Studio speakers, the best budget monitor speakers

Studio speakers, the best budget monitor speakers

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When the intent is to make a piece of music , before mastering it is good to listen to the tracks in the most balanced way possible and if there are corrections to be made, perform them.

But in order to reproduce the sound transparently you must be equipped with everything you need. Studio monitor speakers in this regard they play precisely this role, that is, they reproduce the sound in a clear, sharp and transparent way that allows you to better understand where to make some useful corrections, if needed.

However, before you choose the best studio speakers , here’s what you need to know first. Are you ready? Let’s start immediately with some small aspects to take into consideration.

The studio speakers they are a very important purchase, so it is necessary to evaluate every single aspect before proceeding with the purchase of the same.

You must know that There are three types of studio speakers on the market , or:

  • Main monitor speakers : they are large and heavy and are used in large studios;
  • Midfield speakers: they are of medium size, generally three-way;
  • Nerafield crates: these are close listening speakers and are used in Home Recording Studios.

The difference between active and passive studio monitor . What is the difference?

  • Passive monitors they are those characterized by loudspeakers and in order to power them, an amplifier must be purchased separately;
  • Active monitors There is already an integrated amplifier inside, so you don’t need to purchase any additional items.

In most cases, many prefer to target the active monitors instead of the passive ones, for the simple fact that the first type is much more convenient and also because it is obtained the best frequency response . If, on the other hand, the intent is to prefer the second type, you have to be careful that the sound is not negatively influenced by the external amplifier.

Other aspects to evaluate

Speaker size

The size of the speakers should also be well considered. If you buy a large woofer, the speaker will need to be equally large . But the aspect that interests us most in this case is far from it, that is, you have to consider how the bass is produced. The bigger the woofer more bass production will be output .

In order to make this clear, if you buy a 8 inch woofer, it is natural that it will produce more bass than a 5-inch woofer. If you produce electronic music, for example, you have to aim at at least a 7-inch cone, this is because, for this musical genre, bass is fundamental.

Positioning of studio speakers

Another aspect you need to consider is the positioning of studio speakers . To obtain a qualitatively high quality sound, the positioning of the same is crucial. Therefore I advise you to avoid placing them near walls, because the sound may boom or in the corners. Instead, you can place them in the center of the room or study, on one side of the wall or you can also place them at a safe distance from the wall.

Be careful not to place them on the desk because you risk transmitting vibrations to the table.

Power in watts

The higher the watt, the higher the volume the monitor can deliver. Do not take this data lightly, but it is very important because if you choose studio speakers with a low wattage power , the sound risks distorting.


Different monitor speakers feature different connection modes on the back. Usually the standard connection is c avo balanced XLR . It is a very robust cable, but alternatively you can also find the Jack TRS cable. There are speakers even equipped with RCA connection but honestly they are not recommended especially if the aforementioned devices must be placed in a studio.

Having illustrated all the aspects to be taken into consideration, here are the best studio speakers.

Best studio speakers 2018

KRK RP5G3-NA ROKIT 5 G3 5 “- See price or buy

This device it offers excellent performance at a relatively low price . Thanks to the components of which it is characterized, it guarantees precise and well-detailed listening with optimized imaging. Also thanks to presence of the bass port located in the front of the cabinet, the sound quality level is excellent unlike other monitors which despite having the same price range have the bass port located on the back and therefore the resulting effect is rather disappointing.

Advantages :

  • Minimal distortion
  • More entrances
  • Deep bass

KRK ROKIT RP5 G3 – See price or buy

This product offers even more performance than the previous model , as it features two monitors instead of one. Thanks to the dome tweeter the sound produced is very clear. If you don’t want any distortion when playing the song, then this is the product for you!

Furthermore 5-inch glass aramid enhances bass response even more . These speakers are also ideal for professionals, they can be used for recording, mastering, or playback.


  • Two monitors at a reasonable price
  • Minimal distortion
  • Improved bass
  • More entrances

Mackie CR Series CR3-3 – See price or buy

The monitor pair of the Mackie line produces highly performing sound . In addition, the price-quality ratio is excellent. It is one of those products that you don’t have to think twice about buying it as its high performance goes beyond all expectations.

The pair of monitors can be placed in any environment and the result will be more than satisfactory. There is also Bluetooth but other essential accessories are also part of the good audio rendering . To get a quality sound you need to place them in the right position in terms of pitch.

Advantages :

  • Professional use
  • Quality sound
  • They are easy to use and to connect with audio sources
  • Present the Bluetooth
  • Excellent price-quality ratio

JBL LSR 305 See price or buy

This monitor is particularly suitable during registration, in general it offers good performance from various points of view. These speakers are ideal for both professionals and consumers in general who want to enjoy music or get unprecedented sound for their favorite movies.

KRK RP6-G3-W See price or buy

This case is characterized by the 6-inch aramid glass and produces low to mid-high range. It is possible to adjust the low frequencies so it can be positioned in any environment and above all you don’t have to stand close to the speaker to hear the full power of the sound.

This device is characterized by a rather simple design but which offers good performance thanks to the high quality components.

After listing the best monitor speakers , choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Edifier R1280T – See price or buy

This Edifier product is built with premium quality materials providing amazing, powerful and clear sound despite its price. Adds multiple input options, including a dual auxiliary input. It allows you to connect two devices via aux at the same time. Also, it will work with all devices with dual RCA output or 3.5mm headphone output. With its remote control you can adjust the bass, treble and volume sitting on your sofa. Edifier is a popular brand so there is no question about the durability of these speakers.


+ Remote control

+ Two auxiliary inputs

+ 2 years warranty

Why we liked it – If you like stylish objects, with its beautiful soft wood finish this pair of speakers is truly amazing and no matter what the decor will add a lot of class.

Adam Audio F5 5 “Powered – See price or buy

This is another great monitor with dedicated low and high frequency drivers that provide a clear and very wide audio response producing sound up to 50kHz. With multiple input options, this pocket monitor has high connectivity. XLR, RCA and TRS inputs are available. If you are short of space, we recommend this monitor. The appearance is deceiving as it emits very loud audio.


+ Wide frequency response range

+ More types of inputs

+ Compact size

Why we liked it – The simple and compact design makes it highly usable. Many studios are about the size of a normal bathroom, so it would be convenient to keep compact monitors.

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