Ps4 headphones: Best playstation 4 headphones

Ps4 headphones: Best playstation 4 headphones

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True video game enthusiasts know very well how important the quality of the audio is, for this reason it is vital to choose good headphones when playing. However on the market they exist  a myriad of products  for the playstation 4, and choosing the one that best meets your needs is not easy at all, because there are various factors to consider when deciding to purchase.

Gaming at the moment is one of the most favorite sectors and there are many gaming enthusiasts. Sometimes when you decide to buy a special headset, some aspects are underestimated such as the quality of the audio. But it is a purely wrong conception. The soundtrack of a game, as well as the reproduction of the effects and voices of the various characters is very important for the enjoyment of the game itself.

Furthermore, those who play multiplayer need a good microphone to be able to chat in real time with other players, and on the other hand, the same quality of the microphone proves necessary to be understood loud and clear.

Another small aspect that should not be underestimated is the comfort of the headphones. Well yes … spending hours and hours in front of the PC to play sometimes proves tiring, but having good headphones that can perfectly listen to every kind of voice or sound, then in this case things change, but not only. A gaming headset can be kept for several hours, but the comfort for the pavilions is a criterion of choice that should not be overshadowed. Therefore, the auricles must be soft and breathable.

Another feature to consider is the length of the wire. It may seem trivial on the surface but in reality we can assure you in all honesty that it is not. In order to play comfortably and have good freedom of movement, the wire must be long enough to allow you to sit at a certain distance from the console or computer.

Better to choose headphones from  stereo or surround playstation?

The difference between the two headphones is that the surround ones have multiple drivers inside the pavilion, each of which works completely independently, which means that the audio quality will prove to be quite excellent. The only disadvantage is the price, as it will have a rather high cost.

Stereo headphones, on the other hand, reconstruct a 5.1 surround environment, even if they only use two audio channels. However, the price is low compared to the previous model. As for the quality, it turns out to be quite good.

What are the best playstation 4 headphones?

Sony gold – Wireless stereo headphones with microphone 2.0 – See price or buy

The product consists of a high-sensitivity microphone, the audio modes can be customized, it also has 8 hours of autonomy. Thanks to the foldable design and good battery life, you can use the headphones wherever you are.

They can be connected via cable via 3.5 mm jack, or wirelessly, using the USB transmitter contained in the sales package. The rendering of the sounds is very good. Includes controls to adjust volumes  game and chat.

Polk Striker Pro P1 – See price or buy

For this kind of headphones there are two variants: the Polk Striker Pro P1 indicated for the playstation 4, while the ZX model for Xbox One. The first model is cheaper than the other variant. The feature that sets the Polk Striker Pro 1 apart from others is the microphone. In terms of price / quality ratio, it is the best on the market. In addition, the product is characterized by high quality materials, so comfort and comfort when wearing them are certainly not lacking.

Ear Force PX4 Headphones for PS4 – See price or buy

It is a product with very soft headphones, so once worn, comfort is guaranteed. The excellent padding of the headband and speakers allow a prolonged use of the same without causing any kind of discomfort. There are 8 buttons and once you have mastered all the commands you immediately have the feeling of finding a highly effective product in your hands. Dual Pairing Bluetooth technology allows the user to pair  to the headset, your mobile phone so when you have to answer a call there will be no need to interrupt the game.

Excellent audio quality, there is no interference. For intensity, clarity and fullness, the sound performance is among the best available on the market.

Sennheiser GAME ZERO – See price or buy

These are high quality headphones. They ensure extreme comfort, impeccable audio quality, a high sensitivity microphone. Furthermore, thanks to the closed design of the pavilions, it blocks external noise and does not present any kind of interference.

Thanks to the folding system they can be transported anywhere. Particularly suitable for the most extreme hardcore gamers, it allows you to detach yourself from reality and experience intense emotions within the game. The headset is characterized by a lightweight design, but the materials used are resistant and durable over time.

Turtle Beach Elite 800X DTS – See price or buy

Thanks to the high audio quality, it will be possible to immerse yourself in new and rich emotions. The sound is clear and free of interference. Excellent design and materials that make up the headset in question.

It is the ultimate in gaming headset, 100% wireless with noise reduction for Xbox One. It has 10 hours of autonomy so you can play in total carefree.

Astro Gaming A50 – See price or buy

Thanks to the innovative microphone, it allows you to pick up the player’s voice, and any noise is completely isolated. The headphones are lightweight but resistant. They are very comfortable to wear. Padding of the earpads and the very soft upper support, which allows you to face long gaming sessions without ever getting tired.

Battery life up to 14 hours. They are very flexible  and fit any head. Excellent price / quality ratio.

HyperX Cloud II – See price or buy

These are good quality headphones. Possibility of amplifying sound and voice separately to better enhance the sensations of the game. The sound card is integrated.  This headset produces 7.1 virtual surround sound capable of reproducing distances and depths with maximum fidelity, so that you feel immersed in the center of your gaming experience.

It ensures greater clarity of the voice and any noise is completely externalized. This product ensures high audio performance, with rich and extremely clear sound. Optimized for professional gaming, these gaming headsets are truly excellent.