The 5 best dj speakers, prices and advice

The 5 best dj speakers, prices and advice

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That you do the dj for profession or hobby , it does not matter, the fundamental thing is to have at your disposal speakers that allow you to reproduce a sound  high quality . On the web there is a lot of information regarding the factors to take into consideration to buy good speakers, but alas they are not exactly correct, for this reason we have decided to create this post with  the pourpose of orient you towards a safe and well thought out purchase.

Let’s start from a small assumption: DJ speakers are not simply speakers as many may mistakenly think. Many use the term “speakers for DJs “to indicate any type of loudspeaker capable of pumping loud music. In reality, things are not really that way. If you want to get a good result  while playing it is essential to be careful  to several factors.

Factors to watch out for

Better active or passive speaker?

We reiterate a concept: in order to obtain a quality sound you have to be careful about the type of speaker you choose. Better therefore, a speaker  active or passive ? The difference is this: a passive speaker  it has no built-in amplifier so it will need to be purchased separately. The cost to be able to cope with the purchase of a passive device it is certainly lower than an active speaker, the latter however has an integrated amplifier. This means that the volume and controls are on the same speaker, so the the result that follows is far superior in terms of quality sound, so our advice is to guide you towards choosing an active speaker.

Rated power (watts)

It is easy to understand that the higher the watts, the greater the power released. So to choose the exact amount of watts, you will first have to understand the use you will have to make of it, in the sense that, will you play outdoors or in an enclosed space? How many square meters is the room where you will play, in a small house with less than 50 people or in an auditorium with over 600 people?

To give an idea, pay attention to what I am about to tell you: if the intent is to play in small rooms with less than 50 people, then 200 watt amps are fine too, but if the space is very large and there are many people, it is clear that amplifiers with more than 1000 watts will be needed.

Dimensions of the woofer

When you go to buy a case you must take into account two other variables, namely The dimensions of the same and therefore how bulky it is, and then particular attention should be paid to the driving heart of the case, i.e. woofer . The optimal size of a woofer is 12  or 15 inches.


A DJ  is aware of the importance they have the bass while it plays. Therefore, if you choose an 8 or 12 inch speaker you may prefer a subwoofer and get a surprising effect to say the least, perhaps even better than a 15-inch speaker.

And now let’s see what they are the best speakers for DJs.

Best dj speakers 2018

QSC K10 10 Loudspeaker 1000 W – See price or buy

This is a truly exceptional device from all points of view. With his 1000 watts the sound will be loud, clear and concise, plus you won’t need a subwoofer to hear bass.

The case is very elegant and refined and all components are of good quality. They are durable and long lasting. It is very convenient to carry from one place to another thanks to the handle it is equipped with. It is located at the top and on the side of it. If you have two supplied it will not be a problem to transport them as the dimensions are not really bulky.

It has several features: has  two combined XLR and ¼ inputs and stereo RCA inputs , as well as some releases. As for the sound emission, we can say that it is an excellent device perhaps the best around with a good price / quality ratio .

Yamaha DBR10 10 “700W Loudspeaker –  See price or buy

If you have noticed that the price of the previous model is high to bear,  then you could opt for this other one speaker for dj . The brand name is already a quality, and despite the lower price these speakers certainly do not disappoint. It is clear, we will never recommend using this device for a very large room, but surely if the environment where you will have to play is small to medium size then this is a good solution to consider.

Despite having a 10-inch woofer and a weight of 10.5 kg, it is very easy to carry as this device is also equipped with a handle in this case. It is necessary to underline a small aspect: in the title we have highlighted that it is a 700 watt speaker, in reality this is the maximum score attributed, since its continuous output power is 325 watts, while the frequency range is 55Hz-20kHz (-10dB), therefore our advice is to add a subwoofer self do you want get some respectable bass.

Also in terms of manufacturing, turns out to be a good product. Despite the material  is plastic,  it is equally strong and solid. It has several inputs and outputs on the rear panel. This speaker produces  a deep, uniform musical sound, the bass although not its strong point is still strong, clean and adherent.

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12 “Loudspeaker – See price or buy

And what about this speaker? This is a great product too, with its 1000 watts, 12-inch woofer and 1.5-inch high-frequency titanium compression driver it’s really worth buying. Regarding the entrances, it has  different : two  XLR / TRS combo jack and a 3.5mm input. Its appearance is elegant and refined, unlike previous models it has more carrying handles.

The sound coming out of this speaker is good, and i too basses are truly exceptional according to those who have already personally verified it.

Mackie Thump12 12 “Speaker –  See price or buy

We mentioned 1000 watts, but that’s the maximum power, however its real score is 500 watts. Although the potency is not exactly high, it turns out to be a good product. It has a minimal set of features.  There is only a single j ack combo XLR / ¼ on the back , so this means in other words that you may need an adapter to be able to correlate your devices.

It has a handle, and the material is resistant to u rti. The sound is quite clear and on the other hand it generates a considerable amount of bass. It is not the best speaker in the world, we must underline this, but in relation to the price it is it’s still a good device. 

Behringer EUROLIVE B210D 10 “Loudspeaker – See price or buy

In terms of power, size and weight this is the smallest speaker on our list . The overall sound is good, for sure you shouldn’t expect high quality, clear and completely crisp sound, however, yes  reveals a satisfactory article for those who have no particular needs. It is ideal for small concerts or parties in small rooms. 

All components are of quality, plus it has a device that optimizes sound quality. 

And after this long list, you just have to choose the best dj speakers that might be right for you.