How to repair damaged mp3 audio files?

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Also MP3 files , like many other types of files, they can be damaged. The reasons that lead to MP3 file corruption can be different, but in each of these cases the result it will be the worst possible , i.e. the inability to play these files in any media player on our computer.

What remains to be done? We have no alternative: to hope to be able to play damaged MP3 files again we must try to repair them. But in what way?

Let’s take a step back first, and try to understand what can lead to corruption of an MP3 file , which can occur due to a number of factors. For example, there may be a problem with the Internet connection when downloading MP3 files from the Internet. But it can also be all the fault of a virus , which infected the files and damaged them.

However, we must not despair, because there are several ways to repair MP3 files on your computer. Using one of the methods that we are going to describe in this article, the user will be able to repair damaged MP3 files as well make them reproducible again on your device. 

Repair MP3 files with iTunes

iTunes is a very well known multimedia manager, which allows you to archive and play music files. What not everyone knows is that iTunes can also be used to repair MP3 files. Users can indeed use the conversion function of the app to convert the files back to MP3 format.

This coding process should remove bad sectors and proceed to repair the files. Let’s see what the main steps are.

First of all you need to launch iTunes on your computer and select the damaged music file you want to repair. Once you have highlighted the file in question, you will need to click on the File menu at the top, select Convert and choose Create MP3 version.

As soon as this process ends we should be able to get an error-free file , which can be played without problems in media players.

How to repair MP3 files online

But can MP3 files also be repaired using any online tools? Fortunately yes, since on the web you can find some sites web that allow you to do just that. These tools have the advantage of do not require any installation on the computer: the user can in fact repair MP3 files simply by uploading them to the web.

One of the most used websites for this purpose is mp3Repair. Once on the portal, the user will only have to click on the upload icon in the center and upload the damaged MP3 file.

Next, you will need to select the Repair audio duration (playback time) option and tap the “Repair / Edit your MP3 file now” button. The file repair procedure will then be able to start . When it is finished, just press the orange button in the center to download the repaired MP3 file.

Repair MP3 files using MP3val

MP3val is a free and open source program which allows you to repair damaged MP3 files with a few simple steps.

The user needs to download MP3val to their computer, extract the archive and start the executable file. Once opened, click on the File menu at the top and select Add files , in order to add the damaged MP3 files.

As soon as we have added all the MP3 files that we want to repair, it will be necessary click on the Actions menu at the top and select Analyze all: in this way the program will “hunt” for any errors.

The Status column will indicate “PROBLEM” any files that the app detects as corrupted. At this point all that remains is fix these MP3 files identified by the program. It is therefore necessary to click again on the Actions menu and select the option Repair all files.

Fix corrupted MP3 files using MP3 repair tool

MP3 Repair Tool is another way (also free) to repair MP3 files on your computer. What does this tool do? Long story short, MP3 Repair Tool goes to fix files removing frames at the beginning or at the end of the same. Also, you can manually specify the number of frames you want to remove until the file is corrected.

The user then needs to download MP3 Repair Tool on their computer, start it and go to the main screen , where it will be asked to select the files that should be corrected. Once you have done this with the damaged MP3 files just click on Repair (button in   bass).

In some cases, users report that even after fix, they are unable to play MP3 files on media player. If this unfortunate situation happens we can try to fix them again always using the same tool, with the advice to continue to increase the number of frames to remove until a definitive solution is reached.

Repair MP3 files with MP3 Scan + Repair App

Mac users can count on a free app which takes the name of MP3 Scan + Repair App . This application allows you to scan MP3 files for problems and fix them.

Here too, after downloading and launching the app on the Mac, we will have to drag and drop MP3 files damaged on the app interface.

By clicking on the hammer icon in the app we can start the repair MP3 files, keeping in mind that the original files will be replaced by the correct ones.

Repair MP3 files with MP3 Diags

MP3 Diags is also a free and open source app which allows you to repair damaged MP3 files. This application is very popular because it allows you to solve problems concerning MP3 files through a rather quick procedure.

All that is required by the app is the folder where the MP3 files to repair are located. Therefore, once we have downloaded, installed and started MP3 Diags on our computer, all we have to do is click on the gear icon which we will easily find in the menu bar at the top.

In this way we will be able to add MP3 folders and select the folder where the files are saved. It will be MP3 Diags ad analyze in depth damaged MP3 files, identifying the critical issues and correcting them, making these MP3 files playable on media players again.

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