The best computers to produce music (notebook and desktop PC)

The best computers to produce music (notebook and desktop PC)

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If your desire is to create a recording studio to produce music, it becomes essential to choose the best computer for audio production. You can choose from a multitude of models on the market, each of which differs according to parameters that we will highlight.

First, it is important to evaluate the purchase according to your needs. If you usually move and work in different places, then you will have to consider buying a laptop or notebook, while you will opt for a desktop computer in case of recording and music production at home or in another stable place equipped for this purpose. Desktop computers are generally faster and perform better than notebooks, but, as mentioned, they have the problem of non-portability. Desktop computers have more in / out and the ability to add extra hard drives or other video cards. Furthermore, using an external sound card, speakers and headphones can be connected: to record and produce music it is essential to use an external sound card. For laptops it is also important to evaluate the battery life, so as not to have problems in production.

As for the computer memory, 8 GB may be enough for music production. Obviously on the market there are models with a larger memory (up to 64 GB), but they are usually used for professional recording studios. When choosing it is also important to evaluate the size of the screen, which will obviously be larger in a desktop computer. In addition, at home you can connect your PC to an external screen of even larger dimensions, while traveling you will have to produce music using a smaller screen. Here too it is important to evaluate the right compromise based on your characteristics and usage needs.

As for the memory unit, it is advisable to opt for SSD hard disk, solid state, very quiet and extremely fast in reading and writing. The capacity of this hard drive varies by model and cost and ranges from 128GB to 512GB. This storage space is essential to evaluate, but a lot will depend on your available budget. SSD hard drives differ from older conventional hard drives, HDDs, which are much slower and less performing.

Finally, as regards the CPU, that is the central data processing unit of the computer, you will have to evaluate the clock speed and the number of cores: these two parameters refer to the performance of the CPU. To have acceptable results in music production, it will be important to opt for a model with at least 2 cores and with a clock speed of at least 2.2 GHz.

Let’s now analyze the best computers to produce music currently on the market.

The best computers to produce music (notebook and desktop PC) 

Asus ROG Strix GL702VS – See price or buy

This 17.3 inch screen size notebook is ideal for producing and recording music. That model has an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM size. There is an 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 graphics card. Overall the design is very beautiful and the overall structure appears very solid, thanks to an elegant metal finish. A small inconvenience refers to the 2.7 kg weight, slightly above average, which could create some annoyance and bulk during transport. Ultimately, Asus ROG Strix GL702VS is a perfect notebook for producing music, given the overall low costs and the appreciable processor speed.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar  – See price or buy

This Apple-branded notebook is a highly technological tool with a structure  very robust. It is very light and has an overall very good LED display quality. The Intel Core i7 processor allows you to produce music and record it absolutely fast and smoothly. Very interesting is the fact that Apple has taken out the USB ports and replaced them with USB C and Thunderbolts ports, so that the user can vary their work. Apple MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar has a 16GB memory and ensures a battery life of 10 hours.

Apple iMac MK482LL / A Retina 5K  – See price or buy

This model is quite expensive and belongs to the category of stationary computers. It has a very large 27-inch LED display. This model comes with a 3.2 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor and has 8 GB of onboard memory, but it can also be configured to 32 GB. Apple iMac MK482LL / A Retina 5K has a very elegant matte design, making it truly modern. It has all the ideal features for producing and recording music quickly and reliably.

HP Envy Notebook  – See price or buy

This notebook sells at a lower price than previous models. It has the advantage of being transportable with absolute ease and the battery life is very long, so that you can work without the hassle of always having a power outlet available. It has a matte finish and is just 14mm thick, which makes it very elegant indeed. The tool is very easy to use and has really excellent image quality. Given the lower price than Apple models, it has a few less features.

Lenovo ThinkPad P51  – See price or buy

This notebook is packed with tons of features for producing and recording music, but it sells for a fairly high price. The display is 15 inches and is UHD 4K with IPS technology, capable of offering sharp colors and viewing angles of 180 °. In addition, Intel Thunderbolt 3 revolutionizes connection technology and manages to simultaneously support high-resolution displays and other devices via a single compact port. The keyboard is very ergonomic and easy to use with a perfect touchpad. The Lenovo ThinkPad P51 battery is long-lasting. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and the memory can go up to 64GB.

Dell XPS 15 9560 4K UHD  – See price or buy

This product is very similar to the Apple MacBook, but the cost is significantly lower. The battery life is slightly lower than the high standards present on the market and stands at 5 hours: however, it has the advantage of not deteriorating over time and of remaining perfectly intact even after two years of use. There is a very good Intel Core i7 and Windows 10 processor. This notebook has 32 GB of RAM. At a lower price than expected, the Dell XPS 15 9560 4K UHD is a great device for producing and recording music.

Acer Predator Helios 300  – See price or buy

This notebook is mid-range in both price and functionality. It is ideal for use in making music. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, not one of the best, but still fast enough. The design is very eye-catching with shades on the sides and bright colors. It is a slightly heavy laptop and, therefore, a little awkward and bulky when traveling, but all in all you won’t have any particular problems.

Acer Aspire Desktop  – See price or buy

This notebook is of high quality and you can buy it at a very affordable price. The main advantage of this model is in reference to the battery life, which can reach up to 9 hours: this feature will allow you to work in music production in total relaxation, without constantly needing a power outlet. There is a DVD disc drive and many other extra features. The device is slightly heavy and, during transport, it is advisable to equip yourself with a backpack so as not to have any problems related to this negative feature.

Apple MacBook Air  – See price or buy

This Apple branded computer has the advantage of having a very high quality screen, which will allow you to have truly amazing graphics. It has an 8th generation dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and has 8GB of memory. It has a very quiet SSD hard drive that is fast in reading and writing. It is suitable for producing and recording music. It has the advantage of having a keyboard that lights up in the dark, so that you can use the device to produce music even in a completely unlit room. The speakers are slightly below standard and are one of the limitations of this model.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M710  – See price or buy

This is a desktop computer with an extremely small, compact design and plenty of ports, so that it can be used to its fullest in music production and recording. It is a model suitable for non-professional users, since the screen is small and it may be necessary to buy another one separately. Despite this, the product works very well and is very simple to use. The RAM size is 8 GB and the processor is a Core i5 with a speed of 3 GHz.

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