The best audio technica microphones, prices and advice

The best audio technica microphones, prices and advice

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Audio Technica is a company that designs and manufactures professional microphones, as well as headphones, turntables and other audio equipment. At the moment, Audio Technica is legitimately considered one of the most popular microphone brands, as it manages to offer numerous products that meet the needs of users all over the world.

Since there are many microphones, you may have some difficulty choosing the right one for your needs. A problem that is solved right from the extensive catalog made available by Audio Technica, which is always able to satisfy any professional, regardless of whether it is a singer, a composer, a songwriter, a producer, a podcaster or a YouTuber.

In this article we will review the best microphones Audio Technica together with their applications.

Audio technica AT2020 – See price or buy

AT2020 is probably the best microphone made by Audio Technica. This instrument has a structure made entirely of metal. Both the frame and the mesh grille are made of solid metal.

The capsule is well protected by the grill, which also has a filter layer positioned below it. This filter helps reduce explosive sounds during recording, although an external pop filter is still required.

The AT2020 is only available in black. As with most other Audio Technica microphones, the brand doesn’t seem to have paid too much attention to aesthetics for this product as well.

Sound quality

Most AT condenser microphones have excellent performance in terms of sound quality , and the same is true for the AT2020, which is particularly suitable for vocal studio recordings.

The increased presence also makes the microphone suitable for podcasts and voiceovers. This microphone has a noticeable self-noise , therefore the advice is not to use it to record quieter sources or sources that are generally not very close to the microphone during recording.

AT2020 is therefore very useful for vocal studio recordings , podcasts and voiceovers. One of its strong points is therefore the absence of high frequency harshness.

Among the negativities, in addition to that relating to the automatic noise that makes it unsuitable for low gain recordings , on the AT2020 you will not find any pad or roll-off switches.

Available on Amazon at a price of 103 euros.

Audio technica AT2035 – See price or buy

AT2035 is Audio Technica’s best microphone for studio applications. We are facing a cardioid condenser microphone very solid, which aesthetically looks like a bass clef. It has a matte black finish from top to bottom.

There are also some switches on the microphone for convenient control. The pad switch and the “high-pass” filter switch allow for better recording results and allow you to use this microphone in different situations.

Sound quality 

As expected, some warmth appears in the low and middle parts of this mic. This means that voices full of warmth don’t sound great if proper monitoring is not done. Conversely, if the singer has a very bright voice, this microphone will give more warmth: that’s why AT2035 can represent the ideal microphone for female vocals or in any case for particularly high voices.

However, this mic is also great for podcasts and voice-overs, and it is good with noisy sources because it has a rather high SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

On Amazon it is available at a price of 212.93 euros.

Audio technica ATR2500 – See price or buy

The ATR2500 is considered to be Audio Technica’s best microphone for podcasts.

We are facing a large diaphragm condenser microphone which connects via its USB port. This type of microphone is usually called plug-and-play, because it doesn’t need any external audio interface: all you have to do is plug it directly into your computer.

It is useful for beginner podcasters and for users who generally don’t know much about audio recordings.

Featuring a satin silver finish on an all metal body, it allows you to monitor recording with zero latency , via the headphone monitor port on the microphone. There is also a volume button that allows you to change the monitor gain.

Sound quality

This microphone has a frequency response from 30Hz to 15000kHz. An interval perhaps not wide enough for some users, but the response is quite close to flat, although there is a slight increase in presence in the high mids.

Plus, this mic lacks that warmth that makes Audio Technica mics so famous. Plus, for being a USB microphone a greater presence was desirable and even more clarity.

ATR2500 is useful for podcasts, voiceovers, song recordings, and it is also the best microphone to use with the Smule app.

The price on Amazon is 119 euros.

Audio technica AT4040 – See price or buy

Ideal for voiceovers, this microphone from Audio Technica is made of brass and nickel coated. It has the solid build that is typical of the brand’s microphones.

Audio Technica has also gone a step further by adding an extra layer of mesh grille. The AT4040 has a double mesh grill which acts as a protection for the capsule, as well as a sound filter.

This microphone offers a certain level of control with the high pass filter and pad switches. In addition, it is connected to the interface or mixer via the XLR port.

Sound quality

The AT4040 has a frequency range from 20Hz to 20000Hz , capable of covering practically everything that is important. Additionally, the AT4040 microphone manages to provide vocals some warmth and also has a presence bump that gradually starts at 4kHz.

The presence and clarity that the AT4040 gives they are quite natural and they do not go to “force” the instrument.

Even if the high frequencies end at 20kHz, the roll-off starts at 16kHz, in order to ensure that the hardness or excessive brightness do not pose a problem.

The AT4040 is useful for recording voices and instruments in the studio , voiceovers and podcasts. However, the high-frequency roll-off causes the microphone to speak less brilliance at the sound.

On Amazon this product is sold at a price of 535.10 euros.

Audio technica ATR2100 – See price or buy

Finally, ATR 2100 is the favorite microphone of YouTubers . In this case, the microphone appears dynamic, with a portable design: it is one of the few really “attractive” Audio Technica microphones. The contrast between the finish in brushed aluminum and the dark gray mesh grille gives the microphone a stylish and eye-catching look.

As for the controls, it is only possible turn the microphone on and off , as there are no other switches. Instead, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack that can be used to monitor recordings without any latency.

The most important feature of this microphone is its connectivity. It has both XLR and USB ports, and is therefore usable with a mixer or audio interface , or by connecting it directly to your computer. All of this makes the ATR 2100 a versatile microphone.

Sound quality

The ATR 2100 has a frequency range of 50Hz to 15000Hz. The answer predicts a step from about 2 kHz to about 10 kHz . This increased presence is very important if you need a microphone for podcasts and voice-overs.

From 10 kHz, there is a roll-off to the final 15 kHz: sounds in that region are not really emphasized, so it is not recommended to use this microphone for serious musical purposes , except maybe for karaoke.

ATR2100 is therefore useful for podcasts, YouTubers and voice-overs , but it is certainly not suitable for vocal or instrumental studio recordings.

It is currently not available on Amazon: the price on the Audio Technica website is 80 dollars , equal to approximately 66 euros.

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