The best budget headphones under 100 euros

The best budget headphones under 100 euros

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The best headphones under 100 euros of 2020

When they want to buy headphones, usually many users look if they have the function of external noise cancellation or if they are wireless headphones as they are more comfortable than the standard ones. The headphones with the pavilions of course, are the recommended ones as they isolate external noise, making it easier to listen to our favorite music. The bluetooth headphones instead transmit the signal wirelessly, it is also true, however, that some of these headphones if it has a weak signal, the audio will be interrupted. We believe that it is necessary to take into account 2 factors that we report below:

Noise cancellation

This function is very important, as it eliminates external noises for optimal listening. Obviously the more isolated the sound, the better the audio will be.

Frequency range

Generally the higher the frequency range, the more sound will be reproduced. The best frequency is around 10-25 Hz, the earphones almost all have this frequency range.

Below we present our ranking:



1. Cowin E-7 – See price or buy

These wireless headphones are our top pick, as they are the best around under $ 100.

The noise cancellation of these headphones is the best ever, capable of isolating external sound in an incredible way. Supplied they have a 40mm driver which makes the sound quality pleasant and the bass truly amazing.

We recommend these headphones as both the price and the quality are excellent, which is why we have placed it at the top of our ranking.


2. BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth – See price or buy

The silver medal undoubtedly goes to these wireless headphones. Gorgeous design as well as the captivating color make these headphones really beautiful to the eye and not only that, they are also very comfortable.

In this case, the active noise cancellation also works wonderfully, isolating external noise. The Bluetooth technology they have is 4.0, that is the one that supports any device and is very functional both with the PC and with the smartphone or tablet. They also have very powerful and precise bases that improve listening. These headphones are also at a very good price, and in our opinion they are the most beautiful in design and color.


3. Avantree 40 Hours DUAL Mode – See price or buy

We arrive at the lowest position on the podium. These wireless headphones come with a microphone that can also be used in calls. As if that were not enough, they have a high level of comfort as they are light and very comfortable.

They also support apt-X technology which allows them to deliver high resolution sound and precise bass.


4. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

These Mpow Bluetooth headphones connect seamlessly to any device such as smartphone or even TV.

They are equipped with a 420 mAh battery that allows you to use these headphones for 13 hours straight, plus they offer optimal noise cancellation by isolating all unwanted external sounds.


5. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones – See price or buy

These headphones are equipped with a built-in amplifier and a REX 40 driver, which give optimal sound and very powerful bass.

An important feature is to have the freedom to adjust the bass to your liking, which makes it unique and very malleable as regards the choice of sound. Excellent quality-price for these headphones too.


6. HIFI ELITE Super66 – See price or buy

The HIFI ELITE headphones are very comfortable and light, they can be easily connected via Bluetooth to devices such as smartphones or PCs.

The noise cancellation for these headphones also works really well, isolating external noise and even the bass does its job. Recommended for those who want to spend little and at the same time want comfort.


7. JBL Synchros E40BT – See price or buy

These headphones have the characteristic sound of the parent company “JBL”. They feature 40mm drivers that deliver strong sound and bass that are heard very efficiently and cleanly.

They also offer smooth and functional noise cancellation, even having a microphone that completely eliminates echo. Supplied they have an integrated battery capable of operating for 16 hours more or less. Without a doubt it is an excellent product at a low price, positive note is also the comfort that they have been worn since they are worn.


8. Sennheiser RS120 – See price or buy

Unlike the headphones we saw earlier, these don’t support the Bluetooth function.

They reproduce sounds in great detail, as well as the bass is heard in an excellent and precise way. That doesn’t mean they’re not as good as that. Since these are radio frequency headphones, they are used with a transmitter that can be connected to any audio source.


9. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x – See price or buy

These headphones are also equipped with 40 mm drivers capable of reproducing an excellent and clean sound as well as the power of the bass.

They are excellent for those who work or maybe play on the PC, even for the quality-price we can only recommend it.


10. Sony MDR10R – See price or buy

Not only is the sound really great, but the comfort of these headphones also cuts a good figure. The 40mm drivers reproduce a strong and clean sound, while the bass is really powerful and precise.

These Sony branded headphones impressed us well and therefore we could not fail to put them in our ranking.

In conclusion

The best known brands for headphones are mainly Bose, Panasonic, Sony, Beats and Sennheiser. Among these brands you will always find something cheaper that are of excellent quality. Of each of these brands, they can be found at any price, from the least expensive to the highest.

Most of these high-end brands cost over $ 100. However, the cheaper ones have improved a lot and offer a great quality and alternative to the more expensive headphones.

When buying wireless type headphones it is important to know that they work via Bluetooth which is available on many devices such as smartphones, PC TVs etc. However, these wireless headphones with Bluetooth only work nearby, and the devices must be within a certain distance. Outside this distance, the signal starts to weaken me and the audio drops.

Let’s recap our top 3 favorite headphones:
  • Cowin E-7
  • Bohm Wireless Bluetooth
  • Avantree 40 Hours DUAL Mode