The best car speakers, prices and opinions

The best car speakers, prices and opinions

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Are you thinking of improving your car’s audio system? Nothing could be easier than modernizing it by buying the right components, to have a quality sound in the comfortable environment of your car.

However, if you have just approached the world of car systems, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of different aspects advertised by different brands, as each of them promises you excellent audio quality.

Today we take a closer look at the most important accessory of the car audio system: the speaker. Read on to find out what they are in our opinion the 10 best car speakers and what are the details and technical specifications to consider when buying.

  1. JBL GTO609C – The best in every respect – See price or buy

JBL, one of the most renowned brands on the market, always guarantees quality sound, whether in a 50,000-seat stadium or in your car. While you could spend thousands of dollars for a top-of-the-line speaker, the GTO609C is available at a very affordable price.

JBL has equipped these speakers with woofers built with the patented Plus One system, which increases their size up to 30% more than competing models: the larger surface allows more powerful and dynamic bass. In addition, the carbon cones are lighter and more rigid than those in polypropylene, to react without deforming. The result is a speaker that offers great bass control , and is a great choice if you do not plan to install a subwoofer.

But the best feature of the GTO609C are the tweeters. They have high performance 19mm soft dome diaphragms, for accurate and crystal clear reproduction. The patented I-Mount tweeter mounting system allows for concealed installation, and therefore the ability to determine their position and directionality, which is particularly useful in cars with a design that is inadequate for installing tweeters.

When it comes to durability, JBL has pulled quite a few rabbits out of the magic cylinder: fiberglass frames, FRP baskets and the ventilated magnetic assembly ensure that this speaker is built to last .

For its price, it is a decidedly difficult product to beat for the competition, for the impressive frequency response, for the fast and precise bass, and for the unbeatable value for money.

  1. Pioneer TS6900PRO – The best for bass 

If you are looking for a product that can wake up the neighborhood, the PRO series will satisfy you. The TS6900 offers impressive power, quality components and excellent bass response. It is available in 6.75 ”, 6×9 and 8” configurations, but in our opinion the 6×9 version is the jewel of the range .

Its most notable feature is the maximum rated power of 600W; has two center-mounted 7/8 ”bullet tweeters for crisp, clean sound even at earth-shaking volume. As for the woofers, Pioneer has opted for the already tested cellulose cones, and even if it is not an innovative system, the woofers are sensitive and reactive with good bass control. The heavy reinforced steel frame is sturdy and durable, and the double-layered rubber edges ensure the durability of the system.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the TS6900PROs are particularly deep, which makes it difficult or even impossible to install them in most doors. While it is a good option for different installation configurations in other car locations, if you want to mount the speakers in the doors you will have to look for a different product.

  1. CT Sounds Meso 6.5 – The best for sound quality 

CT Sounds is often talked about thanks to the reputation of its products built with quality material and durable over time. The Meso line is no exception.

The first thing you notice about these speakers is the manufacturing quality : big magnets, NBR rubber edges, thick and sturdy grids, fiberglass cones so thick that it seems able to stop a bullet.

As for the sound quality, the Meso 6.5 offers excellent bass response at any volume. Unfortunately, high-end products tend to be a bit squeaky, but nothing that can’t be solved. Despite the remarkable quality of the components the Meso series is much cheaper than other speakers of the same level. If your current system has adequate EQs this speaker is worth considering.

Also for this product the installation on the doors could be complicated by the size of the magnets.

  1. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 – Best for the price  – See price or buy

Rockford Fosgate has a reputation for building quality speakers at competitive prices. With the R165X3 he reconfirmed the ability to offer to the market a more performing product than many of its peers . At a maximum of 90W RMS, it obviously cannot compete with other far more expensive speakers, but it makes up for the lack of power with high quality components.

The 6.5 “woofer consists of a polypropylene cone with a 1” silk dome tweeter and silk dome midrange. An integrated crossover located behind the speaker sends frequencies to the correct component. The reinforced steel frame, rubber edges and sturdy grilles allow the speaker to withstand any impact.

However, although sold as 6.5 “speakers, their size actually stands at 6.75”, so their installation in some cars may require some minor modifications. If you decide to mount them yourself without the help of a professional, make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

Bottom line, while it is an ideal improvement over the standard speakers in your car, the bass response is not extraordinary.

  1. Kicker DS65  – See price or buy

Kicker’s subwoofers and speakers are specially designed for modern music. In addition, this manufacturer is known for offering products with very high power handling and impressive bass response. The DS65 reaches a maximum of 240W RMS, like many other speakers, yet it seems to make a lot more noise.

Thanks to its low profile design, fits perfectly to fit almost any car . If you have decided to go ahead with the DIY installation, it will take you an hour or two to plug it in and install it without too much hassle.

The downside of these speakers, however, lies in their durability. Many of the speakers on this list feature hard, durable rubber edges. Those of the Kicker DS65, on the other hand, are made of foam rubber. The woofer cone is made of non-reinforced polypropylene which therefore does not guarantee the same longevity as other products made with cutting-edge materials.

  1. Infinity Kappa 60.11 CS  – See price or buy

Very similar to the JBL GTO609C, but no wonder since both Inifinity and JBL belong to the same parent company, Harman Industries.

Like the GTO609C, the Kappa 60.11 CS also features Plus One technology cones, a composite frame and rubber edges. The slight difference between the two products is represented by the sound quality. The Kappa 60.11 CS, while not offering the same bass response as the JBL, produces unconventional mids and highs. There is probably no speaker that can replicate the clear and accurate sound of the Kappa 60.11 CS .

While this speaker can be powered from the source, it’s worth harnessing its full potential by pairing it with a worthy amplifier. It belongs to a rather high price range, but those who buy it will immediately understand that the money spent is absolutely worth the quality of the audio reproduction.

  1. Infinity Primus Series 6×9 

We’ve already talked about Infinity’s reputation for producing quality speakers, and the Primus Series is proof of this manufacturer’s reliability.

It is a three-way speaker, which includes a 6×9 “woofer and a 1” tweeter in addition to a 5/9 “supert weeter. With a power of 300W max RMS, it is one of those with the highest power handling on the market.

Like other Infinity and JBL models, it features Plus One technology, allowing you to use a larger woofer with a smaller footprint. The propylene cone and sturdy rubber edges ensure excellent durability.

This speaker is particularly suitable for those who want to upgrade the existing head unit, since it uses every bit of the power it has . It goes without saying that when connected to an amplifier, the power becomes really impressive.

The Primus Series produces full mids and bell-like highs, as well as a decent bass response, making it suitable for installation even without a subwoofer. Some users have complained about the difficulty of the installation, but don’t be put off by this detail, because otherwise it is a great product and not too expensive.

  1. Alpine SPS610  – See price or buy

The Alpine SPS610 is a 6.5 “coaxial loudspeaker that represents the ideal alternative to the one supplied as standard in your car, with a maximum power of 240W and excellent power handling.

It would be a real shame if such a powerful speaker would end up distorting every sound when the volume is too high. Fortunately, the SPS610 is designed to maintain optimum audio quality at any volume.

From the extra rigid voice coil to the woofer cone made with a fusion of polymers and mica, every component of this speaker helps to withstand very high volumes without distortion , which often happens with cheaper products.

The 1 ”omnidirectional pivot tweeters with silk dome allow you to optimize the sound throughout the machine. Plus the speaker is reliable for durability thanks to the butyl rubber edges.

While far from being compared to other high cost and quality products, this one is perfect for audiophiles who want to upgrade the original setup without breaking the bank.

  1. Polk Audio DB615S 

Polk Audio has an established reputation for marketing quality products at a sustainable price. The DB615S, confirming the reputation of the manufacturer, also stands out for being particularly suitable for do-it-yourself installation .

Its streamlined design means it fits well in almost any car, and it has multiple mounting options, so you can complete a professional-quality installation without having to make any modifications to your vehicle.

Sound-wise, the DB615S offers mediocre power handling and bass response, with a maximum of 165W RMS, but is still cheaper than most speakers of comparable quality. Depth deficiency becomes a problem in bass control, so it’s not for you if you’re looking for a product that delivers full, deep bass sounds.

The positive note of this speaker is durability: the cone of the woofer is made of a composite of polymer and Dynamic Balance mica, while the woofer is made of a composite of polymers and silk. The edges in butyl rubber ensure high resistance against wear over time.

Among other things, the DB615S has been designed to obtain maritime certification, so you can rest easy even if you decide to mount it on a boat or a watercraft. It is suitable for you if you are looking for an economical and reliable product over time , but if you are a seasoned audiophile don’t expect big things from this speaker as it is definitely in the low value range.

  1. Alpine SPS619  – See price or buy

The Type S line is among the most popular of the Alpine, and is a good option for those who want to improve their system without having to enter the confusing and disorienting world of car systems.

It is available in 6 different sizes designed to fit the different original vehicle configurations . It offers great power handling thanks to the 30mm voice coil with a maximum capacity of 85W RMS and peak power of 260W.

The 1 ”tweeters have a silk dome, and rotate 10 ° in each direction, to obtain an accurate and clean sound, reducing distortion. The cones are made with the fusion of mica and polypropylene which makes them resistant and reactive; quality butyl rubber edges guarantee excellent resistance to wear over time.

If you decide to fit them, you will initially feel like you don’t notice any difference to your car’s standard speakers, but give them a few days to “warm up your voice” and you will see a significant improvement. The SPS619 is certainly not the best sound quality speaker on the market, but it outperforms all competitors in the same price range.