Rode NT1A Microphone – Review

Rode NT1A Microphone – Review

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The Rode NT1A microphone is a large diaphragm analog condenser microphone based on a transformerless FET circuit. This microphone can be considered as a perfect device for a semi-professional and professional studio, since it can guarantee excellent performance when making studio recordings. The microphone was made in Australia in Sydney and has been on the market since 2003, following the previous 1991 Rode Microphones model, the NT1 model. The NT1A looks quite similar to its predecessor, but it isn’t: in fact the newer model has a much wider frequency response and completely new circuitry. The two microphones have very similar technical characteristics to each other for the rest, but the new NT1A model has a considerably more modern sound and tailored to each situation.

Technical features:

The Rode NT1A microphone is equipped with an XLR connection and does not have the RCA or USB port. This testifies to the professional vocation of this microphone: in order to use this device, it will therefore be essential to have an amplifier. The microphone is suitable for recording vocals or other acoustic instruments; guarantees a strong and full-bodied sound with a pleasant exaltation of presence.

The XLR socket allows the cable length to exceed one meter. Furthermore, being a professional instrument, a balanced cable 6 meters long is supplied, essential for artists and singers who need to move freely during their performance. An analog condenser microphone with XLR connection is essential for making serious and professional vocal recordings. The XLR connector requires 48V phantom power or 24 V phantom power.

The Rode NT1A microphone is one of the quietest large diaphragm condensers on the market: it has a very low noise of 5dBA, perfect for those who need to highlight the entire vocal timbral range. Background noises are minimized and the audio is crystal clear. This model is also equipped with a 1 “cardioid capsule, powdered in gold, mounted on an anti-vibration support: this feature, which is very important in the recording phase, allows for superior performance both in terms of vocal timbre and as regards the sound of acoustic instruments.

These technical features highlighted how the NT1-A was designed to meet the needs of musicians and sound engineers who want a microphone that ensures tonal clarity and great dynamic response. This model is aimed above all at expert users; the quality / price ratio is truly remarkable, considering the excellent performance and technical characteristics of the model in question.

This studio microphone is built with high quality, durable materials and comes in a complete bundle; the design is really elegant despite being quite essential. The nickel material is ultra resistant and satisfies even the most demanding users.

The dimensions of this model are 190 mm x 50 mm x 50mm, standard measures when compared to other models on the market, while the weight is just 326 grams. The SPL, that is the sound pressure level, is 137 dB (1kHz, 1% THD with 1kΩ load); the sensitivity is -31.9 dB at 1 Volt / Pascal. The microphone has a 1 year warranty with the possibility of free extension to 10 years from registration.

Supplied accessories:

The Rode NT1A microphone is equipped with many accessories, such as to make it very well supplied from all points of view. The model is equipped with a Rode SM6 shock absorber attachment, an adjustable elastic support capable of acoustically isolating the microphone. In addition, it is equipped with a practical fabric dust bag, very useful for keeping the device in optimal conditions when not in use, the aforementioned 6-meter XLR cable and a velcro strap. The Rode NT1A also has a removable pop filter, useful in protecting the capsule from plosive consonants. Inside the package there are also instructions, a practical case and an educational video that explains the operation of the microphone and all its main and accessory functions, as well as some tips for perfect use in the studio.

The remarkable supply of highlighted accessories makes this studio microphone very complete and incredibly professional; the elastic support and the pop filter make this model perfect for home studio recording.


The Rode NT1A microphone is a really great tool. The technical characteristics and the accessories supplied are highly satisfactory; moreover, the microphone is sold at an absolutely honest price: the quality / price ratio is really satisfactory.

Among the positive aspects of this model, we have first of all its excellent audio quality, such as to guarantee a clean and crystalline sound: the microphone is ideal for recording the voices and the sound of acoustic instruments. Furthermore, the noise is very low and the microphone is perfect for professional and semi-professional users and for home studio recordings.

Some criticism, highlighted by users who have tried the microphone, is reserved for the pop filter supplied with the product: it is of slightly lower quality than the standards of other products on the market.