How to hear the microphone in the speakers in Windows?

How to hear the microphone in the speakers in Windows?

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It can happen to unable to hear audio coming from your microphone into the PC speakers.

Usually we notice this problem when we are about to start a conversation with some friends on platforms such as Skype, which allow you to make video calls even in groups, up to a maximum of 50 people.

Precisely during these “calls” we can ascertain a criticality of this type. Sometimes, in fact, they are our own interlocutors to warn us of strange sounds that come right from the microphone of our computer. The first thing that comes to mind is that the microphone itself may be damaged, but in most cases that is not the problem.

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Most likely, however, Windows configuration is not done right and evidently this means that we cannot hear the microphone in the computer speakers.

In this article we will try to explain how to solve this annoying problem with some very simple steps , which will allow you to restore the microphone sound quickly.

How to listen to the microphone through a playback device in Windows

Anyone who wishes can listen to his microphone via a selected playback device , such as computer speakers or headphones. You can also listen a portable music player or other device always connected to the microphone jack via one of these playback devices.

But which procedure should be followed? In this article we will try to understand how to listen to the microphone through a playback device such as speakers or headphones in some versions of Windows, namely Windows 7 and Windows 10.

How to listen to the microphone in the speakers of the PC with Windows 7

If we use Windows 7 as an operating system, first we need to go to the Control panel and click on the Audio icon that can be easily identified in the notification area, practically next to the Windows clock.

At this point a menu will open, which will also include the option “Recording Devices” : the user must click on this item and then double click on the Microphone icon.

An alternative way is to open Run (Win + R), copy and paste the following command into Run – rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL mmsys.cpl ,, 1 – and click to directly open the “Recording” tab in the Sound panel.

Returning to us, once in the Listening tab, it will be appropriate to check the box Listen to this device . After selecting the playback device you want to listen to, the procedure must be completed by clicking first on Apply and immediately after on OK (in this case twice, ed) in order to save the settings.

In this way we should hear our voice again from the speakers of the PC: if this happens, it means that the microphone has resumed working correctly.

How to listen to the microphone in the speakers of the PC with Windows 10

With Windows 10 the procedure is a little different. The first “step” to follow is the click on the Start button , that is to say that flag that can be easily identified in the lower left corner of our PC screen.

In the menu that appears, we will have to go to Settings, which is represented from the gear icon . By clicking on the System icon, you have the left sidebar which will also include the Audio option. Just select it to get to a screen where you will need to locate the Choose input device section.

Once in the section, click on Device properties to be able to adjust the microphone. At this point, just press on the Listening tab and then check Listen to the Device , concluding with a click on Apply. If there are no other problems, at the end of this procedure the microphone will work perfectly with the PC speakers.

What to do if the audio still doesn’t work

But what if these procedures did not achieve the desired effect? If despite having carefully followed all the steps for resetting the microphone, we still can’t hear the audio from the speakers of the PC?

An alternative is to select the microphone currently in use on your device by going to the management window of recording devices. The goal is to make the microphone default, and to do that you just need to click on the Default option . Once this is done, double-click on the name of the microphone: a window will open, where the Levels tab will also appear.

By selecting this tab, the user will be able to adjust the microphone volume bringing it all to the right and thus ensuring an increase in the output volume. If even this solution fails to restore the audio from the computer speakers, you just have to check the actual link microphone to the PC.

How to disable microphone listening in PC speakers

How to do it, however, if you want to do the exact opposite, that is turn off microphone listening via a playback device? Again the steps are really simple and intuitive.

Clicking on the Listen tab brings you back to the option Listen to this device: just deselect it and click OK to bring up the last screen. All we have to do is press OK again to complete the deactivation of the microphone.

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