How to find lost airpods

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Quite a couple of headphones allows us to listen to music without disturbing people that are around us, but also to make or receive a call while we are engaged in other situations, such as driving or during a walk or while we are on the bike.

The models of earphones on the market are really many, although it is better to opt for the solutions proposed by the main companies operating in this sector. Above all, we would like to recommend Apple headphones, that is AirPods or even the AirPods Pro , which allow you to have a series of functionality which will make the experience very satisfying.

However, it is not uncommon for these earbuds to be lost. It can happen to anyone, since we’re talking about small tools , which we can get lost more easily than one might think.

It is above all the small true wireless earphones that are more likely to “disappear”, but luckily Apple provides easy remedies that allow users to find lost headphones, even with some speed.

How to find lost AirPods via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

One of the easiest ways to find lost Apple AirPods is definitely there the “Where is” service thought by the giant of Cupertino.

Where’s the best feature is that you don’t even need to register your AirPods. If we’re already using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch registered with Find My, simply connecting the AirPods to the device it will automatically enable the “Find my (device)” function also for headphones.

This is a very important aspect, which therefore allows you to find lost AirPods, also pretty quickly. But are there any situations where the “Where is” feature might not work? Well yes, especially if we have lost the AirPods in a place now located at a great distance.

However, the “Where is” function will be able to inform us of the exact point where it happened the last connection headphones. It won’t be a decisive detail, but it can still be useful for tracking down lost earphones. Always better than nothing, right?

We come now to the exact procedure to track AirPods via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

First you need it start the “Where is” app , then selecting the “Devices” tab. At this point just choose your AirPods to know where they have ended up, as long as they are not too far away.

But what if we want to try to find the AirPods through the computer? Just go on and sign in with your Apple ID. Once inside, the “Find iPhone” function opens and you click on “All devices”. All that remains is click on your AirPods and cross your fingers.

How to find AirPods by playing a sound

We assume that we have successfully performed all the steps described above but we just can’t locate where have our AirPods gone.

Despite this, we are more than sure that they are somewhere in the vicinity . How to do? The solution is there, and it looks a lot like the one we usually use it for find our phone mobile phone.

When we lose our smartphone we ask someone to call our number, in such a way to start the ringtone. With lost AirPods you can do pretty much the same thing, which is to ask that reproduce a sound to be able to find them. Again the steps to follow are very simple.

First of all you have to open the “Where is” app and select the “Devices” tab , exactly as seen above. The AirPods we are looking for will also appear in the list: just click on them and then press “Play sound”. If Apple’s headphones are really close to us, we’ll find them in no time.

AirPods offline: how to find them?

In this article we have carefully explained how to find our AirPods in case we realize we have lost them. However, in the ways previously described, we assumed that the headphones were online.

But what if we tried instead to locate Apple’s AirPods using the Where’s app and we found that earbuds are instead offline ? We will clearly not be able to see the GPS location of the headphones, and not even to reproduce a sound which could help us locate them.

The user will receive a simple message in the app that will report the writing “No positions found”. Should we give up and consider our AirPods lost forever? Not exactly, as there is still hope.

The user, in fact, can access the last known position of his AirPods, which obviously does not give a 100% guarantee of success but it sure can help narrow your search.

Also, if the earphones were taken by someone and this person will try to turn them on , here we will receive one notification which will inform us that the AirPods are back online. In short, the final advice is to never give up.