How to turn a video into audio and with which programs?

How to turn a video into audio and with which programs?

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Videos can be very interesting to watch, but in some cases we may need only the audio track contained in the video, perhaps for a study or work project, or for other purposes.

For example, removing images from the clip and keeping only the audio track it also saves space on the storage media. Since videos these days are usually in MP4 and the most commonly used type of audio is MP3 , it becomes essential to learn how to convert MP4 to MP3.

To do this, you need to know what they are the best tools to carry out this type of conversion, and also which ones advantages and disadvantages involves installing these solutions on your PC.

In this article we will highlight video to audio conversion programs which receive the greatest consensus among users.

Convert video to audio with Filmora (for both Windows and Mac)

The software developer Wondershare – among the most versatile in circulation, ed – offers a very interesting product such as Filmora , available for Windows and Mac platforms.

The tool is a real post-production program, used by many professionals because it has some very welcome features. Besides the fact that it takes up very little space, this solution has a user interface very simple and intuitive , which allows everyone to immediately learn how it works.

To convert video to audio with Filmora you must therefore follow some steps. First of all the original media must be imported , therefore you need to start Wondershare Filmora, click anywhere in the Media window in the upper left section and select and a source video file in the program, which will then be imported.

The second step consists when adding media files to the timeline, by dragging  the imported footage to the Timeline at the bottom of the window.

There may also be sections in the clip that you are not interested in, which you can remove with Filmora. With a simple click on Disconnect audio you will be able to separate the audio track from the video.

At this point, after clicking on Export at the top center of the window, you have to go to Video , select MP3 from the bottom of the Format list located in the left pane, choose other preferences clicking the Settings button on the right and finally clicking Export from the lower right corner.

Among the advantages of Filmora it is necessary to underline the simple audio separation from the video, but also the possibility of export video directly to audio and the opportunity to record voice and integrate it into the audio clip
The only drawback of this program is that few audio formats are available for export.

Convert video to audio with VLC media player (Windows, Mac and Linux)

VLC Media Player is certainly one of the most known and used applications, also because supports almost all multimedia formats and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Also, this program has its own built-in converter which can transform video clips to audio for free.

The first thing you need to do is obviously start VLC media player, click on Media from the top menu bar and then on Convert / Save.

In the Open Media box, make sure the File tab is selected, then click the option add on the  right side of the File Selection field. At this point it is necessary to click on Convert / Save again.

After selecting the Convert radio button, you then go to choose an audio format from the Profile list then click on the Settings icon (wrench) present next to the list itself. You choose other output preferences for the audio and finish by clicking Save to return to the Convert option.

By clicking Browse from the Destination section you go to select an output folder and enter a name for the exported file. At this point, all that remains is the last step, which is the click on Start to convert the audio to video.

Among the advantages of using VLC media player there is certainly the fact that this program does not require installation than any other conversion application. Furthermore, the process is simple, intuitive and (above all) free.

The audio formats supported when exporting are OGG (Vorbis), MP3 and FLAC.

Turn video into audio with Audacity (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Audacity is another cross-platform tool specifically dedicated to audio formats. It is a solution that is also widely used by many professionals who need to create audio clips.

Although Audacity is an opensource and free program, new users may find it some difficulties with the interface , at least at the beginning of your experience.

The first step to keep in mind to convert video to audio with Audacity is to install the supported tools. 

Assuming that Audacity is already installed on our PC, in order to import video files in the program you need to go to Once there, you have to download and install ffmpeg (Windows version), the complete software suite to record, convert and play audio and video.

For other platforms, just do a quick search online and see if your copy of Audacity it needs the tools or plugins required to import videos.

At this point you go to import the source video by clicking on File (from the Menu bar, editor’s note) and then on Open. We select and import the video that we want to convert to audio.

The last “step” consists precisely in the conversion. After editing the audio as needed, let’s go to File and then click on Export , then choose our preferred audio format from the list.

In the Export Audio box, you choose a destination folder and other output preferences and finish by clicking Save to convert the video to audio.

Among the great advantages of Audacity we cannot fail to highlight the wide range of output preferences and the myriad of options and tools for adding various effects to sounds. However, it is also fair to point out that Audacity requires the installation of additional tools to support video files as inputs.

Audacity supports almost all major audio formats , including MP3, OGG, WAV.

Convert video to audio with QuickTime on Mac

QuickTime is the default media player with macOS , already pre-installed. Since the media player is owned by Apple, it is guaranteed native support for all formats developed by the company, along with other very popular file types such as MP4, MP3 and so on.

To convert a video file to audio with QuickTime on Mac, you must first import the source video. We will then have to start QuickTime on our Mac and go to File , then click on Open file. At this point you will need to locate and select the video you want to convert by clicking on Open in the lower right corner.

The second step is to convert to audio. Click again on File and then on Export , then choose the Audio Only option from the submenu that appears.

The user must then enter a name for the output file in the “Export as” field, and then choose a destination folder from the Where drop-down list. The procedure is concluded by clicking on Save.

What are the benefits of using QuickTime? For example, the fact that Mac users they do not need to install any third party conversion tools or additional plug-in. Furthermore, the conversion process is simple and almost seamless. The “sour note” is the lack of options to choose a format of output, as well as the inability to edit clips.

Convert video to audio on iPhone

Among the different iOS apps that have been developed for video to audio conversion, Media Converter – video to mp3 it is one of those with positive ratings and reviews. The app is approximately 66MB in size and can be easily downloaded from the App Store.

The procedure is very simple, and consists of starting Media Converter, import the source video into the app and choose the Extract Audio option from the Conversion Type menu. The user will now need to select the preferred output audio format and start the conversion process.

The biggest advantage is obviously the ability to convert video to audio without having to use a PC or laptop . Audio formats supported by Media Converter include MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV and FLAC.

Convert video to audio on Android

With around 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Play Store, Video to MP3 Converter is another excellent quality and effectiveness , capable of converting your video files to audio directly on your Android smartphone.

In addition, the app also allows the basic video cutting which allows you to delete unimportant or unwanted parts from the file.

How to convert video to audio with Video to MP3 Converter? Here, too, the procedure is not complicated at all. After starting the video to MP3 converter, you need to import the video clip from memory of your Android device, possibly operating the “crop” to obtain only the part you want to transform into an audio file.

After setting the output preferences you can finally extract the audio from the video.

This converter is also appreciated because it supports all popular video formats such as MP4, 3GP, WMV and others. In addition, it has a simple and intuitive user interface. It doesn’t have many editing options, which is seen as a disadvantage.

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