The best cheap tv speakers

The best cheap tv speakers

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In this guide we will talk about the best TV speakers belonging to a budget price range. An inexpensive TV speaker or soundbar is a great alternative to a full surround system. Soundbars are interesting tools, since in addition to improving the sound quality of the TV, they will take up very little space. Almost all the models on the market, in fact, can be positioned in front of the screen or act as a support for it. Other models can also be hung directly on the wall, next to or above the TV, depending on your space requirements.

The speakers built into modern ultra-flat TVs have very limited acoustics. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a TV speaker. It will enhance your audio and allow you to enjoy watching movies, sports, documentaries or listening to music to the fullest. Many soundbars will also allow you to stream Bluetooth audio.

In addition to the limited footprint, the soundbars are also pleasant and captivating from a purely aesthetic point of view. These speakers are perfect to be placed even in small rooms as opposed to 7.1-channel systems. Despite the limited measures, they guarantee an acoustic performance many times truly amazing, so that the audio can penetrate and be clear in every direction.

Soundbars differ based on several characteristics. In addition to the shape and size, they vary according to the available functions and, of course, the price. They range from models that can be purchased at a price around 100 euros up to sound bars with a price of over 1000 euros. In this guide we will only describe the cheapest, but at the same time qualitative, models.

Obviously, the cheaper the model, the more basic its functions and connections will be. Many models have a subwoofer available, a type of speaker that allows you to reproduce only the low frequencies. They are perfect for enhancing audio when watching a movie or listening to music. Each TV speaker is equipped with several components, designed to improve the acoustics. There are often 3 speakers (tweeter, woofer and midrange) as well as bass reflex ducts and much more. An important accessory to consider also concerns the remote control, so that all functions can be managed remotely and the volume can be adjusted.

There are many models of low-priced TV speakers from different brands on the market. Choosing the most suitable product for your needs is not easy. We have tried to select some of them, highlighting their main characteristics.

Let’s now analyze the best budget TV speakers currently on the market.

The best cheap TV speakers on the market:


The JVC TH-W513B TV speaker is an ideal model for enhancing TV sound. At a very affordable price you will be assured of a high-performance and quality soundbar. It is not officially distributed in Italy, but online you will be able to find many sites able to guarantee shipping also in our country. This speaker is very qualitative and easy to set up. There are 4 audio modes (Sport, Movie, TV, Default), each of which will allow a significant sound improvement compared to that of the integrated speakers of a mid-range TV.

The product is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music or watch a movie from the TV or smartphone. The dimensions are very small. The product can be placed in front of the TV or it can also be installed on the wall, thanks to the presence of a support provided. This speaker is also equipped with a display in the center, which will allow you to consult all the selected functions and also the volume level.

Sonos Beam See price or buy

Sonos Beam is a small speaker that can be connected flawlessly to your TV. It will be easy to configure, thanks to the connection with 2 cables and the automatic remote detection. It has 4 woofers and 5 digital amplifiers. The dimensions of this model are extremely compact and the overall sound is highly qualitative. The flaw of this model is in reference to the presence of a single HDMI input.

This product has the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri, so that you can play music, ask questions and set the alarm by simply giving commands by voice. In addition, the device will also be able to play all kinds of streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play Music and much more.

Q Acoustics M2 – See price or buy

Q Acustica M2 has a robust design and is an easy to install and use speaker. It has a built-in 40 Watt subwoofer. On the back this model has 2 switches. The first of them is used to adjust the bass level, while the second allows you to control the volume. The peculiarity of this product is to be a real TV base and not just a soundbar. It can support a weight of up to 25 kg.

Also on the back you will have the HDMI inputs (with ARC), optical, RCA and the 3.5 mm one. In addition, there is a small button to perform Bluetooth pairing. By means of the HDMI input it will be possible to connect the speaker to the remote control of your TV. In fact, a flaw of the device concerns the inconvenient remote control supplied. The overall audio quality is truly excellent.

Yamaha YAS-207 – See price or buy

Yamaha YAS-207 is an affordable TV speaker with truly amazing sound quality. The device allows you to have a really clear and qualitative sound, by connecting in a simple way to the whole TV. The “Clear Voice” function is able to highlight and highlight the dialogues, without compromising the overall audio quality. They are ideal speakers to fully enjoy sports, movies or music. The design parameter is also excellent, thanks to a very practical thin structure.

The central unit can be placed in front of the TV without obstructing the view. It can also be installed on the wall, further reducing the overall dimensions. There is also a dedicated subwoofer for extra bass. In addition, Yamaha YAS-207 will allow you to stream music from your smartphone via wireless connection.

JBL Bar Studio See price or buy

JBL Bar Studio is a very economical TV speaker with an extraordinary overall quality / price ratio. The unit will greatly improve the sound of your TV and the sound will be crisp and punchy at the highest level. It performs the TV sound amplifier function very well, especially in reference to bass sounds. In the mid-range he will struggle a little, but he will make himself respected. The dimensions are very small. The device is just 60 cm long and about 6 cm high: it can be easily placed in front of the TV. There are 2 tweeters and 2 woofers. The weak point of this model is in reference to high volumes.

Canton DM 55 See price or buy

This model allows you to extend the sound of your TV. It is designed to be placed between the TV and its support surface. It is built with interesting materials and its overall design is remarkably eye-catching. In fact, it has an elegant black glass top. A flaw of this model is the lack of HDMI ports, while there is an output for the subwoofer. It can be connected to the TV by means of an analog input and a pair of digital inputs (coaxial input and optical input). You will be able to activate the wireless connection and Bluetooth. The audio quality is very high and you will get full-bodied and expansive sounds.

Acoustic Energy Aego Soundbar – See price or buy

This TV cabinet is very attractive, considering the super cheap price and the space-saving dimensions. It ensures really great sound, very crisp and solid. Furthermore, it is a simple device to use even for those who are inexperienced. It has a remote control for remote control and an optical input. The flaw concerns the absence of the HDMI connection. You will be able to activate the wireless connection and Bluetooth. There is a small bar and a wired subwoofer. It represents an optimal solution for small rooms.

Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 See price or buy

This TV speaker has 4 different sound modes. They can be selected using the supplied remote control. Through it it will also be possible to set the desired volume. The instrument is supplied with an optical cable for the television. The dimensions are 10 cm x 34 cm x 73 cm. The weight stands at 8.14 kg. This box can be placed under the TV, minimizing clutter. The sound quality is excellent. There is a 3.5mm jack. The device will turn off automatically after a few minutes of no audio playback. There is intelligent audio detection, then. It will allow the device to turn on automatically once the TV is turned on. The speaker will also produce streaming Bluetooth audio.

Cambridge Audio TVB2 See price or buy

This inexpensive speaker is ideal for playing low and mid-range sounds. The audio comes out crisp and solid. The speaker will greatly improve the sound quality of your TV. There are 3 HDMI inputs and a 3.5mm jack. There is a bar and a subwoofer. The dimensions of the soundbar are 88cm x 7.5cm x 4.6cm. Those of the subwoofer, on the other hand, are 18 cm x 36.4 cm x 27.8 cm. The subwoofer is very compact. The speaker will allow you to stream Bluetooth audio. There are 4 equalization modes, in order to adapt the sound to watching TV, listening to music and film dialogues.

The product also has an LCD display, positioned behind the protective grille. It will allow you to select the 4 equalization modes and control the volume. The amplifier present is 1200 Watts and is class D.

Q Acoustics M3 – See price or buy

Q Acoustics M3 is an inexpensive speaker, ideal for enhancing the sound of your TV. It can be connected to the TV using the HDMI input. Once the TV is turned on, the device will activate automatically, making the sound quality impeccable. The design is sober and elegant. Furthermore, the footprint is really limited. The dimensions are equal to 100 cm x 9 cm x 12.5 cm, while the weight is around 4 kg. The footprint, therefore, is very limited compared to a complete Hi-Fi system. The analog connector, i.e. the 3.5 mm jack, and the digital one (Toslink) are also available. The speaker ensures wireless connection from any Bluetooth device.

Sky Soundbox – See price or buy

This is the soundbar marketed by Sky pay TV. The private network has marketed this product to put its branding on a device that can enhance the sound experience during movies, sports and music. The device is easy to use even for those who are not well versed in technological objects. The dimensions are 37.5cm x 21cm x 9.5cm. The weight is around 4 kg. There are 6 woofers. The downside of this device is that it has little value for people who don’t subscribe to Sky, since the price goes up considerably in this case. The sound is clear and crisp and the audio quality will be really high.

This box will not be able to serve as a base for the TV, but will have to be placed separately. It has an HDMI input and output, an optical input and a USB port. The wireless connection can be had from any Bluetooth device.