How to upload music to an MP3 player?

How to upload music to an MP3 player?

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Listen to music it is undoubtedly one of the pastimes that bring greater benefit to our daily life. There is nothing better than relaxing by putting on the songs of our favorite artists , perhaps lying on the sofa or bed and taking a little rest from the work or study routine, especially if intense.

The ways to listen to music are certainly many, but it may happen that you need to “carry” with you albums, songs and discographies bands we love and can’t do without. For example, if we have to face a journey, or if we take the subway to go to work, or again if we go running or we simply decide to take a soothing walk: even in all these situations it is possible to listen to music.

In recent times we have seen how they have significantly increased on the web music streaming services and platforms , which allow you to have all the music possible, including the one we like best.

However, many still prefer to rely on MP3 players, which allow you to listen to our playlists at any time without necessarily having to provide an internet connection and above all without having to subscribe to platforms like Spotify.

How do you use an MP3 player? Here’s how to upload music from PC

Of course, it is not obvious that everyone knows how to use an MP3 player. If a user doesn’t have never had to do with this type of device, it may have more than one difficulty in understanding how to load music on these products. Is it that complicated? Not at all.

They are really enough a few simple steps to load all our favorite music (but also more, such as audio files) on MP3 players. The amount of music that can fit on an MP3 player makes its portability one of the main features of these tools. Although all MP3 players work differently, most use the same basic steps to allow the music to be transferred.

Upload music to MP3 player from Windows 

In most cases, the user will find himself having to “transfer” the music from his PC to the MP3 player. Well, the first thing to do is just connect the MP3 player at the PC. Some MP3 players plug directly into a USB port, while others plug into a USB port via a specific USB connector which comes specially with the MP3 player.

The first thing we need to make sure is that our PC recognize the MP3 player (which is always better to insert completely off, ed). Imagining that the operating system is Windows , in a few seconds the MP3 player will be recognized correctly, with the automatic installation of the necessary drivers to guarantee access to the memory of the reader itself.

At this point the user has to select the music he wants to transfer from the PC to the MP3 player. Typically, each of us has a folder on your computer which contains all the music files. Just go to the “Start” menu and look for the “Music” folder (in some cases “My Music”): clearly the name of the folder in which songs, albums and discographies are saved is at the total discretion of the user.

Scrolling down will take you to the song you want to transfer to the MP3 player. Right click on the title to see the options displayed: click on “Send to” and then select the MP3 player to which we want to send the files. If we have proceeded to rename our MP3 player the name we have chosen will appear otherwise we will show the device as “Removable Drive”.

We will most likely need to transfer a lot of songs, so we will need to continue this process until all songs are transferred that we want to bring to the MP3 player.

Load music on the MP3 player? Windows Media Player can also be used

If the playlist to be transferred is large, it may be a good idea to make this move via the media player , For example Windows Media Player . How does this work? Here, too, nothing so complicated.

Once the MP3 player is connected to the computer, just open Windows Media Player and do  click on the “Sync Music” tab.

By dragging songs from the Windows Media Player library into the column “Sync Music” you can create a playlist. Once we have all the songs in the playlist that we want to move to the MP3 player, just click on the tab “Start synchronization” which is located at the bottom. This will synchronize all the songs on the MP3 player.

As soon as the transfer of the tracks is finished, you can proceed to disconnection of our MP3 player. A procedure that is anything but trivial, given that a careless removal can cause serious problems to our reader. Therefore best to follow carefully the procedure indicated that is, clicking the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon located at the bottom right of the desktop taskbar.

Upload music to your MP3 player from a Mac

But what if we want to transfer music to an MP3 player from a Mac? Also in this case the difficulty of the operation to be carried out it’s really very low , also because the differences with what we have seen with Windows are not so marked.

The first step is always connecting the MP3 player to the device from which we want to transfer the music tracks, in this case the Mac, via a USB port. The reader it will quickly appear on the macOS desktop , and a double click will suffice to access the memory.

Even if we have a Mac we will still have a folder where we keep our favorite music. Just search for it and open it to start moving files that interest us from the aforementioned folder to the MP3 player. How? Simply by selecting them and clicking on the “Copy” item that we will see in the menu that will appear by clicking with the right mouse button.

On an empty spot in the window we opened earlier, concerning the MP3 player, let’s right-click then click on the “Paste” option. We just have to wait for the completion of the transfer of music files from the Mac to the MP3 player.

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