The 5 best bluetooth amplified speakers

The 5 best bluetooth amplified speakers

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How do you choose the best Bluetooth powered speakers ? Certainly for those who are beginners and are approaching the world of music for the first time, they may not have very clear ideas. For this reason we have decided to make this post in order to help all those in the buy the best Bluetooth speakers without going wrong .

If your intent, therefore, is to buy amplified houses with Bluetooth connectivity then take a few minutes of your time and start reading following all the instructions I am about to give you.

How to choose the best Bluetooth powered speakers

Shape and size

The first aspect to be evaluated concerns the shape and size of the case . On the market there are many amplified speakers available in various models, shapes and sizes. You first need to figure out which of these models might best suit your needs. Smaller speakers are ideal because you can carry them around without any difficulty, but the disadvantage is that you will not have a high quality musical performance unlike larger speakers.

If you have to place your speakers in a room then don’t focus on compactness , but your goal must be to focus on sound quality. If, on the other hand, your intent is to focus on speakers to be used on the move, consider the autonomy but be careful not to neglect the sound quality.


Another feature you definitely need to consider is whether the speakers are waterproof.  If your intention is to use bluetooth speakers outdoors make sure they are waterproof and dustproof .

Technical features

And now let’s go to the most painful point, or let’s talk about the technical features . It is important that you know everything in detail so that the purchase you will make will be well thought out and with knowledge of the facts. Having said that let’s see the other factors to take into consideration.


The Bluetooth speakers can have different levels of autonomy. If you need a crate to use on the go then buy one that has at least 8-9 hours of autonomy. Remember: the autonomy declared by the producers is not always real, indeed many times it is lower because they take into account a medium-low listening volume , and it is well known that the higher the volume, the higher the energy consumption of the cash desk.

Number of drivers

The drivers present in the speakers are nothing more than transducers which have the function of converting the electrical signal into sound waves. Generally one good quality speaker will have several drivers inside , each of which will deal with a certain function. For example, to clarify what has been said, inside a device we find the tweeters that deal with the high frequencies, the midrange of the medium frequencies and then the woofers that deal with the bass.

However, in the most compact speakers, due to lack of space, only one driver is used which has to deal with all frequencies. However as you can easily guess this will result in poor sound quality. If you are looking for good audio quality then you have to buy one case that has several drivers .

Speaker power

The speaker power is expressed in watts, it is an important value and it cannot be overlooked. A speaker, therefore, declared to have a certain power must guarantee a clean sound.

Support for other speakers

Usually the Bluetooth speakers can act as a support to other speakers and in this way you can create a respectable stereo system.

Range of action

Another point to focus on before buying Bluetooth speakers is the range. They usually have a range that varies from 10 to 30 meters . Choose the one that best suits your needs.

After seeing all the factors to take into consideration, here are the best Bluetooth powered speakers.

Best Bluetooth powered speakers

Klipsch R-15PM – See price or buy

Klipsch, a famous manufacturer of audio accessories, offers this pair of Bluetooth powered speakers. From an aesthetic point of view they are not exactly excellent, but the audio quality is very good indeed! The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity of course, support for connectivity is also provided USB, digital optical TOSLINK and RCA.

As far as hardware is concerned, these devices are equipped with  a 1-inch aluminum diaphragm compression driver, along with a 90 x 90 Tractrix Horn and IMG copper woofer 5.25 in , delivering the best possible sound from speakers of this size.

Thanks to built-in Bluetooth, you won’t have to rely on it on wires and cables , but you can enjoy your music in complete freedom and relaxation.

Plugable – See price or buy

This is another good performing product. It is equipped with a two-inch subwoofer to ensure great sound. The speakers can emit sound between 55-20khz . In addition to offering Bluetooth connectivity, it also features the aptX support, which allows you to get the best wireless experience.

These speakers are suitable for both the office and the home thanks to an elegant and refined design. Each speaker features a 4-inch fiberglass cone subwoofer, along with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 2-channel Class D 55-watt amplifier.

Inside the package there is a remote controller which allows you to monitor the various functions even from a distance.

Audioengine HD3 – See price or buy

These speakers from an aesthetic point of view are a lot elegant and refined suitable for any type of room . They also have a good sound so the audio quality is really satisfactory. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity there is a standard 3.5mm jack, which is suitable if wired connectivity is preferred.

They are a bit expensive but for sure it will be worth it. The colors available are different: walnut, cherry, black and white so choose the ones that best match your decor.  The Audioengine HD3 is the best choice you can make , because it is a really good device  also from the hardware point of view.

Kanto YU3

These are other respectable Bluetooth speakers.  Characterized by 4-inch Kevlar driver and 1-inch tweeter on both sides turn out to be the best choice you can make in terms of audio quality. As for connectivity options are integrated two TOSLINK doors which provide lossless digital audio, a RCA port, a 3.5mm auxiliary port with Bluetooth 4.0, and Aptx audio for optimal performance.

Their power is 30 watts, which is not the best, but for sure the sound quality is really optimal.

Mackie CR5BT – See price or buy

These speakers are equipped with  a 5-inch woofers, and provide 50 watts of power . Is present Bluetooth, analog RCA, plus 3.5 AUX connectivity standard which is located on the front side. You can use these speakers via smartphone, tablet, laptop. From a design point of view, they are very attractive so you can place them in any room of your home or office.

And now, after providing you with the best 5 Bluetooth powered speakers, you just have to choose the ones that best meet your expectations!