The 5 Best Logitech Speakers, Prices and Tips

The 5 Best Logitech Speakers, Prices and Tips

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Some people claim that headphones are the best way to get quality sound from your PC. However, a good portion are not exactly comfortable using headphones for hours on end. It is for these people that Logitech, a very famous company, has created fabulous speakers specifically for computers. However, like any other hardware, finding the best ones isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, with this article we have created the Top five Logitech speakers to buy, evaluating them based on price, aesthetics and technical details.

The need is to think about the important details when buying the best PC speakers: how they sound, if they have good stereo or surround sound separation, if they get headaches after listening to them for a few minutes, if they have a balanced sound profile. You must therefore always keep these details in mind when you want to buy. Another thing to think about is the type of use of the speakers: to play the best PC games, to watch the spectacular Marvel movies or to just listen to music? Just to facilitate the task, we have created this Top five Logitech. Enjoy the reading!

Logitech Z337 – See price or buy

While they may be more expensive than you’d expect to pay for this brand’s speakers, the Logitech Z623 speakers are still very affordable considering their power. I may look like an average pair of speakers, but the subwoofer produces a thundering sound that can be easily tuned to suit your individual needs. Plus, they deliver exceptional highs and mids for a very immersive sound experience. The weight of the two internal speakers is slightly different: the one on the left weighs 0.95 kg, while the one on the right 1 kg; the subwoofer weighs 7kg and the total dimensions of the speakers are 19.55 x 11.68 x 12.7 cm. There are three audio inputs: a 3.5mm jack, one for headphones and one RCA.

Logitech G560 – See price or buy

Logitech has some notoriety in the gaming peripherals, but never before have they managed to combine this feature with a pair of speakers in such a spectacular way. The first to be implemented by this feature are the G560; not only do they have bright RGB lighting, but through Logitech software, this multicolored lighting can adapt to any type of content, whether you’re playing games or listening to music via your smartphone. The speakers are dated with a 6.5-inch subwoofer and a 2-inch tweeter. The dimensions of the two satellite elements are 14.73 x 16.51 x 11.68 cm, while the main element is 40.38 x 25.4 x 20.57 cm. The connectivities it supports are USB, 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth. Of course, there is also a headphone output

Logitech MX Sound – See price or buy

These Logitech speakers have an elegant and quirky circular shape design, with silver accents. But the great thing about the MX Sound is the low price. That said, they offer excellent soundstage and powerful audio, making it perfect for gaming. They also have some cutting-edge tricks up their sleeves: dual Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect two devices at the same time, and the backlit motion sensor has such precise sensitivity that a light touch is enough to connect a device and adjust the volume. The weight is 1.72 kg (very light) and the dimensions are 16 x 16 x 8.33 cm. Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, headphone jack complete the whole.

Logitech Z906 – See price or buy

Logitech’s Z906s are exceptional. With their excellent build quality, practical functionality and immersive audio, they are arguably the best 5.1 desktop speaker solution available in this price range. Appearance-wise, they are not SoundSticks III, but they offer the ability to switch between 2.1 and 4.1 surround sound up to 5.1. Don’t get us wrong, 2.1 mode can’t compete with Audioengine’s A2 + for fidelity and accuracy, but it’s nice to have options. The stackable center console (very nice) allows input selection, stereo mode and individual volume control of each of the 5 satellite speakers.

Build quality is top notch, with the speakers and sub having a certain heaviness, while the finish, while plastic, feels high quality. The speakers are great in all modes, but actually perform at their best in 5.1 mode. The lows are handled (with ease) by the sub, while the mids and highs arrive crisp and clear through the satellites. As you turn up the volume, it is impressive to verify that this is true without any confusion of frequencies up to the maximum. The only slight problem that can be found is that with the Z906 the buttons (not the volume knob) on the control console had a slightly higher “play” than one might expect.

Not a big deal, but it could cause some later. Aside from that, the only other problem is having a room large enough to make the most of 5.1 surround sound. There are a lot of cables to connect and a lot to do, but if you don’t lack time and space, it’s definitely worth it.

Logitech Z533 – See price or buy

One cannot fail to be amazed by this 2.1 offer from Logitech and at this price. The Creative T40 costs a lot more, although it lacks a sub and richness in audio fidelity. But the Z533 jokes for nothing.

Of course, there is no such thing as perfection. While this model sounds clear and natural, it lacks the detail of the Soundsticks III. The Z533 makes the lows quite performant, allowing the satellite components to handle the mids and highs, which helps to avoid any sonic confusion. Movies feel vibrant and lively during loud sequences, but also tight and concise during quieter moments. The games were equally impressive, although those with the SoundStick offer a more complete and detailed experience across the media. Design-wise, we always prefer the SoundSticks III, even though we love the Z533’s exposed drivers in all their black and gold glory. The price of these speakers is quite cheap. That said, they are certainly not a superior choice, but for their quality / price they are a wise choice.