Multi Voice Effects: The best voice processors

Multi Voice Effects: The best voice processors

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There are several voice processors on the market that allow you to get reverbs, compressors, robotic sounds and functions to transform and modify the voice. While it was once possible to do this only in post-processing, now it is possible to do everything in real time, the pitch can also be corrected in realtime. In this article we want to introduce you to some vocal pedals that are highly appreciated by users. When buying one of these gizmos you don’t have to pay attention to the number of effects, but to the quality of the effects. In choosing the best vocal processors we also evaluated the quality of the microphone preamps of some models, which also plays an important role in getting the right sound. Phantom power is another key feature for those who want to use condenser microphones. Other interesting features are the ability to automatically generate harmonies so that you create choirs with your own voice just as if there were more people singing. Pitch correction is also a nice feature that we recommend using in moderation.

The best footswitched Voice processors

Below you will find the best vocal pedals based on reviews from experienced and non-expert users, whether they are compact or bulky.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 – See price or buy

TC-Helicon is one of the most popular brands when it comes to vocal pedals, with artists such as George Michael, Depeche Mode, Mr. Big and many others using the company’s products. The VoiceLive 3  is the flagship multi-effect pedal that offers a huge range of vocal effects  quality, also includes effects and emulations of guitar amps, multitrack looper and has inputs for vocals, guitar and other instruments. There is no lack of 48v phantom power. Since there are too many effects to list we can tell you that you will find fantastic reverbs, delays, synth, chorus, flanger, etc. in addition to a automatic and intelligent control of EQ, compression, gating and de-essing, it also provides harmonies to songs according to the guitar or keyboard chords, ensuring they are always in tune with you.

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT – See price or buy

The VoiceTone Harmony-G XT was created with  the purpose of producing precise and natural harmonies for guitarists by adjusting the pitch of the choirs according to the strings being played  on the guitar. This results in precise harmonies that don’t need to be programmed in advance. It makes sense to buy this pedal only if you play the guitar. The “Auto Chromatic Pitch Correction” function subtly adjusts your pitch  vocal (pitch) according to the chords played. Some users believe that the  included effects are limited considering this vocal processor is not cheap.

Boss VE-20 – See price or buy

Boss needs no introduction and the VE-20 is a very well reviewed compact vocal pedal multi-effect for vocalists. Features include Harmony, Dynamics, Reverb, Delay effects and more as well as the ability to correct the pitch  in real time. The special fx  include Distortion, Robot, Radio and Strobe. There is also a looper function and phantom power supply  which can work with 6 AA batteries or via the optional AC adapter. The harmony effect is programmable. The optional short power cable must be purchased separately.

TC Helicon Singer Harmony – See price or buy

This voice processor  compact  has an impressive number of positive reviews, it is very very similar to the Harmony-G XT model, but without the extra features. This vocal pedal features an intelligent equalizer, de-esser and compressor, an intelligent harmony effect with 8 presets that follows after the chords of  guitar, a guitar input / output, reverbs and phantom power. It would have been nice if the pedal had more effects to offer, we just recommend it  if you are not interested in weird effects but if you are looking for  intelligent harmonies is the right vocal pedal.
Electro-Harmonix Voice Box – See price or buy

EHX with this model created  a pedal for instrumentalists singing capable of handling harmony and vocoder tasks in one package.  The intelligent harmony function works with  any electric instrument and is offered in nine modes (low, high, combination, multi-harmony, octave and vocoder). Also onboard is reverb, phantom power, a guitar input / output, and has an intelligent harmony algorithm that produces harmonies based on chords.  used. It also analyzes your tone of voice to ensure that your virtual singing backup is  in line with both the strings and the singing.

Boss RC-300 Looper Station with Vocal Effects – See price or buy

Replacing the now discontinued RC-50,  the new RC-300 from Boss  resumes the  looping functionality for both live and studio environments. This contraption  offers three hours of stereo recording, time control options, USB and much more. The RC-300 is a dream machine for instrumentalists and singers who incorporate loops into their musical performances. The RC-300 replaces the popular RC-50 by improving in almost every respect. Like the RC-50 it’s housed in an ultra-tough metal chassis that’s built to last,  it also has 99 different memory locations. The RC-300 also offers advanced loop control options including rec / dub / play and stop functions for each phrase, a pedal start / stop and an expression pedal for real-time control of effects. The RC-300 is simple to navigate with a global view and many dedicated knobs, buttons and status indicators. In addition, three faders provide for phrase mixing  loop. Onboard effects allow users to process audio sources and loops. The effects are optimized for looping and can automatically synchronize the track in time. There is also a practical effect for achieving a bass sound with a regular guitar as well as a host of modern vocal effects. Users have a number of options for connecting various audio devices via the RC-300 on the rear panel. Inputs include a microphone XLR with phantom power, an input  mono or stereo jack and an AUX socket to insert an external music player or other stereo device. All inputs can be used simultaneously giving the ability to record loops instantly with any connected sound source.  The stereo outputs include an independent main and secondary jack connection and one connection  headphone or monitor jack. The USB input allows connection to a computer to import / export phrases  of loops  WAV. MIDI connection is also available. To complete the rear panel  we find  a connection  jack for connecting optional Boss pedals (up to four) and / or expression pedals (up to two) providing additional control options in real time.

TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper – See price or buy

It is a looper with easy-to-use controls and a compact design. The Ditto Looper combines fun, simplicity and sound quality with a set of features and functionality designed specifically for guitarists. This is why it is a 100% intuitive looper that does not take up space on the pedalboards of guitarists. The Ditto Looper offers five minutes of loop time with high quality 24-bit uncompressed audio. True Bypass is not missing for an unaltered sound, optimal clarity, without high-end loss and without latency. The pedal allows for unlimited overdubs, offering the necessary space for the sound and the Undo / Redo function that allows you to change parts during a live performance.

Ditto Looper Key Features

• 5 minutes of Looping Time
• Unlimited number of Overdubs
• Undo / Redo
• True Bypass
• Uncompressed 24-bit audio