The 5 best wireless speakers, prices and opinions

The 5 best wireless speakers, prices and opinions

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This is the best buying guide for wireless speakers very respectable. On the market there are various kinds, models, types and choosing those that are right for you, satisfying your needs is not a very easy undertaking as many may mistakenly think.

In order to f are a safe and informed purchase, attention must be paid to some factors, otherwise the scam could be around the corner, and then once bought, what can you do about it? To waste precious time to provide for the replacement with the timing that is not exactly excellent nowadays, I don’t think that’s really the case, then  here is that studying a device thoroughly before buying it is the best solution to take into consideration.

Factors to consider before buying

Thanks to ours  analysis on characteristics of wireless speakers  you can therefore, orient yourself towards the choice best suited to yours needs . At the bottom of this guide you will find the best devices on the market that you can rely on to be able to to listen  musical pieces in all their nuances.


This is the password! THE wireless speakers in recent years they are enjoying enormous success due to multiple reasons: one because they can be taken anywhere, even in a backpack or suitcase as the rather small size allows it, and then they can be used without the annoying power cable, so if you want to shower and relax, what’s better than listening to good music thanks to these devices?


It is good to underline this aspect: not all wireless speakers are waterproof, that is, water resistant.  When purchasing the aforementioned appliance, make sure that in the characteristics shown, there is the aforementioned wording!

Presence of integrated speakerphone

Thanks to increasingly advanced technological innovations, it is now possible to buy wireless speakers with built-in speakerphone . This is not a joke, from today it is really possible! You can answer an incoming call without having to take the phone if it is at a distance … in short, it is  a not insignificant detail.

Battery autonomy

THE wireless speakers v as they are not powered by the power outlet, they operate on battery power. Today it is possible to find products on the market that they have a good autonomy, but be careful, devices characterized by a medium-high price range are part of this category. So always check the hours  that secure you inside the package.


The appliances in question use Bluetooth technology to allow audio streaming from tablets, smartphones and so on. The newer models however, are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 which seems to ensure greater stability and  a much faster connection.


Better one or two speakers? This is the question that is often asked when preparing to buy wireless speakers . However, this will depend on the budget available. It is clear that inside a device if there are two speakers the price tends to increase, therefore before proceeding with the purchase it is always good to understand if the audio occurs. well cleaned even if the device features only one speaker .

And now let’s move on to best wireless speakers 2018

Wireless speakers 2018

Sonos One – See price or buy

It certainly needs no introduction, the new wireless speaker with Alexa integrated. The speaker is quite small, but very full-bodied, if we can define it that way. The audio is intense and enveloping, resists humidity and wetness . You can play music in one room or in all rooms thanks to the wireless connection with other s Sonos Home peaker. Available in two colors: black or white and adapts perfectly to any type of furniture.

In the package you can also find an Ethernet cable and a power cable. For those who encounter some difficulties there is an instruction booklet that explains step by step  the procedure that must be followed to make the device work correctly.

 Sonos Play: 5 – See price or buy

The device is characterized by 6  speakers  powered by 6 amplifiers . It is very easy and quick to install. It is possible to play music for a single room or for all the rooms thanks to the above mentioned operation. In the latter case the sound emitted will be warm and engaging . That this device is different from the others you can also understand from the box. Attention to the smallest details, Sonos Play 5 is the wireless speaker which is best suited to any type of need.

Also from an aesthetic point of view it is a great product. It can be adapted to any furniture style  and therefore can be emphasized anywhere in the house. Obviously for such a product, we must not only focus on aesthetics but  also on the complexity of the sound. However, we can say with absolute certainty that this is a device worth buying. In fact, the listening experience will make a difference!

Pure Evoke C-F6  – See price or buy

Besides the aesthetics also from the functional point of view, this device proves to be excellent: the audio is ultra-clear and of the highest quality. Using the Spotify app, easily downloadable to your smartphone , you will be able to access a long list of songs and listen to any piece of music you like.

The powerful speakers together with a wooden structure ea  an advanced digital amplifier offer you unprecedented audio. And what about the integrated color display? In addition to involving you in listening to your music, too the colors on the display will evoke an unparalleled atmosphere.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless  – See price or buy

All the materials used in the making of this wireless speaker are  ultra resistant and long lasting. Are present 5 speakers and 5 amplifiers to give an enveloping sound. Particular attention must be paid to the shape of the appliance : in fact it was modeled specifically for  guarantee to each user the absence of any reflection of acoustic sound waves that could compromise the sound quality.

Mu-So Qb – See price or buy

It is a wireless device very respectable. It looks like a small cube of 20 cm per side, and at first glance it might seem a not exactly quality product due to its small size. In reality this is not the case, as yes  reveals a good product and despite the ultra-small size they do not preclude the emission of a crisp and clear sound.

Also from an aesthetic point of view, it is a lot elegant and refined . In addition to the gray color, other shades are available that can easily be adapted to any decor.

After having illustrated what the best wireless speakers , now you just have to choose the one that comes close to your needs. The result is guaranteed!