Shure sm57 microphone, here are the best alternatives

Shure sm57 microphone, here are the best alternatives

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In case you don’t know, the Shure SM57 microphone represents, since its first appearance, the model of inspiration for miking guitar amps, snare drums and a wide range of instruments. And the battle horse from Shure, famous for its excellent sound quality in the mid frequency range. If you’ve ever witnessed live performances, anywhere in the world, it is highly likely that there was a Shure SM57 microphone somewhere on stage, especially in the case of performances that involved the contribution of guitars .

If you are looking for one valid alternative to the legendary SM57 , the market offers you a huge choice. But to understand exactly which, among the many options, is right for you, you should know exactly what you need: your choice will be determined by your preferences regarding sound quality and price .

Looking for a microphone that is similar to the SM57 for sound quality or a microphone that has the same functionality but do I sound different? In our list we have included both microphones that produce similar sound to that of the SM57, both completely different models.

But in the world of microphones there are also so many alternatives that fall into different price ranges , to meet the needs of any wallet. We have compiled our list of the best alternatives to the Shure SM57 therefore, taking this into account as well, offering you options from the cheapest to the most luxurious .

Low cost alternatives

  1. Audix i5 Dynamic – The best alternative to the SM57 – See price or buy

The Audix i5 is the microphone that comes closest to the Shure SM57 in both price and size versatility of applications . It can handle extreme sound pressures up to 140 dB of SPL without distortion , is characterized by a cardioid polar pattern for a excellent insulation and is equipped with VLM diaphragm . With a frequency response 50Hz to 16kHz ensures accurate and crystal clear sound reproduction.

  1. Audio Technica MB2K – The Cheap Alternative – See price or buy

Alternative to the Shure SM57 very popular especially in relation to the price , some say it’s even better than the original. It’s a hypercardioid microphone with an incomparable unidirectional and dynamic design , with excellent frequency response and suitable for both studio recordings and live performances. Although it’s not built with premium materials it is robust and easy to handle , and has a very convenient switch that the Shure SM57 does not have.

  1. Pyle Pro Dynamic – The cheaper alternative – See price or buy

Similar to the Shure SM57 but so cheap you could buy three of these at the same price as an SM57. It is a unidirectional dynamic microphone, perfect both in the studio and on stage, and particularly suitable for recording vocals thanks to the high quality moving coil . Built in durable zinc alloy and with metal grill to be reliable and durable over time.

  1. Lewitt MTP-440-DM – The best alternative for snare drums – See price or buy

At the same price as the Shure SM57 and equally solid and robust , however, the Lewitt MTP-440-DM produces, according to some, a clearer and brighter sound . It seems that Kenny Aronoff, world famous drummer, you just use this microphone with the snare drum. It is particularly suitable for voice recording , but also of different instruments such as percussion, drums and acoustic instruments in general. The cardioid polarization guarantees a perfect insulation , eliminating environmental signals and any feedback.

Valuable alternatives

Below we show you the alternatives to the Shure SM57 which compared to the original have different characteristics in terms of sound and functionality.

  1. Beyerdynamic M201 – See price or buy

In our opinion the Beyerdynamic M201 is the best dynamic microphone for guitar recording , but using it in conjunction with a condenser microphone would be a winning combination. The Beyerdynamic M201 is a dynamic microphone with hypercardioid diagram , with humbucking coil which reduces electrical interference when used near mains powered equipment. It gives its best in snare drum and guitar amp recordings, but it is adaptable to any instrument and voice.

  1. Sennheiser e906 – Best microphone for guitar amp – See price or buy

Introducing the hypercardioid dynamic microphone designed specifically for the miking of guitar amplifiers , thanks to the special flat surface and the fact that it does not require a stand, so you can hold it suspended with its cable in front of the amplifier . More than a worthy opponent of the Shure SM57, however some famous bands use them together to get a impressive sound . It features a three-position toggle to customize the sound, which is naturally lively, clean and ad high resolution . It has a “brother”, the e609, which is very similar in design but with more generic functionality, while this is specifically designed for guitar amps .

  1. Heil PR 30 – See price or buy

Compared to the Shure SM57 the PR 30 has a larger aperture and thus substantially covers one wider range of frequencies . It is particularly suitable for miking guitar amplifiers and for recording vocals in the studio (for example the broadcasting ), thanks to its design focused on mid-high frequencies . This too, unlike the Shure SM57, has a integrated humbucker . Her great performance are due to the combination of the material of the large low-mass diaphragm and a special mixture of neodymium iron and boron that makes the exceptionally solid structure .

  1. Sennheiser MD421 – See price or buy

The Sennheiser MD421 is a dynamic cardioid microphone very popular that works beautifully with guitar and snare amps , but it does a great job with the voice recording . It is very versatile thanks to its frequency response 30Hz to 17kHz , and has a particular tone so it is often paired with the Shure SM57 for one incredibly accurate sonic rendering . Equipped with switch for 5-position bass attenuation , also isolates annoying feedback very well.

However, if even after carefully evaluating our list, you still prefer the Shure SM57 , well we don’t blame you at all.