The 5 best floorstanding speakers, prices and opinions

The 5 best floorstanding speakers, prices and opinions

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A floorstanding speaker that exhibits quality is capable of enhancing any audio system. They are very aesthetically appealing and easily grab the attention of anyone who loves listening to music. The sound is almost always spectacular; the design is made in such a way that they can be inserted inside a bookcase or a TV cabinet, even in spaces that are not exactly large. In all homes, horizontal space is mainly occupied by tables, chairs and sofas, but vertical space is noticeably available. The best models, placed in the right way, are able to reproduce high quality sound by filling an entire room. How to choose the best ones? First of all, be aware that there are speakers on the market that reach figures with 4 or 5 zeros. Of course, these types have been excluded from the list below. The reason is that their price is exaggeratedly high and the vast majority of users would like to opt for something much more affordable. It goes without saying that the value for money was considered for the choice of the best speakers. The variables considered are the usual ones: sound power, build quality, size and materials used.

KEF R500 – See price or buy

A speaker like the KEF R500, in addition to having excellent equipment and with two feet underneath that support it wonderfully, has two important prerogatives: quality and affordable price. In our opinion, this speaker offers better sound than the SVS and has a better value than the Klipsch.

As mentioned above, its price is very reasonable, meeting those who do not want to faint economically. The resulting sound is extremely clear and clean, with superlative dynamics thanks to the highest quality KEF BLADE speakers. The design has been cleverly conceived, with feet that help isolate the sound. Of course, the KEF R500, to perform at its best, requires pairing a really solid amplifier and a DAC combination, perhaps with a dedicated pre and power amp. They are undoubtedly very good speakers, but they work even better when other bits of similar quality fit into the signal chain.

What we like : Among the best in the quality-price ratio, despite not cheap.

What we don’t like : they need excellent equipment to express their full potential.

ELAC Debut F6  – See price or buy

Andrew Jones is a well known name in the speaker world. After moving from Pioneer to ELAC in 2015, he started building some excellent and affordable sets. This model is one of them, it is an update of the previous F5 (obviously) and we feel it has a lot of value. Anyone who wants a speaker that offers sound quality that can rival brands like SVS and KEF, but at an affordable price, the ELAC Debut F6 is undoubtedly ideal. Although not part of a closed ecosystem, we have always thought that ELAC speakers offer more sound quality when paired with other models from the manufacturer, such as the excellent home theater speakers. But even if you don’t own any of their other products, these speakers still offer superb tonal range in a classy package. Let’s talk about a pair of speakers that respond well to some power; therefore, no fear in connecting them to a decent amplifier by turning the volume up to the maximum. The F6s have made an important qualitative leap compared to the F5s, and even like the latter, they are only available in black.

What we like : Incredible value for the price they have.

What we don’t like : show the best quality only when combined with products from the same company.

Focal Chorus 726  – See price or buy

Focal makes some speakers that are absolutely stellar, but their price is stellar too. If we hadn’t imposed price limits on this list, they would certainly have been included. Speaking of the Chorus 726, while it is a very good speaker, it is not good enough to be on a par with the SVS Ultra Towers, which offer remarkable value for money. Despite this, these speakers have remarkable sonic peaks, varied detail and a splendid midrange, not to mention the spectacular soundstage. For those interested in experiencing balanced and uniform sound quality, Focus’s Chorus 726s are ideal.

What we like : one of the most affordable Focal speakers.

What we don’t like : low slightly anemic.

Klipsch Reference R-24 F  – See price or buy

The Klipsch has always been the best in terms of budget. Their $ 1,000 speakers are legendary, and while this updated version of the older R-24 F is a little more expensive, it’s definitely worth it. While the improvements are remarkable, we can say without a doubt that they are one of the best speakers the company has released in recent years.

For starters, you get a larger version of the popular Tractrix trill, which offers updated high-end details. There have been a few tweaks to the design, all of which offer something fantastic: all the sheen and fluidity that the company is able to offer. It is worth noting that Klipsch speakers tend to drop in price quite frequently; therefore, always keep an eye on Amazon for the proposed offers. A detail that immediately falls to the eye? The combination of black and gold, which is still very effective.

What we like : one of the best Klipsch speakers of recent years.

What we don’t like : it should probably have a little more innovation.

Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower  – See price or buy

We know Def Tech has a lot of fans scattered around and we would really appreciate it if they didn’t eat us alive. But in our opinion, the legendary and spectacular Mythos ST-L SuperTower doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from the competition. Sadly, it has a couple of baffling design choices, such as recessed rails that make attaching wire to a powered subwoofer tricky. Don’t get us wrong, we love powered subwoofers, but it means you should plug your speakers into the mains and amp. Having made this necessary clarification, let’s move on to its strengths. First and foremost, it delivers an excellent combination of clear and crisp sound comparable to some of the best speakers we’ve ever tried. If the price does not create a huge scare, and you are not too concerned with the peculiarities of the design, this speaker offers excellent sound and an attractive design that will perfectly suit any environment and any situation. While it is a little more difficult to track, we still prefer the MarkAudio-SOTA model; however, the Mythos ST-L SuperTower is still excellent.

What we like : crisp and detailed sound, distinctive design, sub-built.

What we don’t like : definitely not for everyone.

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