The 6 best Yamaha speakers prices and advice

The 6 best Yamaha speakers prices and advice

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Over the years, Yamaha has become a trusted name in musical instruments and audio device categories. While its designs are fairly common, its sound quality is anything but. And compared to competitors in the market, Yamaha speakers consistently deliver fantastic value. So whether you’re looking for a soundbar for your new TV or want a complete sound system, you can’t go wrong with any of the Yamaha speakers on the list.

Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5 “

If you love the idea of a system that integrates seamlessly with its surroundings and doesn’t take up space in any way, you’ll want to buy a built-in speaker. And most notably, the Yamaha NS-IW760 wall-mounted model features two 6.5-inch cone woofers and a one-inch soft dome tweeter. It has a frequency response of 50Hz to 24,000Hz and has a maximum input capacity of 130 Watts. This speaker can be installed both horizontally and vertically and has excellent sound in both directions. Depending on the layout of your room, this versatility can be very important.

While some complain that the 23-inch speaker is a little too wide, which makes installation difficult, most think that the fantastic sound makes up for this lack. The lows are deep, while the mids and highs are powerful and clear. In fact, at first glance, it could be confused with a much more expensive case. Keep in mind that it is sold individually, so it is probably best suited for center channel use.

Yamaha NS-AW294BL – See price or buy

Despite their rather small size, these Yamaha internal and external speakers produce an impressive sound. The woofer is surprisingly powerful, delivering precise low- and mid-frequency responses. The highs are crisp and clear too, thanks to the balanced dome tweeters. They have a frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz, a sensitivity of 87 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m and an impedance of 8 ohms. Yamaha keeps the design pretty simple, good enough as far as we’re concerned. Rather, for external speakers, volume and water resistance are arguably higher priorities. These speakers can get very loud without causing distortion and can withstand the elements such as drips, water and UV rays. Plus, their U-bracket mounting solution makes them the perfect addition to your garden or pool.

Yamaha NS-333  – See price or buy

Designed specifically for use in a home theater, the NS-333 features a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter, which the company says reduces reflected sound while directing more sound waves to your ears. This is coupled to a polymer-injected five-inch cone woofer with mica diaphragm (PMD), which is made up of 30% Indian white mica. As for the sound, the high frequencies produce amazing detail, while the midrange is smooth and liquid. As you move into the lower mids and lows, however, the sound doesn’t have the firmness we were hoping to see, but it still sounds good considering the price. Arguably its most striking quality is the design, which has a small footprint and a beautiful black sheen making it worth not only to be heard, but also to be looked at.

Yamaha NS-555  – See price or buy

While there is no combination of specs that can truly describe performance, listening to a few notes on the NS-555 brings out its spectacular range that is both crisp and clear. It houses two 6.5-inch polymer-injected mica diaphragm cone woofers, which tilt slightly to produce more bass, plus a 5-inch cone midrange driver and one-inch aluminum dome tweeter. As with the other speakers on this list, it incorporates Yamaha’s Waveguide horns to minimize reflected sound while directing more sound waves to your ears. It also uses internal “Monster Cable” wiring to ensure the signal is as clear as possible. Overall, it’s an excellent choice in a home theater system where the bass will be boosted by a subwoofer.

Yamaha NS-AW392BL  – See price or buy

In addition to being excellent outdoor speakers, they are the best in terms of versatility. Each comes with a bracket that can be adjusted in various ways, making it easy to mount on the wall, floor or ceiling up, down and even horizontally. A set of rubber feet is also available for storing them on shelves or near a PC monitor. And thanks to their weather resistance, which makes them immune to water and UV rays, they work just as well outdoors. No matter where you place them, the sound will always remain fantastic. The 5.25-inch woofer and 0.75-inch liquid-cooled dome tweeter offer a wide frequency response from 60Hz to 25kHz and are time-aligned for precise imaging.

Yamaha NX-N500  – See price or buy

These speakers have only one flaw: they cost a lot. On the other hand, the sound quality is excellent, each has a 5-inch and a 1-inch tweeter. They won’t make the windows shake, but they will certainly be quite noisy in most situations. Even at high volumes, the sound quality is always good, without the audio being too high-pitched. Surely they are speakers that are better suited for a Family Room / Living Room rather than a Home Theater. The great strength of these speakers is connectivity. You can play audio in many ways: AirPlay, Bluetooth, 3.5mm cable, Spotify, Marea, Deezer, DLNA (audio stored locally on the network), USB, optical fiber.

Yamaha’s MusicCast app is great and lets you play the same thing on all devices in your home that have the same application. It is also possible to emit a Bluetooth signal from one speaker to another, truly creating an audio system that can be broadcast throughout the home. Another important consideration is that there is a Yamaha-owned cable that connects the left to the right speaker; the length of this cable is 3m, so if you want the speakers to have a longer distance, you need to look for other systems. Ultimately, a very elegant, good quality and above all versatile speaker system.