The 10 best sony headphones, prices and opinions

The 10 best sony headphones, prices and opinions

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If you have decided to buy a new pair of headphones, you should definitely consider the high quality wireless headphones from Sony .

We have recently been very impressed with the performance of some over-ear headphones from Sony, which guarantee a excellent noise isolation and an amazing level of sound quality.

To be honest, though, we weren’t particularly impressed with the quality of Sony’s wired or non-wired headphones, such as the WF-SP700N. So if you really want the best of Sony, we highly recommend you limit your choice to the range of over-ear headphones , which on the other hand is the sector in which this manufacturer excels.

Recently, Sony announced the release of the new WH-XB900N, which add to the Extra Bass range , in conjunction with the launch of the Extra Bass SRS-XB402M portable speaker. We haven’t had the pleasure of testing this new pair of headphones yet, but we’ll do it again as soon as we get our hands on it, guaranteed!

So without fuss, if you’ve decided to buy a pair of Sony over-ear headphones, read on to find out. our ranking of the 10 best Sony headphones .

  1. Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones. Best for noise cancellation – See price or buy


  • Outstanding noise cancellation

  • Fantastic sound quality

  • Battery life of 30 hours


  • Little optimized compared to the WH-1000XM2

  • Poor quality in phone calls

We literally love these headphones, and not just for the excellent audio quality and the excellent ability to isolate noise environmental. These headphones are great for audiophiles, thanks to the aptX HD and LDAC technology from Sony: two excellent tools for listening to music in Hi-Res Audio. And since they’re wireless there’s no going crazy with awkward cables.

Furthermore, the WH-1000XM3 are compatible with the Google assistant and Alexa from Amazon, which means you’ll always have access to the voice assistant wherever you are.

All this, combined with the exceptional ability to cancel noise, makes the WH-1000XM3 headphones ideal for those who are constantly on the move, whether it is the daily commute to work or a transoceanic flight.

  1. Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Headphones. Still great noise cancellation  – See price or buy


  • Superb noise cancellation

  • Excellent audio quality

  • Battery life of 30 hours


  • Fragile joints

  • Touch controls on the roof

If you can still find a pair of these headphones around, the previous generation of Sony’s amazing noise-canceling headphones, you will most likely take them home to a slightly cheaper price compared to the WH-1000XM3.

Nearly the same price as the Bose QC35 headphones, Sony’s WH-1000XM2 have better features, including “Ambient Noise” mode which allows you to intercept medium-high frequencies (such as announcements from loudspeakers in train stations) and the “Quick Attention” mode which allows you to insert quickly the external audio (thanks to the microphones integrated in the ear cups) without removing the headphones, reducing the volume of the music.

Like the WH-1000XM3, these headphones too support aptX HD and LDAC for Hi-Res audio; except for some cosmetic changes, the difference between these two models is that the WH-1000XM2 they are not compatible with the voice assistant , Google or Alexa, so if this is a detail that matters to you, you’ll want to focus on the latest generation model.

  1. Sony MDR-1000X Wireless Headphones. The first generation of noise-canceling  – See price or buy


  • Quick Attention Mode

  • Noise cancellation

  • Battery life


  • Meticulous Ambient Noise Mode

Even though it’s been a while since the market launch, these headphones still stand a top-of-the-range alternative to noise-canceling headphones , although Sony has perfected its technology over time and created more optimized headphones.

Like the newer models, the MDR-1000X they support Hi-Res audio and include modes such as Quick Attention , although we have noticed that they can be slightly unstable; but still the noise cancellation is great.

Are you wondering why you should buy the older generation Sony noise-canceling headphones? The answer is very simple: following the launch of the latest models, retailers have seen fit of lower the price of the MDR-1000X, which means you could get a bargain by taking home some great headphones at a reasonable price. As long as you don’t mind giving up the built-in voice assistant and the incredible battery life offered by the latest generation headphones.

  1. Sony MDR-ZX770BT Wireless Headphones. Economical but reliable  – See price or buy


  • Comfortable to wear

  • Incredible battery life

  • Economic


  • Restricted sound stage

  • Lack of bass response

Although these wireless headphones came out two years ago, they still offer a excellent value for money , and it is very likely to find them at an economical price since Sony has launched new and more performing models.

When we tested them we stayed pleasantly surprised by the sporty and robust design , and the duration of the battery.

There rather narrow soundstage it doesn’t make them particularly appealing to audiophiles, but the affordability and reliability of the Bluetooth connection make these wireless headphones a great choice if you want to listen to music without the hassle of cables for less than $ 150.

  1. Sony WF-1000X True Wireless Earphones  – See price or buy


  • Impressive noise cancellation

  • Rich sound

  • NCF technology


  • There is no volume control on the earphones

  • A little bulky

  • Some connectivity issues

These True Wireless earbuds can be a bit bulky , but this slight detail is compensated by the excellent noise cancellation and a relatively long battery life.

When we tested them, the WF-1000X revealed an amazing ability to eliminate most ambient noise. Like others noise-canceling headphones , this effect is most evident in the reproduction of low frequencies, making them a great choice for those who usually travel by public transport.

The sound performance of the WF-1000X is dignified, with a generally well balanced sound between high, medium and low frequencies.

  1. Sony WI-1000X Wireless Headphones. Wireless for commuter audiophiles  – See price or buy


  • Wireless sound for audiophiles

  • Good noise cancellation

  • Unique features


  • Mediocre battery life

  • Adaptive Sound Control is slow

  • There is no multi-point connectivity

If you don’t like wired headphones but want to the safety of a neckband , the WI-1000X represent a valid alternative in the range of in-ear headphones.

There aptX HD functionality ranks them among the best wireless headphones we’ve tested, and they offer a excellent level of noise cancellation , which makes them suitable for use even when traveling or in noisy environments.

Although battery life, estimated at 10 hours on average, is a negative point, we would highly recommend the WI-1000X to all audiophiles.

  1. Sony MDR-ZX330BT On-Ear Headphones. Read from all points of view  – See price or buy


  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Light and comfortable

  • Long battery life


  • Fragile because they are built with poor plastic

  • No noise isolation

  • Shallow sound

These headphones are tempting because they are economical, lightweight and with a remarkable battery life , however the audio performance is mediocre and there is a feeling of inconsistency when handled, which does not make them eligible to enter the list of the best on-ear headphones ever.

However, if you are looking for an inexpensive, lightweight pair of headphones with adequate battery life for long journeys, the MDR-ZX330BT could be a viable alternative. Just don’t expect to be blown away by the audio quality.

  1. Sony WF-SP700N True Wireless Noise-Canceling Earphones  – See price or buy


  • Comfortable to wear

  • Sweat resistant


  • Clarity of sound to improve

  • Mediocre noise cancellation

  • Too much emphasis on low frequencies

The WF-SP700N are mid-range True Wireless headphones. There lack of noise cancellation and clarity of sound is offset by the fact that they are comfortable and pleasant to wear even in the long run and that do not easily fall out of the ears.

However, in relation to the quality they are quite expensive , and we don’t deny that you could find better at a more affordable price.

  1. Sony WI-SP600N Wireless Headphones. Audio quality for athletes  – See price or buy


  • Fair audio quality

  • Noise cancellation

  • Ambient mode


  • Heavy In-line Remote Control

  • Call quality is not the best

  • Unreliable performance

Designed for athletes, the WI-SP600N headphones have a IPX4 degree of sweat resistance , noise cancellation e Ambient mode , this means that you can choose whether to keep the music going or listen to the sounds around you as you run.

However, these wireless headphones don’t exactly offer the best comfort of use, which turns out annoying if you plan to wear them during workouts .

That said, the audio performances are nothing short of mind-blowing, and the possibility of change EQ settings via app they are definitely a touch of genius.

  1. Sony MDR-XB950N1 Extra-Bass Headphones. Ideal for bass freaks  – See price or buy


  • Comfortable

  • Very deep bass

  • Long battery life


  • Low detailed medium and high frequencies

  • Multipoint coupling is missing

  • There is no automatic play / pause

The Sony house seems to address two specific target customers: the uncompromising audiophiles, and the demoniac bass addicts .

The Sony MDR-XB950N1 headphones were evidently designed to lead into temptation the representatives of the second group, and if you take a look at the technical specifications sheet of these headphones, you will immediately understand that within this niche it is a winning product: active noise cancellation , 22-hour battery life and comfortable over-ear design.

However, if you prefer to listen to music with well-balanced frequencies, these headphones are not for you. When we tested them, we found that the ultra-powerful low cone frequencies at the expense of mids , and therefore the reproduction of the music is distorted and not at all faithful.