song by humming or singing the songs. Furthermore, you can even whistle the melody of the song for identification. Sounds good, right? And the good news is it works! Just go to the Midomi web page and press the “sing and hum” button to record a song for at least 10 seconds and maximum 30 seconds. Once done, the tool will search for the matching song in its database and then provide you with the song details along with a link to purchase.

4. Try tapping the beat to identify the music

Musipedia , as the name suggests, is a Wikipedia-inspired web portal, which allows you to search for music in various ways. The portal features tons of searchable and editable song collections. There are options for finding a song by tapping the beat, which basically means you can try match the beat of the song you are looking for by tapping the keyboard in a similar pattern . The website also allows you to whistle music through the microphone or play a flash piano to identify a song.

Even though it all sounds nice, it’s always difficult to match a rhythm across the keyboard. For people who are well versed with music, there is also keyboard search, which simulates the various keys of the keyboard on a real music keyboard for better identification of the music.

5. Get help from the community

If the ways mentioned above didn’t do you any good in finding that amazing song you heard, you can always ask the community. The best place to ask is definitely Reddit. You can always go ahead and ask in the subreddit Music or there is a nice subreddit dubbed “ Tip of my tongue “, which is a place where people ask about the movie they have forgotten or a song they want to identify.

Are you ready to identify a song even without the lyrics?

The first two ways are the best and most reliable ways to identify a song. However, if you’ve tried them and still can’t find the song you were looking for, you can try the other ways.

So you just have to try to find the song you don’t know the title of!

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