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When we buy a new PC , among the many features that we are going to test immediately there is certainly also the quality of the audio sector. Typically new models with Windows 10 they manage to guarantee reliability and efficiency also from the listening point of view, but what to do if you realize the sound of our new product is really unsatisfactory?

The solutions can be different , as we will see in this article.

However, before looking in detail at the programs that allow you to turn up the volume of your PC with Windows 10, it is better to check that there is no problem which can be easily fixed without installing anything.

DriverFix, the software that detects PC audio problems

An excellent solution to solve various PC problems is DriverFix, a software capable of keep drivers active and functioning, protecting users from common computer errors and even hardware failures.

The first step is to download DriverFix. Once the download is complete, the software starts and click on Start Scan to find all the drivers that may present critical issues. Clicking Update Driver gets new versions and avoids malfunctions of the system.

Laptops usually don’t come with external speakers, and that’s one thing may slightly limit the maximum volume . However, there is no need to add new speakers to boost a laptop’s audio beyond 100%.

Windows already has some settings that you can select for increase the sound of a laptop or a desktop PC a little over the default maximum. Furthermore, there are also several third-party programs that can increase the volume by up to 500%.

How can I increase the volume of the laptop beyond the maximum?

Boom 3D

A good solution is Boom 3D , an excellent audio enhancer that allows you to experience sound on your laptop or Windows PC in the way that suits you best.

Boom 3D has a very good equalizer with a number of well-built presets that can also be used with some ease. Furthermore, this enhancer also allows you to create your own preset from scratch , and it is a mode that can allow us to increase the volume of our laptop beyond its base 100%.

While many players or programs simply boost all frequencies, Boom 3D allows the user to gradually increase the volume without damaging the speakers or headphones.

The sound will always appear very clean, without any interference between frequencies. Also, you can add a variety of sound effects which will help to increase the volume of the laptop beyond 100% without having harsh sound.

Loudness Equalizer

An alternative is the Loudness Equalizer option. On the Cortana taskbar you have to go and enter the audio keyword in the search box of the app.

Then selecting Manage audio devices you go to open the window. At that point, click on Speakers and press the Properties button to open the General tab.

In the Speaker Properties window, select the General tab and then the check box Loudness Equalizer in the Enhancement tab.

Finally, all that remains is to press the Apply buttons> OK to close the window.

With the Loudness Equalizer option the volume will increase slightly above the default maximum for PCs with Realtek audio drivers.

Adjust the volume bars on the video pages

Video pages on YouTube and streaming platforms (music and otherwise) usually include a volume bar. It is not uncommon to find the audio of a YouTube video does not match the audio level selected in Windows if its slider is further to the left of the volume bar.

To adjust the audio level of a YouTube video just move the mouse cursor speaker icon , in such a way as to raise the volume.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is another excellent solution to increase volume on Windows 10 PCs.

After installing the software on your device – through the configuration wizard – you can start the program, by going to to select  Preferences from the Tools menu.

Alternatively, you can also press the hotkey Ctrl + P to open the VLC Preferences window.

By selecting the All option located at the bottom left of the tab Interface settings enter the keyword “maximum volume” in the search box.

Clicking on Qt opens further settings of the Qt interface. In the Maximum Volume text box displayed the user will go to enter “300” , then pressing the Save button to apply the new setting.

All that remains is to close and reopen the VLC media player to restart the software. At this point,  the volume bar of VLC will increase by 300% instead of 125%.

The free VLC media player, in fact, has a default volume level of 125% for videos and music. Therefore, playing videos and music with this software is 25% higher to the maximum volume that we find in Windows.

Sound Booster

What if not even a 300% increase in volume could satisfy us? What if our ambition were to even reach a 500% increase?

The possibility is there, and it is called Sound Booster . According to the company Letasoft, which produces this software, with Sound Booster the sound level of Windows is increased up to 500%.

Precisely because it is able to provide such high performance, Sound Booster is not available in free format. However, it is possible “test it” for a couple of weeks by downloading a trial version.  The “classic” version of Sound Booster is on sale at $ 19.95 (about 16.70 euros at the current exchange rate).

When the software is running, you can click on its icon in the system tray and select the Enable option on the volume bar. In addition, Sound Booster allows users to set hotkeys with which to adjust the sound.

Volume Booster

The last solution we want to talk about in this article is Volume Booster, a Chrome extension which can allow you to increase the volume of your Windows 10 PC to the desired level.

Once the extension is added to Chrome, the user will first need to restart the browser and then press the Volume Booster button on the Chrome toolbar to increase the sound. To restore the original volume of the browser just click on the “Turn off” button.

The developer of the extension claims that Volume Booster increases the volume up to four times the original level.

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