How to put the lyrics to a song in mp3 format?

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Listening to music it is undoubtedly one of the favorite pastimes of many people. It’s always nice to take some time to enjoy some songs of your own favorite artist but also to discover new music.

However, very often it happens that you fail to understand the text perfectly after the first listening , especially if the language is different from ours. This is why many users are looking for mode to always have the lyrics of a song at hand.

A possibility that is guaranteed by most modern streaming services, which allow you to view the lyrics while listening to music. Despite the “runaway” innovation, there are still a good number of people who prefer the “old ways”, ie download and listen to MP3 songs. These users are the ones most in difficulty with texts.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways – simple and free – to add the lyrics to your favorite tracks. These are programs that allow you to add (manually and automatically) lyrics to MP3 files: let’s see them in detail.

How to add lyrics to MP3 files

Although there are several methods for adding lyrics to MP3 files, we prefer to focus on this article on the simpler ones and above all free.

Before proceeding in discovering these programs, you should make sure that enable lyrics on your music player designated. It is generally used Windows Media Player , a free default reader present in any Windows PC and now absolutely reliable.

To enable lyrics on Windows Media Player just right-click anywhere inside the player (after starting it). By clicking on “Texts, captions and subtitles” you must select the “Active” option, and that’s it.

At this point we are ready to go and look in detail the best solutions to add lyrics to MP3 files.

Mp3 tags

mp3 tag

If you opt for MP3 Tags, you will need it add manually lyrics to MP3 files. But is there an automatic way to do this? Unfortunately not, because adding texts is not the main feature of this program.

However, MP3 Tag will still manage to meet the needs of users. Once downloaded and installed, you need to start it to be able to drag and drop MP3 files (all the ones we want, ed) in the main window. Now you have to right-click on the song where you want to add the text and then click on Extended tags.

In the next window, you have to select the button Add field , easily identifiable because it has the shape of a star. In the new field the user will have to type UNSYNCEDLYRICS , then  paste the lyrics of the song in the Value section. All that remains is to click OK and confirm the new tag.

Finally, by right-clicking on the MP3 after adding the lyrics, you can choose the Play option to see how the lyrics appear while listening.

Users will find them at the bottom of the player – they will therefore be needed scroll down with the mouse as the song progresses. By repeating the same operation for each single MP3 file, the lyrics of all the songs will be available.

Lyrics Finder

Many agree that Lyrics Finder represent a better option than the one described above, because it is able to add lyrics to MP3 files automatically .

This is a big plus, bearing in mind that Lyrics Finder is a free program. Once the installation is complete, just launch the program to start adding lyrics right away.

How? Simply by dragging the MP3 files into the main window or clicking the buttons Add Folder or Add File in the upper left corner. Once you have added an MP3 file, this program will automatically download the lyrics and it will synchronize with the player we have decided to use for song playback.

The green dot in the corner of the file means that the texts do not present any problems: they are those authentic , In short. Lyrics Finder always surprises everyone because it is really very fast.

The play button is next to the song if you choose to play it from the Lyrics Finder. It is also possible keep track of the text while playing the song itself.

If you then decide to use your default media player, the lyrics will also be shown.

As we have already seen with MP3 Tag, also with this program we will have to scroll down on the player to follow the lyrics during the song. Lyrics Finder also has some interesting additional options when right-clicking on the MP3 file, such as “Force lyrics search” or “Export lyrics to a text file”.

Final remarks

Using MP3 Tag or Lyrics Finder you can then add quickly and easily lyrics to your favorite MP3 files.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, these are not the only ways to do this, but the programs described are extremely simple to use and above all they are free.

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