How to find the title of a song from the lyrics?

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How many times does it happen to listen to a song while you are in the car, or at the bar or shopping center without being able to remember the title of the song?

Nowadays there are apps like Shazam that allow you to recognize the melody, but there is no lack of alternative solutions. For example, how to find a passage starting from the text?

Help can come from some apps that just allow you to find out the title of a song starting from the stanzas. In this article we will talk about the best applications available for this operation.

Lyrik – Instant Lyrics Search

The first app to consider to find the song is Lyrik , also known as Instant Lyrics Search. It is a very easy to use application, equipped with a simple user interface where you can find a search box in the center of the screen.

To use this app just type in a name or a keyword in any line of the song and start the search. At that point we will be able to have many song options based on the keyword typed. Among these there will certainly also be the song we are looking for.

But that’s not all, because the other options are still useful for learning about other music. This is also the peculiarity of Instant Lyrics Search, which it does not make available additional features but it guarantees compatibility with Android (and that’s not cheap).


The second app that we propose in this article to find a song starting from the lyrics is MusixMatch. This is a text search app which comes with various functions, including a song identification tool.

This app divides its functions into five main sections, namely Home, music, contribution, identification and research . Fortunately, this app also allows you to play music from other music streaming apps installed on your mobile phone.

Users rate MusixMatch very positively, also due to the presence of a series of options that can be found in the Home section, including the translation of texts in 60 languages.

MusixMatch is therefore a great solution, although sometimes it doesn’t give the best results. The app is available for Android and iOS.


The third song finder app that you can install and try to use is SoundHound. The application is characterized by three options, namely Chronology , the app logo and the texts. To run the History section, you need to log in to the application.

Instead, the app logo is intended to identify Soundhound’s capabilities, while the section of the texts will allow the user to find the desired songs.

Soundhound, which also integrates the voice assistant, is completely free. In addition, the application is capable of play the songs along with the lyrics displayed: the user will not need two different apps to play the song along with the lyrics.

Lyrics Mania

Access to an excellent application such as Lyrics Mania is allowed with the Facebook or Google account. This app is now compatible with Android and iOS, and it is an aspect that allows some flexibility in the use of the tool, which can be used where you want and when you want.

Lyrics Mania allows you to perform song identification using the MusicID function , song lyrics search, option views of current songs and trending searches.

In addition, the user can also succeed  to to translate songs in other languages. The only downside to this app is the presence of advertisements inside, but you can turn a blind eye.


For those who are looking for a song finder application that can play music from other third party apps on your device, QuickLyric may really be the best option to consider. On this app, the songs and lyrics are offered in the same “package”, with a number of advantages.

To start using this app, all you have to do is start searching for the desired song lyrics. QuickLyric is fast and intuitive , and as we have also seen with the previous app we can take advantage of some interesting options, such as saving texts.

QuickLyric is available for Android and iOS , and it’s a popular app both at work and on vacation.


Lyrics Library app is another tool worth mentioning. This solution allows you to write, save and edit texts , but also to add chords or markers to lyrics. It is precisely these features that allow LyricsLibrary to be so widely appreciated.

You need to sign in to use this app using your Facebook or Google account.

LyricsLibrary is organized in Genre, Artist and Album sections so you can search for lyrics quickly and easily. However, the disadvantage of this app lies in his far too broad musical genres (sometimes the song is not identified, ed). Another negative is the advertising that appears within the app, but to counterbalance it is right to highlight that the app can also be used in offline mode.


Genius is another great song and lyrics search app, featuring many cool features like viewing music news , world music tracking and trending charts on the home page. In addition, users will be able to track song lyrics for free.

Once done the search for texts, Genius goes to list the various options of the songs: we will not have to do is identify the song we are looking for among the proposed options. As an additional feature, it is available a button on the app (bottom right) that allows you to identify the music.

The app is a lot easy and fast , even if the advertising inside can certainly not please.


Are you looking for a song but you only know a few words? Help can also come from Google , which plays not only the role of the leading search engine in the world.

In fact, Google is also one of the best song lyrics seekers. Just type some parts of the text of that song whose title we just don’t remember to get results that are always very relevant.


YouTube, in addition to being one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world, is also one of the major sources of video clips musical. On YouTube you can find any song, including older ones.

A bit like we have seen on Google, even on YouTube you can type a part of the text to be able to find the title of the song, the author of the song and also the year of release of the piece.

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