The 9 best dj consoles, prices and tips

The 9 best dj consoles, prices and tips

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In this guide we will talk about the best DJ consoles on the market. The market is full of many types of DJ consoles and deciding which is the best can be a difficult choice at first glance, for both a beginner and a professional.

What is a DJ console and what is it for?

A dj console is a device that helps djs to mix music thanks to their software. This instrument has two main functions: the first is to reproduce a piece of music, while the second is to mix it. A DJ console is equipped with remarkable functions to transform audio tracks: backlit buttons, Jog Wheel knobs, useful for creating the particular “scratch” effect, Loop, to create the effect of repeating a certain piece of a song, encoder, touch strip and many other components. Using all these components, DJs are able to mix the music. To acquire a track you simply need a CD player or a USB port. The mixer allows you to reproduce the various audio signals and mix them, also using preset effects to create the best possible sequence of sounds. Mixing music is a complex operation: to do it correctly, you need to make sure that every instrument or device involved in mixing offers a high-quality sound.

What characteristics to evaluate when choosing the DJ console?

In choosing the DJ console that best suits your characteristics, it is important to evaluate the right type of musical support: modern consoles rely on various software useful for the purpose of acquiring the piece to be mixed. It is also important to evaluate the ease of use, that is, if the console is entry level and also suitable for beginners, or if it is of an advanced level and more usable by professionals of the trade. The mixer is the fundamental element to mix music without having pauses or discontinuity of sound between one piece and another. The dimensions of the console are also important to consider when purchasing: usually professional consoles are of considerable size, require a lot of space and can be used by those with more experience to be able to take advantage of the countless functions; entry level consoles are cheaper and usually smaller in size with fewer features. A good DJ will have to know how to go “in time” in an optimal way: for this reason the BPM of the songs to be played must be known to the thousandth.

We have identified for you the best DJ consoles available on the market, analyzing the key features to keep in mind when purchasing.

The best dj consoles

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 – See price or buy

Pioneer has a long history of manufacturing state-of-the-art electronic equipment. It is one of the industry leaders and offers a full range of products. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 is designed to work with Serato DJ software; this console is the advanced version of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB which was very successful when it was launched two years ago. The previous unit had been considered the best entry-level DJ console with also decent special features and professional features. The DDJ-SB2 has all the qualities of its predecessor with some additional features that bring it closer to an even more professional level console than its predecessor.

Main features:

This console has all the same features as the previous Pioneer DDJ-SB DJ, plus new professional functions such as potentiometers and level meters. The DDJ-SB2 features large, low-latency jog wheels to deliver exceptional response and accuracy. It features a USB port and is a compact, very easy to use console that can fit into the smallest setups and is extremely portable.

Ultimately, Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2 two-channel portable DJ console for Serato DJ is one of the best entry-level consoles that can also be enjoyed by a professional, thanks to its new and improved features.

Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ Controller System – See price or buy

This console is very convenient because it allows the DJ not to have to bring the laptop to the place where he will use this device. Pioneer is the brand of choice for both professionals and novice users.

This console is very inexpensive, but is packed with notable advanced features: in fact, it shares many features with more expensive high-end models.

Main features:

It features a built-in LCD screen that makes it easy to practice and mix for both professionals and beginners. It is a very easy device to set up: just connect the power supply, the speakers and add a music track. This console model works with Pioneer software, Rerkordbox. The unit is packed with many features perfect for creating quality mixes such as extended inputs and outputs, a pro mic input, EQ and much more.

If you are looking for a laptop-free solution, the Pioneer Pro XDJ-RX DJ console is the perfect choice for you.

Numark Mixtrack Pro III USB DJ Controller – See price or buy

This console is the next version of the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2. It has all the features and the same high quality as the original, with an improved design and some new features. The design is much more compact and is more practical to use than the original version. Very practical device, small and easy to transport.

Main features:

This console is equipped with 16 backlit pads and 2 Jog Wheel knobs, also backlit, to be used to create the “scratch” effect. It will be easy to switch between loop and sampler mode. The device is easy to use and is compatible with the Serato DJ software. It has a feature that allows automatic looping.

Numark Mixtrack Pro II USB is an entry-level console with many professional features and is perfect for both beginners and professionals.

Akai Professional AFX – See price or buy

Akai is one of the best brands on the market, with a long and important history of manufacturing cutting-edge music equipment. It is one of the reference brands for many professionals around the world.

It features FX-specific controls, making it ideal for any professional DJ.

Main features:

This dj console provides convenient audio controls with Serato DJ. It must be said that it not only works with Serato DJ, but is also compatible with most other DAW software. The device allows for significant evolutions and is equipped with significant specific functions: it will be very easy for a professional DJ to modify sound effects and manage loops and perform other similar operations. It is a console equipped with 9 knobs working with the simple touch for the customization of the sound effects.

This console is excellent and will allow you to enhance your creative skills, being equipped with significant cutting-edge features.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller – See price or buy

The Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 is the upgraded version of the S4 console. Compared to its predecessor, this device is more practical and intuitive to use, more compact and lighter, which makes it perfect for frequent use. It is resistant and is comfortable to be used even in the darkest places thanks to the RGB backlit buttons. This console is one of the best devices to be used with Traktor DJ software.

Main features:

This console has many cueing and looping features and allows you to make more than 30 different sound effects. It has 2 touch sensitive Jog Wheels and comes with plug and play mobile setup support for iPad and iPhone. It features silicone wheels and aluminum top plates. The mixer is 2-channel with a very ergonomic layout.

It is one of the best digital devices to mix with Traktor DJ software.

Pioneer DDJSR Pro DJ Controller – See price or buy

The Pioneer brand never ceases to amaze and this also applies to this dj console. The device is portable and very compact; it is perfect to be used by an amateur DJ who has the ambition to become a more experienced user. The console is intended for use with Serato DJ software.

Main features:

The console works thanks to a USB port via connection to the PC. It is equipped with many features to better mix the pieces of music and has controls for 4 decks. The Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Loop Rool allow for truly versatile looping. It has 16 performance pads to better manage many features such as slicer, sampler and hot cue. The Beat indicator allows you to have a visual trace of the BPM.

It has small dimensions, it is compact and it is very reliable over time.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller – See price or buy

Native Instruments is a very famous brand for this type of equipment. This dj console manages to ensure a truly quality mixing and is designed to work exclusively with Traktor DJ software.

Main features:

The console has a premium 4-channel mixer and 2 analog stereo inputs. It is equipped with a very high resolution Jog Wheel. The design of this luminaire is pleasant and has been improved over the previous version. The notable professional functions and the absolute practicality of use and transport are elements to be taken into account when purchasing.

Reloop Mixon 4 High Performance 4-Channel Hybrid DJ Controller – See price or buy

This console was designed specifically for two different software programs, Serato DJ and djay Pro. It comes with color coded pads that can trigger many specific sounds and some particular playing modes like slicer, hot cut and loop roll. It can be used with a PC or laptop but also with an Android or iOS device.

Main features:

The main feature of this model is that it has been designed to work with 2 different software, as mentioned. It features several inputs and outputs. This console is very special and is a hybrid capable of supporting all possible platforms. The versatility, ease of transport and practicality in use make this console much appreciated by many DJs who have tried it.

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller – See price or buy

The Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 is specifically designed to work with Serato DJ and has all the features you need to create quality mixes. This console allows you to play hot cue sequences on the fly. This console is the model that follows its predecessor, the DDJ-SZ model, and like it is equipped with performance pads with multicolor backlit LEDs suitable for any place, even the darkest one.

Main features:

The console comes with 4 channels compatible only with Serato DJ software. It has large Jog Wheel knobs, perfect for creating the “scratch” effect. It features the Slip mode, which allows you to keep the playing tracks silent during the loop or scratch phases: by pressing the knob, the track starts playing again without unpleasant surprises.

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