The 10 best sennheiser headphones, prices and opinions

The 10 best sennheiser headphones, prices and opinions

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Having good headphones is essential for any music lover, regardless of the use made of it or the genre you prefer. One of the best brands available on the market is undoubtedly Sennheiser, which is why we decided to draw one list of the 10 best Sennheiser headphones.

It matters little if you listen to music just for your personal pleasure, or if you record and mix music at a professional level: there’s sure to be a pair of Sennheiser headphones that will perfectly fit your needs.

We searched the web for reviews of each of these professional headphones , we read every article and watched every video, to make sure we could make appropriate comparisons.

Sennheiser not exactly the cheapest brand on the market, but buying headphones from this manufacturer will prove to be a investment valid, if you know how to take care of it. All the more reason, given that it is a considerable expense, read our guide carefully to make sure you find the right headphones for you.

Owning a good pair of headphones definitely adds up an extra touch of joy and comfort to the experience of listening to music. In the process of choice of headphones to buy, it can be useful to keep track of the models you like best, perhaps writing your personal pros and cons list . After all, these headphones all look alike at first glance, so it’s easy to forget which one impressed you the most.

Why choose Sennheiser

Founded in 1945 in Germany, although the headphones are currently produced in Ireland, the house Sennheiser has established itself on the international scene producing items of excellent quality. Many of the Sennheiser headphones have replaceable components , such as cables, so you can keep using them for years and years.

For decades Sennheiser has been producing a wide variety of headphones , which adapt to the needs of every band, from the casual listener to the most devoted audiophile. This brand is also highly regarded by professionals, musicians and music producers who want it top of the range instruments .

Especially the models with functionality Bluetooth and active noise cancellation they are great for everyday life, especially if you travel frequently and want to isolate the annoying noises of crowds, engines and traffic.

Of course, we reiterate that they are not the cheapest headphones , but you know what they say: “The price is what you pay, the value is what you get”.

Brief guide to buying Sennheiser headphones

It’s not easy find the ideal headphones simply by browsing on Amazon. Many appear to have the same features, have few aesthetic differences, and there are different price ranges. So how do you know which headphones are right for you?

We advise you, first of all, to establish the budget beyond which you cannot go, then to establish which are the features that you consider indispensable . Lastly, consider the design. At this point, look for headphones that meet all your requirements. You could waste many hours comparing several dozen headphones to each other, but if you compare each pair of headphones to your list of requirements, it will prove much easier to understand which headphones are right for you.

We really hope you enjoy ours buying guide for Sennheiser headphones may come in handy, all you have to do is continue reading to discover the ranking of the 10 best Sennheiser headphones . Feel free to leave your comment or suggestions at the bottom of the post.

  1. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • They are wireless

  • They are very light

  • The battery has an autonomy of 20 hours

  • They have a 2 year warranty

These headphones are perfect for anyone who wants listen to music while moving freely , without having annoying cables between your feet. They are also ideal for watching TV while children are asleep, or for working as they are ultra light and comfortable.

Unfortunately, wireless headphones aren’t always great headphones, but with these you’ll have to change your mind. There reception is excellent and without interference up to 90 meters, it doesn’t matter if you are outdoors, if there are walls or any other type of obstacle between you and the source. They have 3 RF channels , so you can freely choose an interference-free channel to always have a clear and clear reception.

These on-ear headphones have a Open-Aire design which gives the sound a warm tone and excellent bass response. They are also very easy to install and the transmitter connects via RCA or headphone output to any device that has an analog audio output.

The package includes a elegant transmitter which also works from dock station , so that the headphones charge when placed on the metal stand. Another positive aspect of this accessory is that, if you remember to put them back on the stand every time you finish using them, the next time you will know where to find them and you will find them charged.

The RS120s have the built-in volume control and tuning control combined with an on / off switch. They are sold with one 2-year international warranty and the battery life goes up to 20 hours.

  1. Sennheiser HD 4.40 Around Ear Bluetooth – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • I’m Bluetooth

  • They are foldable

  • The battery has an autonomy of 25 hours

  • They have volume control

L’ incredible battery life , the fact that they are foldable and the Bluetooth connectivity make these headphones a lot practical and easy to handle , ideal for those who are often on the go. They’re great for listening to music from your smartphone or tablet, and since they’re closed headphones, they offer one natural noise elimination background, so you can listen to your favorite songs undisturbed, and at the same time no one around you will hear what you are listening to because no sound will filter out through headphones.

They have a pleasantly minimalist design which never goes out of style and are also quite light.

In addition to being foldable, and therefore a lot comfortable to carry , are quite robust that they can be thrown into a travel bag without the risk of them getting damaged. They are of excellent workmanship, with i well padded pavilions and covered in leather, so as to be comfortable to wear even in the long term.

The sound of these Sennheiser headphones is well balanced, with a good bass boost , and with the ability to pair them with other devices via Bluetooth. All the controls are located on the lower edge of the right ear cup: buttons for switching on and Bluetooth pairing, slider to change tracks and put in play / pause, and switch for volume control.

The battery has a autonomy up to 25 hours , which is great, but should it suddenly abandon you, you always have the option of using the supplied microUSB cable.

  1. Sennheiser HD 598SR Open-Back – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • They have the open-back design

  • They come with 2 cables

  • They have EAR technology

  • They are sold with a 2 year guarantee

The HD 598 SR are open over-ear headphones that deliver great sound, and they are designed for the most demanding audiophiles , who listen to a lot of music and don’t want to compromise when it comes to audio quality and comfort.

The sound produced is natural and well balanced and, of course, they work with cable because otherwise Bluetooth technology would compromise the audio quality. They also use the so-called EAR technology (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) which directs the sound directly into the ears, giving you the same feeling as a stereo hi-fi amplification.

From the point of view of comfort, it must be said that these headphones are worth the expense. It is obvious that those who invest money in professional headphones intend to use them often, which is why Sennheiser has them designed to be particularly comfortable . They have a faux leather-covered headband and velvet padded pads, so they can be worn for hours without being bothered.

In the box are two cables included : a 3 meters cable with ¼ jack and a 1.2 meters cable with 3.5 mm jack, which also has a button and a microphone to answer phone calls. Another positive detail of these headphones is that they are covered with one 2 year warranty .

  1. Sennheiser HD 650 – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • The audio quality is mind blowing

  • They have a Kevlar-reinforced cable

  • The level of THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is 0.05%

  • Sold with a 2 year warranty

After reading review number 3 on this list, you’re probably thinking that Sennheiser couldn’t have produced better headphones. But you are wrong.

The HD 650 are a very high-end product, designed for professional musicians and for the most demanding listeners , and are suitable for those who listen to music all day and are not satisfied with the “runner-up” but want only the best of the range. If you recognize yourself in this description, these are the headphones for you.

These headphones feature a particular acoustic design which lowers the total harmonic distortion at the incredibly low level of 0.05% , ensuring an optimal, precise and very faithful sound.

As for the structure, the HD 650 boast gods top quality components , solid and well assembled, which ensure maximum efficiency.

Thanks to the open dynamics they offer a natural, balanced and crystal clear sound , with very deep bass and incredibly smooth highs, capable of satisfying any audiophile. Handling noise is also minimized.

Another valuable accessory included in the package is the Kevlar reinforced cable , which means it will last a lifetime. Finally, let’s not forget that the HD 650s are sold with one two-year warranty .

  1. Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • I’m Bluetooth

  • They have Active Noise Cancellation

  • They are foldable

  • The battery has an autonomy of 19 hours

These professional headphones are the right compromise between a moderate price and technology Noise Canceling . They are perfect for frequent travelers, not only because of the noise isolation, but also because they are light and compact , so as not to burden the luggage, and, of course, they are Bluetooth , so no dangling cables to get trapped in.

NoiseGuard technology ensures that ambient noises will not interfere in any way with listening, and works optimally especially in environments rich in deep sounds such as traffic and transport engines, so these headphones are ideal, for example, to listen to music in peace while traveling by plane or in underground.

The battery can last up to 19 hours with Bluetooth and NoiseGuard active , and if the headphones go out, you still have the included auxiliary cable.

Another detail not to be overlooked is that they are foldable , so they will take up very little space in your travel bag or suitcase. Finally, these headphones are also sold with 2 year warranty .

  1. Sennheiser HD 660 S – HiRes Audiophile – See price or buy

We like them because.

  • The sound is great

  • Excellent structural quality

  • The package includes two cables and two adapters

  • Incredibly low THD

We have to admit that these professional headphones they are not for everyone, given the somewhat prohibitive price. Whatever avid audiophile he would like them, but he must also be able to afford them. If you are looking for a low budget alternative, move on.

However, it must be said that users who have decided to invest their money in the HD 660 S have realized that it was worth it, in order to have a product that offers an unprecedented listening experience .

The open dynamics guarantees a natural and realistic sound , and the new improved design with a reduced harmonic distortion ensures maximum reproduction accuracy.

The handling noise is also very low, plus they are comfortable to wear and the structure and components are of high quality.

To exploit the full potential of these headphones, the ideal is to connect them to the outputs of a dedicated amplifier. Therefore Sennheiser has seen fit to include in the package of special cables built in OFC copper high conductivity equipped with both 6.35 mm jack and Pentaconn connectors 4.4 mm, with i related adapters 6.35mm and 3.5mm.

  1. Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • They have NoiseGuard technology

  • They are wireless and Bluetooth

  • The battery has an autonomy of 30 hours

  • There is an equalizer app

  • They have 3 built-in microphones

  • They are foldable

Like other headphones on this list, even for the PXC 550 the price is largely justified by theirs versatility and multiple functions . They are Bluetooth, foldable, the battery lasts up to 30 hours , they have a great microphone and they are controllable via app .. they have pretty much everything you could want!

Technology Bluetooth and foldable design make them practical for transport, and the excellent battery life is ideal for taking on even very long journeys.

Technology Noise Guard is flawless and, thanks also to three built-in microphones , these headphones offer pure and crystal clear sound, both when listening to music and when making phone calls.

There is a mode for calling, one for movies and one for music, selectable via the app, ei built-in controls on the pavilion are all touch and very intuitive. The sound performance, as we said, is great, and there is not too much to worry about cables and distances because the Bluetooth 4.2 and the NFC sensor allow you to connect up to 2 devices and move freely without experiencing signal loss.

They are conveniently recharged with a USB cable, and the commands via the app also include the equalizer control , with the ability to tailor each audio experience to your needs.

  1. Sennheiser HD1 Wireless – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • They have memory foam pads

  • They have Active Noise Canceling technology

  • I’m Bluetooth

  • The battery lasts 20 hours

  • They are sold with a 2 year guarantee

  • They are elegant and refined

Like the previous PXC 550, these wireless headphones are also designed to meet the needs of professionals and business people.

The HD1s are foldable, have Bluetooth and a good microphone , so that mobile phone calls are always clear and crystalline. Also there active noise cancellation it works very well, which is good both for listening to music on the go and for temporarily isolating yourself from the noise around you.

Compared to other headphones on this list, the HD1s are truly a premium product, built with cutting-edge materials and of the highest quality: comfortable memory foam pads, stainless steel and genuine leather. Even the case in which to store them while traveling is pretty. Another difference compared to the PCX 550 is that the HD1s are not controlled via app.

HD1s are also sold with 2 year guarantee , and the battery has an autonomy of 22 hours. The sonic rendition, needless to say, is broad and detailed , regardless of the type of music you listen to.

  1. Sennheiser HD280 PRO – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • They are cheap

  • They are suitable for recording and mixing

  • They have replaceable components

  • They are foldable

If you’ve looked at the prices and features of the headphones we’ve listed so far and they all seemed too expensive and complicated, well, the HD280 PROs are a good low-budget alternative.

These headphones are perfect for your home studio if you like to record and mix, they are also fine for just listening to music, and have a affordable price so that you too can enjoy the excellent sound quality of a pair of Sennheiser headphones.

The HD280 PROs have a simple and essential design, but the good thing is that they are compact and foldable . Like most Sennheiser headphones they are comfortable, albeit not in an extraordinary way, but the sound performance is excellent , which is the most important thing.

They’re over-ear headphones, and while they don’t have Active Noise Canceling technology, they still offer a good noise isolation environmental.

One detail we really appreciated is that the pads, headband and USB cable are replaceable , so you can continue to use them for many years to come by simply replacing the accessories.

  1. Sennheiser 506080 GAME ONE – See price or buy

We like them because:

  • The aesthetic design is gorgeous

  • They have a Noise Canceling microphone

  • They are comfortable to wear

  • They have open acoustics that promote air circulation

If you play computer or other video games for many hours during the day, you need a couple of headphones created specifically for gamers .

The Noise Canceling microphone of the 506080 GAME ONE allows you to communicate comfortably with your companions and even if you wear them for several hours you will not feel your head and ears on fire.

These headphones offer a excellent, clear and accurate sound , and are compatible with most computers and game consoles, since they have a 3.5mm jack. The microphone, which isolates noise , will allow you to say (or scream) anything with the certainty that it will resonate in a crystalline way.

Sennheiser technicians know perfectly well that real gamers spend several hours in front of the consoles, for this reason they have dedicated particular attention to comfort of these headphones, with plush velvet pads that allow the skin to breathe. Also they are open-back , so you will always feel a feeling of freshness.

In short, these gaming headsets are designed in a way that you will forget you are wearing them and you will always stay focused on the game.